Dread's Progress Thread - Extended Fasting & Carnivore


(Crow T. Robot) #121

Good on ya joining that study. I would have done, but I have too many conflicts right now. I can’t wait to see some of the results. I follow Shawn on twitter and it sounds like it’s going well. Shawn’s not much of a faster, so you do you follow Chris Krueger as well?

(Dread) #122

Yeah I follow Chris, found his channel by accident!

(Jim Russell) #123

Yeah, I had the same thought when I was typing that. :smiley:

And yes, that does sound like something @Brenda would say.

(Dread) #124

All of this is totally welcome in this thread!

(Brenda Zorn) #125


Does someone need to be told to fuck off? Cuz I’ll totally do it.

(Doug) #126

:: laughing :: :yum:

(Dread) #127

In this thread, anyone is fair game. Buy the ticket, and all!

(Doug) #128

Good deal, Dread. :slightly_smiling_face: I was going to ask you anyway - though it’s none of my business and it’s all good if it’s a private thing - where does the "Dread’ come from? And the “1840”? There are times one can figure it out, but getting a total blank here.

In the past, such questions have revealed that “18” and “40” were uniform numbers that the poster had had…

(Dread) #129

Good question. Dread is an internet handle I’ve had for about 12 years, stemming from a character I named in World of Warcraft, and 1840 is the random number Blizzard Entertainment assigned when I decided that Dread would be my account-wide name.

It stuck, here’s Dread slicing people: https://youtu.be/5xJcu7jUngg

(Brenda Zorn) #130


(Doug) #131

Well yeah. :smirk:

Right on. ‘Dread’ is an excellent gaming name. ‘Lord Porky’ here - that big, fat, pizza-eating relentless gaming opponent on ‘South Park,’

…well, that was me. (Okay, I never looked quite that bad, but for real, 22 hours a day…

(Jim Russell) #132

I wasted a lot of time with Everquest, so when WoW came around I avoided it like the plague. For a while…

(Doug) #133

Jim, I’m not sure of the differences between the games, but anymore it so often comes down to a “Pay To Win,” proposition. I’ve never played Everquest or WoW but I know that Archeage (which I was big into) is similar to WoW and I love questing/building/leveling up/grinding games, so I assume some I’ve played are similar to Everquest. Not kidding anyone - the ones I’ve played have made a boatload of money off of me.

(Jim Russell) #134

Yeah, more and more they have “free to play” games that end up costing more than a pay game.

Everquest was the first generation MMORPG. Same basic concept as WoW and sounds like it’s similar to Archeage.

A friend of mine lived in Houston and he would come back to Austin for the weekend and we would practically play straight through until he went back to work on Monday. So many hours…

(Dread) #135

Hahaha! Nice, I’ve sparked a minor nerd gathering. I played WoW for 10 years on and off, main tanked and then later led somewhat successful mid level raiding guilds. Met my wife there too. Alas, the game catered too hard to casuals and it came to a point where spending $15 per month per account was getting to be the next thing to go in the budget. I gave up on MMOs for the most part, and will agree pay to win is not fun for anyone, including those with disposable income, as inclined to fool themselves as they may be (while the publisher rakes in cash hand over fist). I’m mostly stuck on Overwatch now, back to my first-person-shooter roots (Wolfenstein 3d, Doom veteran from before Windows was a thing, and of course my 11 year old whoops my ass up and down the map and had at one point outranked me so heavily that I could no longer queue for competitive mode in his group. Fun times. I work too much now to be anything more than a casual, but I still love to keep up.

(Dread) #136

No weight today, should have the scale back in the reno’d bathroom soon. Fasting day 2 of ?.

Feeling fine, tummy is grumbly but I’m not really hungry at all. Pulled up my shirt in the mirror and felt pretty good about it (not a 6 pack, not flat, still a muffin top, but looks smaller).

I resurrected my old blog, unfortunately I had deleted all the old posts though so it’s starting brand new.

Vlog post coming later.

(Dread) #137

Forgot to vlog last night, heh. No weight this morning. Fasting, deciding if I’m hungry. If so I may go hit my favorite dive Chinese buffet and clean them out of all their pot roast and maybe some shrimp.

Feeling good, nothing major to report. Building a PC for my father tonight, this one’s going to run the living room TV.

(Dread) #138

155.5 this morning. Yesterday broke fast at lunch with all you can eat pot roast and some kind of seafood stir fry that didn’t contain many vegetables (I pushed them aside anyway). Then last night I picked up a 2.5lb london broil and grilled it. Very satisfying.

(Dread) #139

153 this morning. Broke 24 hour fast with 2 grass fed strip steaks, 5 cage free eggs and half a pound of bacon. All delicious.

I’m fighting cream cravings still, pretty hard. Working my best on not caving to that.

(Dread) #140

151 this morning. Bowels woke me up before my alarm. I had a second bm an hour after the first. Emptied out nicely.

Wife is depressed this week so that’s dragging on me.

4.5 pounds of steak yesterday, planning about as much today and tomorrow. I have a BBQ to go to tomorrow so I’ll be eating before I leave.

Planning to fast after the BBQ for a while.