(Bob M) #42

I have to say that this has a zero percent chance of working in my fridge. There are way too many smells other than that in there. And we open and close the doors way too many times per day.

Maybe if I had a separate fridge where I only kept water, it could work. (Though I doubt I have the taste buds to determine this.)

(Diana) #43

What about a slice of any fruit in actual water? Like I often do a slice of lemon in my cup of water, or a slice of a strawberry muddled in the water. But literally a slice. It gives it some taste….and carbs would be negligible. I wouldn’t do it during a clean fast but during eating window adding the slice of fruit wouldn’t cause much of a carb increase….


I do this with lemon and lime at the moment : )

(Diana) #45

I’ve seen some post that even a slice of lemon kicks them out of keto which I don’t quite understand. The carbs in a slice of keto is super low….and I haven’t heard anything special about lemon/lime that would cause this. I can only assume their combined carb intake for day then is high….but curious if anyone has heard anything otherwise.

In any case, you can try I assume with any low carb seasonal fruit. Like in summer a slice of strawberry…


Some people report going out of ketosis due to various things. It’s something individual.
I don’t think any kind of fruit could be a problem for me (except the ones I can’t eat in tiny amounts)… Sweeteners surely didn’t keep me from getting fat adapted in 7 weeks… So I feel pretty safe. But the human body is so complex and we are different that it’s a possibility that something interferes even containing 0-1g net carbs… Apparently. I don’t know, only heard many stories.

I never tried my “lemonade” with other fruits though I knew it’s a thing… I probably would mix the whole thing in, quicker and I eat the fruit anyway… Maybe I will try it with pear soon as they are still in season, grape and plum doesn’t seem to be so suitable… But I may have some blackberries left, some super late ones. And even frozen raspberries and those are really low-carb but still so flavorful…
But I personally am so pleased with lemon that I don’t really feel the need to complicate things. And I almost never desire fruit, I just have them around me all the time and they are lovely.

I have some dried hibiscus too…
Let’s experiment a little! :slight_smile:

(Ohio ) #47

I’ve eaten 3 whole lemons with zero effect on blood sugar.

From, unreliable, doctors I’ve heard that vitamin c and sugar molecules are similar and have a tendency to cancel each other out to some effect? (S.Baker)

I’ll also add in my searching for answers on kidney pain, the vitamin c is different in lemons than other citrus fruits.

Anyone rocking a BGM to see what lemons do?

If a lemon slice makes you nervous, you might be surprised what a tsp. of lemon juice does to a gallon of water.

(Diana) #48

Totally get it. Sounds bizarre but I’ve read several posts where people cite a slice of lemon. I truly don’t get how 1g carb could kick anyone out. Is there something I’m missing about the citrus in particular?

(Jane) #49

I would want to see blood ketones before and after with only water and a slice of lemon. Otherwise I am skeptical.


I bought this, arrived today…because i realised I was spending a small fortune on sparkling water when out working/driving between sites. Of course, other types of carbonated water makers are available. The CO2 refill bottle costs about £12.99 (that includes a £10 refund for returning the empty cylinder).
Your carbonating cylinder will, on average, make up to 60L of sparkling water.
However, how frequently you need to replace your carbonating cylinder will vary according to the level of carbonation you use.
Generally, a cylinder will last you anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks .
But that’s less than 22 pence per litre. Whereas I’m paying over £1 for a small bottle of flavoured sparkling water at filling stations when I’m out and about.
I haven’t even opened it yet, so we’ll see how it goes.
Beats using single use plastic bottles anyway…


Good call.

I have a filter for my tap water so I don’t have to rely on plastic bottles for still, and would definitely consider this if I’m going to drink more sparkling.

(Allie) #52

I’ve been looking at these on Amazon but the refills are £21 each and make 60L whereas I currently buy a 2L bottle for 50p so actually cheaper for me to keep buying the bottles.


I buy carbonated water in the supermarket, they refill the bottles so no single use ones at all. We never buy such things, it’s bad enough that the meat on sale is sometimes in a plastic box (I prefer a huge slab in a tiny little plastic, still not ideal but I can’t do any better).
~£1 gives me 6 liters, it’s about what I drink in a month…?
I am happy with this :smiley:

When I was a kid, we made carbonated water with a tool, it had its disadvantages as it didn’t work properly… I think the same stuff with another head could make whipped cream… These disappeared in the last decades and now they are retro and expensive.


Sadly we have no refill services here. Don’t want to be buying all that plastic waste : (

(Allie) #55

They are recyclable, mine all go for recycling.


I am not sure that works that well. Sometimes when I wash out my sour cream buckets with effort and even dishwasher (normally I just use water. my SO almost only uses cold water… well that’s hardcore and doesn’t work as often) I wonder if it really will be recycled or just dumped into normal garbage in the end… Who knows? Not me. I just put in the effort and hope for the best.

And anyway, it surely takes more energy than just using refillable bottles. And the latter suits me perfectly so all is well.
My SO wouldn’t buy a bottle, no matter what, he feels even stronger about it than me. MAYBE after a 20km run without any water. So we don’t buy even one bottle of water/tea/whatever a year.
I know we still use lots of plastic but we can’t help that.
At least we don’t waste. Okay, maybe I waste a bit when overeating but that’s not that bad nowadays and my carni September won’t have such a thing :smiley: But we don’t throw out food. It’s not hard to do under normal circumstances… And if one isn’t super choosy.

(Allie) #57

We hear stories of them being shipped to different Asian countries and put into landfill there rather than here, but who knows. We can all just try.


But you get a £10 refund when you return the empty gas cylinder.

They provide a return box and it’s postage paid I believe.

So that is $12.99 (sodastream web service free packaging & postage) for 60 litres.
Whereas your single use bottles costs you £15 gor 60 litres, and you have to recycle.


(Allie) #59

Not when buying on Amazon you don’t


Yeah, it has to be the UK sodastream site, they run the online and store based service is available if there is a store near you:

Exchange and refill C02 gas cylinders + Quick Connect Cylinders – SodaStream UK (£10 refund for returned cylinders for maintenance and refill).


Oh, neat. There are LOADS of stores round here.

I’m sensing yet another kitchen gadget in my immediate future xD