Dread's Progress Thread - Extended Fasting & Carnivore


(Dread) #101

No weight today, fasting day 2, about 30ish hours in. Feeling fine.

My son had started to gain weight and he came to me, I immediately told him he needed to get off the cocoa puff and chicken nuggets diet, needed to eat more real food, and maybe it was time to start lifting so he could be HUGE.

Well, 11 year old him accepted and my picky little eater is eating what’s put in front of him. He’s also suffering from DOMS like crazy, good boy! I’ll have him doing unassisted pull-ups within weeks.

(Dread) #102

151 today. I broke my fast last night, was eating at mom’s. Ate a pound of ground beef and now I’m fasting again. Could’ve eaten more.

(Dread) #103

Ate more beef tonight, 2lbs sirloin and 3 burgers. Was epic. Almost forgot to record today’s vlog…

(Dread) #104

151 today. Went a little light on sleep last night, feeling pretty exhausted. Other than that, doing great. Planning to fast until tomorrow night and go every other day or so for the weekend.

(Dread) #105

Never got a morning weight. This evening I weighed fully clothed, 150. So I stripped. 147.5. Ate 3.6 lbs of steak last night too.

(Dread) #106

148, ate 2 lbs of steak last night. I think today is the last feeding day for now and I’ll go back to fasting. Also got behind on my vlogging, sorry.

(Doug) #107

No worries…


(Dread) #108

How is vlogging not in a smartphone dictionary by default in 2017?

Got me fair and square!

(Doug) #109

I swear my iPad will wait until I’m not looking, and then change something in a devious way, or an outright crazy way. And then it laughs at me.

(Dread) #110

New episode

(Doug) #111

Good job, Dread. I think it usually takes a lot of repetitions of fasts of certain lengths, i.e. OMAD, alternate day OMAD, and longer fasts, for the individual to figure out what is happening to them, as far as weight (if there are different results with the different fasts). If it was all charted, with the many repetitions and cycles, then perhaps there’d be patterns in the data. Even then, differences in what food was eaten and possibly in electrolytic balances could hide or alter patterns - a pound or two here and there and things will be skewed.

I agree that mixing things up is advisable, overall, and hey - your long term trend is really good. If your weight is staying in a close range overall, and you’re working out (and especially if HGH is being stimulated by the fasting) then sounds like the stage is set for that increase in lean mass and decrease in body fat.

(Dread) #112

Thanks Doug feels good to hear that.

149 this morning. First workout was mixing and pouring 5 bags of concrete in the first phase of trying to resurrect my MIL’s deck before it has to be demolished. Easy peasy.

(Dread) #113

Day one of next extended fast. Thinking 5 ish days. 151 on the scale. Feeling fine. Lots of chores to keep me busy today. Honestly the past few months of fasting have made the hardest days of a new fast a breeze. The cravings and fake hunger signals are but a dull whisper. I find my cravings come later in the fast. I really need to stop browsing steak photos.

(Jim Russell) #114

Just started an extended fast last night. Planning on going about the same length. I find that how much pictures of food trigger hunger varies a lot during a fast. Sometimes it’s just “oh, that looks good, I should make that some time” other times it’s “Get in my belly!”. But even the strongest hunger pangs go away if I distract myself.



I see what you did there. :sunglasses:

(Dread) #116

This is so true, it’s in waves like everything on a fast. KCFO is brilliant!

(Dread) #117

155 this morning. Meant to start the fast but instead ate a steak and some bacon. Also had some ice cream, that was a mistake, I regretted it. Fast starts again today, no biggie.

After reading a post and link shared by @PrimalBrian I’ve decided to lower my dietery fat intake a little bit more. I’ll be more concerned with eating lean beef for the time being, and see how my stubborn belly, arm, leg, and back fat deals with it. (the post in particular was regarding eating less fat on keto if you still have bodyfat to burn, I’ll try to get a link to the thread momentarily). It made sense in my head, and actually was something I was casually pondering to myself in the past few weeks. Dots connecting.

(Jim Russell) #118

I’d love to see some studies comparing different styles of doing keto. More protein or less, more fat or less, keto vs zero carb/carnivore, etc.

I think that trying low(er) fat keto to force your body to burn it’s own fat makes sense, as long as you’re not going too low in calories that you are causing your body to think you’re starving. I don’t think that it is something you should do for any extended time period. A cyclical approach similar to fasting might work. Go low(er) fat for a day or two, then up the fat again so that you are “feasting”.

Interested in seeing how you work this and how it works out for you. Good luck!

(Dread) #119

I agree cyclical seems the best I could go for knowing what we already know. I’m definitely getting enough calories as I eat until I’m stuffed most of the time if hungry.

(Doug) #120

:laughing: Okay…

My first thought was a little different. Keep Calm and…

Like something I could see Brenda Zorn saying.

Something like what you sometimes hear in the British Empire, “Sod Off…”