Eat before or after activity

(Frank) #1

I am very new on this journey.
For years and years I have eaten one meal per day.
I used to snack though.

I no longer snack at all and still do the one meal.

I have a question though.
Do I eat before or after physical activity?
I’m usually a little tired after eating so I’m hoping it’s after.
I’ll change if I have to but I really don’t want to.

(Allie) #2

Depends what you prefer, that’s all that matters really.
Do whatever works for you.


Do whatever works best for you, but being tired after eating isn’t normal or a good sign in most cases. If you’re like me, and you don’t eat until you’re full, but eat until you’re tired., ok maybe. But take a look at what you’re eating as a whole and make sure you’re not under fueling yourself and that you haven’t slowed down your metabolic rate from eating that way.

(KM) #4

Just a thought, how much milk are you drinking, and when? Are you drinking it with your meal? Milk is very high in tryptophan, which can make a person sleepy. Although, if it’s almond milk I don’t think that applies. I have heard that even a modest amount of activity after a meal is recommended, but I do mean modest, maybe 10 minutes. I’d do your main workout whenever you feel most energetic.

(Michael) #5

Ideally you want to spike insulin (eat) after exercise as that is how are body is designed. Exercise to catch prey and then eat. Having said that, people do fine eating before if you find yourself unable to wait or have a productive workout. I always work out fasted myself, if possible.

(Pete A) #6

I move before meals mostly… or after if that’s how it winds up.

I like to “exercise” on the way to enjoying my meal. It motivates me…


It depends what your body wants. I definitely need my most intense activity well-fasted, I don’t have enough energy otherwise… So I always eat afterwards. Not immediately but soon. At least that is the norm, if I finish my workout at noon, I still don’t eat for hours as it’s very early for me… I used to put my workout before lunch but now I want to skip lunch as that usually works way better for me. But I don’t get hungry so easily so it’s fine.

I don’t even like walk after a meal :wink: But I can while I hardly could lift…

Meals typically lowers my energy too. I usually feel better just very much not energetic and I can nap easily. (I do that when I have a little lack of sleep.)


Post mensam stabis, aut mille passus meabis? :slight_smile:
Maybe some tiny activity but I often really want rest after a meal. But standing or taking 1000 steps is little enough even if I rarely do it…

Maybe the size of my meals play a role… I like 1600+ kcal meals best as those (if I ate the right food) last for a long while, not 1-3 hours. A small meal doesn’t make me so sluggish and sleepy (as long as a small miracle happened and I got satiated) but I get hungry soon again.

(Frank) #9

Great news.

(Frank) #10

I’m not under eating.
I’m eating Meat and Veggies.
It’s been this way my whole life.

(Frank) #11

I gave up Whole Milk a week ago when I started this.
It’s been this way most of my adut life.
I guess I’ll take the dog for a walk after eating.
He’ll be happy.

(Frank) #12

10 bags of mulch is great exercise.

(Frank) #13

Hunter/Gatherer style.

(Frank) #14

I guess what I feel is normal then.
After eating I just feel un motivated.

(Frank) #15

So I guess I should count calories too?

(Pete A) #16

Oh yes @frankerector, no doubt.


Oh I didn’t mean that, I just tracked a lot in the past and I realized my body has this things with calories, minimum macros it likes… But I stopped tracking now, it’s tiresome, I don’t get any good info from it anymore and sometimes I have items where tracking even vaguely accurately is impossible.

Some people don’t need tracking ever. Others need it, at least for a while.
I am curious and when I will manage some simple OMAD, I will resume tracking, at least on some days and at least for a while. It shows me things, what I should eat to get satiation easier, how not to overdo protein (but OMAD already helps a lot with it)…

(Doug) #18

It’s up to you, Frank. My own personal vote would be for ‘after’ - and I think that has some application to people in general who want to lose fat, fix their metabolism, etc.

We wake up after sleeping, we haven’t done anything yet. Hopefully during sleep we switched over from burning food taken in to burning our own stored fat. We’re made to do that, and if things had stayed in balance there between storage and withdrawls we probably wouldn’t have gotten fat, diabetic, etc., in the first place.

Staying in ‘withdrawl mode’ after waking up means we should keep taking from our stored fat to furnish energy for our activities. I’m not at all saying it “has to be this way.” Lots of people do fine eating earlier in the day and not eating during so many hours before going to sleep.

As a practical matter, I’m used to people (myself included) eating lunch and then feeling less energetic afterwards. If I’m going to be spreading ten bags of mulch, do I want to eat after doing the first five? Oh HECK no. :smile: And I don’t want to eat before starting, either. Even if I’m hungry before doing something like that, once I’m doing it the hunger gets much less or goes away entirely.

Eating one meal a day gives a lot of good solutions to timing things - in the end it comes down to what suits you best.

(Karen) #19

You do you ! We are all different and some say it depends on what you want to achieve. Personally i generally work out before eating but i don’t eat my first meal till between 1130 and 1.30. As soon as i get out of bed i do stair running then, 3 times a week, at the present time, go off to CrossFit, after star running for an hours session, at 9.30am. I still don’t eat till i feel hungry which as i say is between 11.30 and 1.30 but i may go dancing in the afternoon after CF and don’t have time amidst bathing and hair wash and glamming up to eat first so i may not eat my first meal till between 5&6pm!

I am not exercising to lose weight, i just enjoy being active. I do ZC eating.

(Frank) #20

I’m waiting until after.
What you said about our bodies continuing to burn fat makes sense.
Our bodies would burn the food first?
I think that’s what you mean.
After mulching or whatever then replenish.
After the Mulch I had maybe 3 oz’s of Provolone cheese and about 4 oz’s of Roast Beef.
That’s it for the day.
Well water.