Eat before or after activity

(Frank) #21

I wish I could run.
My Moron Surgeon that messed up my hip said I can’t run.
This is before he knew he blew it.
I would have never had the surgery if I knew that was going to be the case.
I had my first and only meal of the day at 330 after the yard work…Mulch.
Water is all after that.
I sure hope I’m not limited on water…

(Doug) #22

Yeah - I picture the food being digested in the stomach, then going into the small intestine where digestion continues, then being absorbed into the bloodstream. We eat fats, protein, carbs - we end up with fatty acids, glycerol, amino acids and simple sugars that get absorbed into the bloodstream. It would be weird to not use the food for energy, but store it while at the same time taking fat out of storage for energy.

I don’t mean to make it complicated - I think most of the deal in your case is just how you feel.

Eating very low-carb really helps, there, and makes it much more likely that overall it’s not going to matter much. If we bomb ourselves with carbohydrates, it’s pretty easy to feel bad/not want to do stuff afterwards - big hit of carbs means a big surge of insulin, body gets locked out of using stored fat and tries to store the food energy in the bloodstream as more fat. Meanwhile, our cells are getting hungry, our hormones are signalling hunger, and our blood sugar may be going a little low, like ‘reactive hypoglycemia’ due to the high insulin. Even though we ate, we end up with lower blood sugar and feel worse, sleepy, etc.

You eating very low carb and once a day almost surely means no problem with that stuff. Your insulin doesn’t go very high because low-carb, and it has lots of time to go back down even lower to the between-meal state; all good.

That’s really not that much food. You’ve seen quite a few people warn against eating too litttle - it’s definitely something to think about. If you’re feeling good, if it’s not harder to mulch or otherwise exercise, you don’t feel colder, etc., then maybe no problem. If you’re making up any shortfall by taking fat out of storage and burning it, then great. But for most of us it takes some weeks to really get the body used to your new way of eating; don’t want to slow things down there.

Let’s say you’re going to do so much in a day and eat so much. Is it really going to matter whether you eat before or after the work? Probably not much, if any. I think the most important thing is for it to be sustainable for you.

In another thread you said, “30 Oz’s of provolone cheese” so maybe it’s more food that I thought. That’s a considerable amount of cheese… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Pete A) #23

There is info on benefits of a short slow walk after eating to keep blood sugar level… before sitting inactive.

I’ve adopted an exaggerated arm swing walk. Kind of like the walk this guy does:

Keeps things flowing :slight_smile:

I appreciate the neurological benefits.

(Frank) #24

3 ounces…
I couldnt force myself to eat 30 ounces…

(Frank) #25

After all the years I worked outside abusing my body, eating once daily and eating crap in between, I think I need to get in touch with what I’m really supposed to feel.
Like normal feel…

(Doug) #26

30 ounces of cheese; done it a couple times but there are, uh, consequences…

(Bob M) #27

For me, I exercise early in the morning (aiming for a 5:30am start, but usually it’s 5:45am), but don’t eat until about 10am. So, about 3 hours after exercising.

It just depends on how you feel. When I started low carb, I ate something (usually a protein drink) before and then ate almost immediately thereafter.

(Frank) #28

Negative I would have to guess.

(Frank) #29

After 42 years of getting up early to go to work, I sleep in.
I usually get up at about 1030.
Up until 12…
But, I’m out in the yard by Noon or 1.
Then I eat at 4ish usually.
No later than 5.

(Robin) #30

I feel your pain :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Alec) #31

Eat when hungry. Plain and simple. Whenever that is.

My experience is that I tend to get hungry more after exercise than before. But that’s me… you may be different. Trust your body (as long as you are minimising carbs).

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #32

If you put butter on the cheese, that should help with the, uh, consequences . . . :grin: :cheese:

(Doug) #33

12 oz/1/3kg usually okay (and that’s already relatively a large amount of cheese). But more - really need a lot of other stuff in with it (speaking of fiber).

(Frank) #34

I ate celery and peanut butter…

(Frank) #35

So far I’ve been under, or well under 20 carbs per day.
I’m still missing bread but not as bad.
I wish Milk was low carb.
I miss that most.

(Frank) #36

Lucky you.
I’m sick of the pain.
Since I started this though the hip pain has gone down.
Maybe only a 5 while laying down.
And sometimes only a 3 when walking.
Mostly it still feels like a knife digging in the side of my leg.
It sucks…

(Alec) #37

Milk is for infants, it’s not a suitable foodstuff for adults. Taking some proteins and fats from milk (cream and cheese) is OK, but should be limited. Focus on meat, fish and eggs: that’s the sweet spot for proper nutrition.


It makes the overeating worse though… (If it’s overeating for some, of course. I looked up, over 3000 kcal for 30 oz cheese, that’s waaaaay too much for me even on a not extremely but active day.)

30 oz cheese, OMG. I never would want to eat even 3 oz! That’s a lot of cheese - but it’s me, I simply don’t eat much dairy at one sitting :slight_smile: Of course, I eat other things… But I don’t even eat 30 oz meat or 30 oz eggs! 20 oz, sometimes but not 30 :wink:
Of course there are people with way bigger energy needs…

(KM) #40

I buy my cheese in 2 lb blocks. (32 oz). They’re slightly smaller than a standard building brick. That is a lot of cheese. :yum:


agree with others. do you. key is if you feel like moving, move. you eat OMAD and ya know right after you aren’t going to ‘get into big movement exercise’ so just walking the dog is good movement to be ok on your tummy…so make all ‘exercise’ ya do suit you at all times. Won’t matter when and all literally, just move on your desire :slight_smile: Sounds like you are doing very well! Cool!