Dread's Progress Thread - Extended Fasting & Carnivore


(Dread) #141

149 today, prebm. Carb loving inlaws are up. Getting flask about my son being on a diet. He has cellulite on his torso, you cannot tell me he’s fine.


BBQ in 4 hours time to pregame with meat.

(Dread) #142

Got thin shamed by some close family members. Some fat, sick, diabetic family members.

(Doug) #143

:neutral_face: Sometimes you can’t win. It’s pretty clear who really loses, in the long run, though.

(Dread) #144

That’s why it’s painful. You love a person and you know deep down they care about your health. But they’re so complicated dedicated to the doctrine of American health that you’re a a complete whackjob going to die young if you don’t eat grains and carbohydrate loaded vegetables.

(Dread) #145

Alright, 155 today. Starting a new fast. Today is the first day of school for my kids, my daughter’s first day ever. We’re all dressed and ready to hit the bus stop. Can’t wait!

(Dread) #146

157 today. I don’t look fatter than before. Fasting for today, probably tomorrow too and we will see how Thursday night and the weekend go. Those are my tough spots. Thursday nights I get a lot of time with the family and it’s kind of a trigger to feast. I need to stop associating Thursday nights with food.

(Dread) #147

(Dread) #148

155 even today. Daughter picked up a nasty cold on day 2 of school, so she’s been out for days 3 and 4. Poor thing.

OH! And my father texted me this morning, I think I’ve mentioned before he’s been full blown keto and experimenting with OMAD and ADF. He was 205 when he started, with his big sexy visceral fat beer gut he’s had since I’ve known him (about 34 years! duh). Today he’s 168!!! Blown away, he hasn’t seen a number this low on the scale in about 20ish years. I’m so proud of him.

He’s also been spreading the gospel, as it were, and some of his long time friends are starting keto/fasting protocols and seeing fantastic results.

Guys…we can fix this. We can fix obesity, we can fix T2D, we can fix hyperytension. We have the knowledge now to do some amazing things for longevity.

In closing I’ll say that in regards to fasting, don’t use Fight Club rules. Tell everyone you can, skip the people you know are going to respond ignorantly, they’ll get on board later. I think this needs to be widely known so we can blow the top off this food-industry-fed epidemic of poor health. Vlogging about this later hopefully.

(Dread) #149

152 this morning. I’m about to SSS then head out to the grocery store for meat. Mornings are the best time for it.

(Doug) #150

Yeah, those morning meat runs are great. :smile:

I do like getting stuff done relatively early in the day, to avoid the traffic later on and to be able to do other things.

(Dread) #151

I’m a crazy night owl, have been all my life. When I found fasting, I started waking up earlier as a result of sleeping less and discovered this dark world where everyone else is gone and it’s just me and productivity. I actually started going into work early on weekdays because I ran out of stuff to do at home. It’s not as productive there because one of the companies that rents space from us starts very early, but if I sneak in and shut the door to my office, leaving the light off, I’m usually good. Honestly I love this, wake up before the enemy to get the jump on him.

(Dread) #152

155 today. Did tons and tons of pullups yesterday. Planning to do some more today. I just love them.

(Dread) #153

Oh yeah:

(Dread) #154

157.8 this morning. Feeling good. I am planning to post some new pics soon. Started fasting last night around 11pm. Going to cook up some meat for the rest of the family tonight that I can’t touch. I do love the smell of bacon though.

(Dread) #155

153 as of 4:30 am. I had a 3 hour drive to an 8:30 am meeting today, what fun! Snapped a quick pic in my new pants (the 29s I was bragging about earlier). Dead. Sexy.

pic: https://photos.app.goo.gl/m2XypDBOpoyIrkz52

Lol I guess discourse doesn’t like google photos…

(Dread) #156

Took my BP today, 112/67, last time I took it I think I was closer to 130/80ish, but it’s been years.

(Dread) #157

153 this morning. Fell asleep reading words of wisdom from Owsley Stanley relating to zero carb. Woke up sitting up at 4 am with the light on. Went back to sleep and woke up 2.5 hours later groggy. Not good. Don’t do dat.

(Dread) #158

Almost forgot, I have a video coming but I fcked up and split it into two by mistake. I’ll edit that tomorrow and post!

(Dread) #159

Day 4 of my current water/black coffee fast. 152.6 on the scale. My father is on day 3 of his first real extended fast. Guy looks great.

Next video that includes my shirt removed will also show the legs. Watch out, NSFW.

(Dread) #160

152.8 today. Broke 4 day fast last night with eggs and bacon, and I have 4 grass fed ribeyes and 2 London broils in the fridge waiting for later on.

My type 1 obese sister who takes 20k steps a day and doesn’t lose weight has been asked by her doctor to reduce carbs to 30g a day. Mind=blown. The doc is interested in lowering her insulin dose. This is such great news and I’m so happy, because my sister is listening to her!

Guys we can cure diabetes. One new convert at a time.