Eat before or after activity

(Pete A) #42

OMG is right.

(Pete A) #43

Have you gotten/done PT for that pain?

(Karen) #44

I am so sorry to hear that … would you be able to have it re-done/corrected?

(Frank) #45

I understand what you’re saying but I’ve been drinking it for 63 years so it’s difficult to stop.

I say a video showing a woman make whole milk from heavy cream and some other things.
I doubt that would work.
I’m going to go get a gallon of whole milk to try making Paneer.
I will hold strong.

(Frank) #46

It was 3 ounces.
When I typed 3Ozs it looked like 30 but was 3…
3 oz=3 ounces

(Frank) #47

I’ve done it all for the pain.
I refuse the opioid route.
Really any meds at all.
All I take are BP meds…

(Frank) #48

The surgeon I’m going to see has said that he has repaired mis steps from the original moron many times.
I should have searched more before choosing the moron.

He believes it can be fixed 100%.
Thank you for the support.
It’s a difficult pain.

I’m starting to notice that what I eat influences the pain level.
Two days in a row now it’s bad.
Peanut Butter is my guess.

I’m going peanut butterless today and see what happens tomorrow…

(Pete A) #49

So no PT.

(Frank) #50

And what I should have said was that I refuse to do the opioid route again.
They tried me on everything in the book.
You name it and I bet I was on it.
There was really no benefit at all.
The side effects far outweighed the benefits.
Constipation was insane.
And then the feeling of malaise.
I just stopped after a while due to know real gains.
Getting off them was easy.

(Doug) #51

Frank, lots of good points above. While not all doctors are that way, many lean heavily on just prescribing drugs and more drugs. A good many of them are compensated by drug companies - the more they prescribe, the more money they get. Sad to say.

I think you have a good handle on things, and it will be interesting to see where you end up.

(Frank) #52

Thanks Doug.
I’ve never given up in my life and I’ll beat it.
The Keto diet is interesting and tough.
There is a gallon of whole milk in the fridge that I bought to make Paneer.
I’m so tempted, but I know I’d kill at least a half gallon.

Doctors are evil.
I retired with GREAT insurance that doctors love to see.
They make sure to feed you pills, make appointments, and refer you to others in their network.
I do not, nor will I ever go in trusting a doctor again.
In MY life trust is Earned and not blindly dealt out.

(Bob M) #53

Did not having peanut butter work?

(Frank) #54

It helped with the pain a little but blood glucose was still not good.
I thought it would drop by now.
At least a little.


(Bob M) #55

Was it after exercise? Exercise makes my blood sugar go up. When I was wearing my CGM, the highest bloos sugar days were with exercise in the morning followed by working on the house.

(Frank) #56

Sadly, it was right after I woke up.
Maybe the body senses waking and dumps some glucose in the system for energy?
I don’t have a clue…

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #57

Do you measure throughout the day? There is something called “dawn phenomenon” that causes a rise in blood sugar around the time of waking, and the hypothesis is that it evolved to make us ready to fight off cave bears or sabre-toothed tigers when we woke.

(Frank) #58

That’s what I was thinking.
I’m sure glad you said it too.
Maybe I’m just thinking about all this too much.

I haven’t checked throughout the day.
What time do you recommend?

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #59

It’s hard to say, but if you do, I think you’ll find that your blood glucose tends to go down over the course of the day. You could test right before eating, so the reading isn’t affected by either carbs in your meal or by any increase in insulin.

(Alec) #60

Which is every reason to view every prescription given with massive skepticism.

It is also the reason the average American is on 5 prescriptions. It is utterly inevitable: follow the money. Most doctors are legalised drug dealers.

(Frank) #61

I’m on BP meds.
If this diet helps to lowere it I will stop them.
Lisinopril and Clonidine.