(Ohio ) #21

dinicolantonio. Immunity Fix.

Stephen Phiney? Also mentioned something to that effect in a bit going over electrolytes.

It seems the average keto-converted, weight lose champion gets complacent. Just like protein, caffeine is something I believe that confirmation bias runs rampant. I’ll throw in ppls views on alcohol too.

(Rebecca ) #22

Once in a while I enjoy a Virgil’s Zero Cola or Zero Rootbeer (sweetened with monkfruit). I realize you may not have it where you live though.
The Sparkling Mineral water (fizzy) with some lime, or other citrus juice added is also a good choice.


Once in a while I drink Bai which you may not have. It is much better cold than at room temperature and it does contain caffeine

(Allie) #24

No complacency here, I’m well aware of the potential downside and harm caused by caffeine and regularly detox and go months without, but depleting electrolytes is not an issue I’ve ever come across or heard mentioned.

(Ohio ) #25

Do you use caffeine on extended fasts?

(Allie) #26

Have done in the past yes, black coffees, don’t fast now as I’m working on gaining muscle rather than losing fat.

(Ohio ) #27

No need for additional electrolytes after coffee during a multi day fast? I’m impressed.

(Allie) #28

No none at all, five day fasts.

I add salt to coffee now but didn’t when I was fasting.

(Bob M) #29

Very impressive. I need salt even when I don’t fast (had a cramp this morning that prevented me from doing a body weight exercise during my 1 hour body weight training). And use salt for 36 hour fasts.

But I also sweat – a lot. This is me after a 3.3 mile run in about 70 degree weather with relatively low humidity:


(Ohio ) #30

Back on to the OP:

The ketones in fruit
(apparently, completely, unrelated to ketogenic ketone bodies)
infuse with water.

I’ll buy or harvest fresh fruit. Put in frig. Fill a dozen large mason jars w water. Put those in frig. 24-48hrs the water has a fruity aftertaste.

(Robin) #31

@Hippie Confirmation bias? You’ve mentioned this before, and cookie cutter responses….
Confirmation bias for most of us is n=1.
And we have very little “follow the leader” mentality on this forum. Lots of healthy debates on just about everything.

(Bob M) #32

You just put fruit in water? Doesn’t that ruin the fruit?

Since 1/1/14, I have had very little fruit. Maybe a handful of fruit per year. At most.

(Ohio ) #33

Never ever thought there was a follow the leader thing going on here. There is a pattern of losing weight on Keto/ feeling great. Then consumption of protein or caffeine or alcohol or omegas go out the window.

Just my observation. It’s fair to say epilepsy can skew my observations. I get how important it is to lose weight, but from an ugly epileptics perspective, vanity also follows the pattern. I can be done being a lightning rod now.

(Ohio ) #34

Nope. Just open air. Fruit would add carbs. Although I’ve never had issue adding any amount of lemon.

(Bob M) #35

So, you put the fruit and water (separately) into the fridge, and the water gets a fruity taste?

(Ohio ) #36


Berries. Apples. Peaches. Pears.

Apparently fruits have “ketones” that are at work here. Ketones, apparently, unrelated to the ketones we speak of here. 24-48 hours. It has to be fresh.

(Robin) #37

Good point. Epilepsy runs in my family. But so does vanity, quite frankly. We each see through our own unique lenses. To me, vanity went out the window when my health became the focus. If we are lucky, it can all go together… lose weight, look great, feel great. But sometimes we have to pick one… and feel great will always win for me.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #38

One of them is acetone, however, which is one of the ketone bodies that the human liver makes.


Not in variety, but maybe with personal preferences. If you hate all artificial sweeteners, that will hurt the selection huge. All that comes to mind is Zevia, which I like. They only use Stevia. So if you’re one of the people that feel the artificial sweeteners taste like chemicals (thats what my wife says at least) they’re a good option, and they actually have enough flavor to taste.


I was a drink it all to keep that sweet taste and variety taste and ‘be normal’ I require drinks in my life til the day I did not.

for me now it was water is life and that all I do on drinks UNLESS I do a rare day of some booze in my year, I might do a very light fake sweetened mix into my booze to ‘have a drink’ but older now, that don’t go down as much LOL I don’t drink coffee, hate it, dumped tea when I relied on as an ‘order out’ drink and a ‘sip hot cause I needed some hot drink’ in my life til I DID NOT. It gave me mouth issues thru the tannins in it as I cleared out the body so it became icky so tea had to be dumped and happy to do just that :slight_smile:

so depends on how ya wanna walk this. Many of us dump it all but many of us whittle it so far down to just a few things that only suit us.

alot of good info on the thread, find you in what ya wanna drink but know one thing, you don’t HAVE to replace anything in truth…took me time on my plans to realize this but once ya do, hey, makes life so darn easy truly.

drinking water, all the time, in all meals, in all issues out with events and more is not a ‘bad’ thing. :wink: but in a way, you gotta wrap your head around just that cause as much as we change food, darn right we change ‘our drinks!’ and they are important to us. good post about how ya wanna move forward and options you got. now think what is best for you on that forward movement. cool.

just chat on how it went down for me.