I’ve tried Matcha, I think it is good if you sweeten it but not great otherwise

As for the lemon, I stop eating at 5 (or try to) but I am up until all hours. I have been losing weight as a result (about 20 lbs or more since July). There are some nights where I get bored with water or seltzer and I have started taking organic lemon in hot water. I usually have two large cups using the same lemon (I save a little bit of the lemon to add to the second cup). Then after I am done I will eat the lemon. For some reason being in the hot water makes it almost sweet. It is 5 carbs although probably not all at once (it takes me about an hour between both cups). I am not usually in ketosis anyway for various reasons but the lemon does not seem to be impeding my weight loss


I like hot cocoa with cinnamon, powdered ginger, a little stevia. You can also thicken it with various fibers: psyllium, inulin, konjac, beta glucans, etc. I often add a few small berries.

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I got an organic tea sampler for Christmas. There are all sorts of flavors, from fruity to smoky to, well, just tea. (I watch out for too much fruit in the blend, but honestly I doubt the essence of half a teaspoon of dried mango or apple is going to throw me under the bus; I did make sure none of the ingredients are sweetened.) There’s a lot of variety in flavor, and also the option to drink it with or without cream, and hot or cold. Shakin’ it up a little this year!


My attitude is similar. I don’t use my half raisings wild cherry tea (IDK when I have bought it, long ago when I apparently didn’t care, not like one such tea once in a blue moon would bother me) on carnivore-ish… But when it’s mostly hibiscus, a little rosehip and the like, fine. I do enjoy variety. I very rarely want fruit tea but sometimes it’s nice. I don’t want big sweetness so I won’t buy the raisin tea again (the cherry part is really flavorful though. added aroma has a play in it but I don’t care).

I can use coffee for hydration but I don’t consider this a good thing for me so I need my various teas :slight_smile: I may not get bored of coffee but I can get bored of the same tea, no matter how good. So I have different black and green teas, oolong and I quite enjoy some mint and fruit tea too. I dislike all the other not tea teas except Lapacho but I don’t have that now.
I even have a tea that goes well with cream if I desire a tad more rich and substantial. That one is best to fight my coffee addiction…

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Have you ever had lapsang souchong tea? It’s smoky, not sweet, very different from anything else. I love it on occasion.

I also love chai masala. Chai tea is traditionally served with loads of sugar, I leave that out and find it still delicious.

I don’t think of either of these as particularly hydrating, but they make a pleasant diversion.


Oh yes :slight_smile: It was long ago and I wasn’t a fan but I had to try it! (I still haven’t gathered the bravery and justified the money spending to try Laphroaig whisky… :smiley: One always reminds me of the other :smiley: I do know I prefer fruity whisky so it should be a tiny bottle or nothing…)
Pu Erh was my big fav…

I do have some cheap smoky tea but it’s not that great. Interesting though. I mix it with something flavorful to mask the mediocrity and a bit too much smokiness.

Oh. Not super surprising knowing humans but I didn’t know that. Or cared. I have been drinking my tea without sweetening since decades when I started to get proper leaves… I do have nostalgic times when I put lemon juice and sweetener into a cup of tea but that’s rare and only works with Ceylon tea as that has a very subtle flavor. More unique teas just don’t seem to need anything extra. Assam requires cream, Irish Cream (at least the one I have) is nice as it is but better, richer with cream… And I don’t put anything into any other tea (except extra hibiscus into some lame fruit teas that has a certain lack of it so they aren’t sour enough). Maybe some flavoring nowadays but that is rare too.

They has water so of course they are hydrating. I usually drink my tea and coffee in big amounts (while my food is usually dense and not very watery, with exceptions) so they are important in my hydration. It sounds like not proper English in the end but I don’t know how to make it right if it is so.

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On a daily basis in the summer I drink water and a pinch of sea salt and calcium lactate. I drink lemon water sweetened with stevia - use a straw to protect your teeth enamel.

Other drinks - herbal teas I usually sweeten with stevia. Sometimes flavored soda waters. I use coconut milk to make my protein smoothies.

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I drink a lot of carbonated, flavored water. Lately, I’ve been using a straw for that too. No idea how well it does, though.


Assuming you even care, straws may increase lip wrinkles! But then lemon is bad for tooth enamel!


Water with lemon or lime works for me. I have also made a variety of mushroom tea drinks. I also hate most artificial sweeteners. Stevia is the exception. Look for versions sans the erythiritol (sugar alcohol).

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One bulletproof tea in the morning and the two 16 oz mugs of water with half a teaspoon each of ketochow minerals. After that just plain water for the rest of the day.
I never use anything sweet.


I usually drink only water and tea but sometimes I allow myself to drink a glass of wine. As for wine, any reviews of hall wines customer service? If you're looking to switch things up a bit, you might want to try flavored sparkling water or infused water with slices of cucumber, lemon, or berries for a refreshing twist. Another option could be homemade keto-friendly smoothies using almond milk or coconut milk as a base, along with low-carb fruits like berries or avocado. And don't forget about unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk as alternatives to regular milk.