Eat before or after activity

(Alec) #62

What is your BP now with the meds and the last reading you had when the meds were prescribed ie without the meds. Also, what was the process and conditions when that BP reading was taken? Most readings in doctors offices are too high because they are rushed and the patient is not properly rested, calm and collected.

There are many BP pills prescribed without due cause for exactly the reasons explored above. Especially when you are willing to address high BP with dietary solutions. Do you regularly test your own BP at home (very easy to do)?

(Frank) #63

During the whole hip thing I was going to the doctor all the time.
At least 3 time a month.
It was always 156-160/100-110.

So my GP then put me on Clonidine to start…It brought it down to around 136/100.
Then he added Lisinopril.
On meds it’s consistently at 126-128/88-90…
I’ve been on them about two years.
I also have a home BP tester.
I’m not sure how reliable the results are but I check once in a while…

(Karen) #64

I am on BP meds. I have had high BP all my life and about 9 years ago was put on ramiprill. I didn’t realise the ramifications of high BP and kept avoiding tabs when the doc mentioned them … i have always hated the idea of meds…until i had my Stroke. I now take the ramipril with an anti anxiety pill, propanolol and a slow release duretic, indapomide. The 3 together bring my BP down to about 138/67 and i lower it further doing my stair runs every morning… its been trending around 104/56 since doing the stair running consistently.

I take my BP daily after the running. Its a silent killer and i personally feel it is most important to keep tracks on it.

(Frank) #65

That’s low.
I’m hoping this diet will lower mine.
The hip is bad but I force myself to be active.
Hopefully when I have my next appointment with the new surgeon things will be resolved.
Then I will be even more active.

(Alec) #66

OK, that’s high enough to be taking meds. I’m with Karen… BP is important and if it needs meds it needs meds. However, it’s worth retesting and checking after a few weeks keto, you may find it resolves naturally with a proper diet.

(Frank) #67

Some of the others have told me to give it time also.
I’m just a typical American that wants everything Now…
I’m hoping for at least 100 in the morning.
If it’s still higher I’ll get over it.

I’d like to get to the point where I can just stop the BP meds.
I will do so with the help of my GP.
I won’t just quit them.

(Bob M) #68

You mean a systolic of 100? Or a blood sugar of 100? For me, a systolic of 100 is low and when I start to feel bad, and a blood sugar of 100 is normal.

(Karen) #69

It is worth keeping on top of the monitoring. I know what spikes mine … stress and anxiety… it used to be very high … i don’t think my diet has changed it … just reducng the S & A. I am ZC, i couldn’t get on with keto, it just caused cravings! Plus i got obsessed with tracking … there is a reason my son is Autistic! :wink:

(Frank) #70

100 Blood Glucose…

(Frank) #71

I have no stress at all really.
I’m retired so I do as I want.
The only stress if I have any might be from my hip pain.

(Karen) #72

ZC = Zero Carb

I am medically retired 7 months but have a dispute wth my ex employer and civil service pensions … and a coroners inquest to attend next week! I could do without both :roll_eyes: doing my best not to get over anxious or stressed.

(Frank) #73

I’ll pray for you…
Thats a plate full of stress…

(Karen) #74

I appreciate the prayers x


I’m a climber- there’s a few of us who are Keto and eat this way for the sport as well as the general health benefits.

If I eat too much before I climb it strongly reduces ability.

If I am fasted for say 18 hours and I eat a tiny amount like a slice of cheese it helps a lot so I try and eat very little or preferably not at all. If I’m over fasted- say 2 days over, then I don’t have enough energy to train effectively.

I’ve heard from other climbers and online that having a small amount of carbs - like some sweet potato - helps but I haven’t experienced this.


I just did 20-40km hiking tours in our tiny mountains :slight_smile: I am very much unable to eat much before 2-3pm and an early breakfast is completely out of question so I never ate anything before and only a little bit during my exercise. Fat adapted, even that wasn’t necessary anymore so I mostly waited until I finished (I never went for longer distances specifically because I liked to rest and eat in mid/late afternoon. 6-9 hour was enough for me and then came a proper sized - big - meal).