It’s good.
Very simple and user friendly.


Was looking at the Duo. Looks nifty : ) Get my bonus in October, so that’s on the list ; )


I was going to say fizzy water with lemon, san pel would be my go to. (Also UK here). But a soda stream is the biz! I’ve been toying with the idea of buying one too.
Also, I’ve only just gone strict keto again this week and was at a friends wedding last night. Seems low carb and alcohol do not go hand in hand, I’m drinking water and lemon right now in the hope I recover quickly…… I feel YUCK!


That’s probably excellent news for me, tbh xD


I like it!

It’s cool.!

You are in control of your own drinks.


My one (type) is ART btw.

I like it.


Excellent news for me too tbh, I need to cut down alcohol. Poisoning one’s self when I’m trying to improve my health is really not high on the list of clever…. ;D

(I still haven’t figured out how to reply to people on here, apologies, I’m not great with tech!)


Welcome to the fold…



Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve just come out of a cafe where folk were drinking a green drink with froth on top out of glass teacups. It looked a bit swampy, sort of pea soup colour. I don’t think it’s green tea, does anybody know what it is please?


There are many kinds of green smoothies, I would think it’s one of them.


Thanks Shinita, I should have said it was in small teacups and hot. I should have asked in there!


Maybe a Matcha Latte?

Like so:


Yes! Thank you, it looks interesting and I’m looking for something else to drink than coffee.
Have you tried this?


I actually haven’t. Though I do have some Ginseng Matcha teabags that I really like : )

I may well give it a try; seems easy enough to make in its basic form, and I think you can use any number of things to froth it with : )


most likely you didn’t hear about the ice cream or mac n cheese or whatever that went down first LOL

most times we must truly take an internet post as ??? cause one thing is…we are not in total contact, real life with posts.

just sayin’.

not saying this IS ALL of what ya read in posts ever, but remember, one slice of lemon ain’t taking people out of keto in physical body truths but ?? if ONE is a unicorn thru their body experiences/medical issues and meds they are on and more? who knows.

DO YOU at all times. IF one says xyz it might never apply to you :slight_smile:

(Allie) #78

Matcha latte most likely.


Yeah after I wrote it I wondered about it being tea as that is possible… I thought about matcha then but never heard about matcha latte before. I always learn something new :smiley:


Me too! Not sure how I’m going to froth it up but I’m going to try Matcha tea - just hope it tastes better than it looks!

(Allie) #81

Either blender (bullet types are good), or a milk frother which would be cheaper.