Dread's Progress Thread - Extended Fasting & Carnivore


(Dread) #81

Definitely the car. It only smells when I get inside, I don’t smell it anywhere else. It hit me the face yesterday afternoon when I opened the door too.

(Sonia A.) #82

Only one word for you, my friend : febreze :wink:.

(Doug) #83

@Dread1840 Well, Meat, tomorrow is Thursday, so watch out…

(Dread) #84

No weight this morning.

No vomiting either. I did opt to take a shot of ACV last night, which may or may not have contributed. If I have to allow that in my diet here and there then I’m okay with it. Besides, I’m kind of used to the taste now. :slight_smile:

Car still smells, though less. Still no sign of what caused it. Shoes are all clean, nothing under the seats, etc.

I had an easier time not eating this week than I have before, I noticed. It wasn’t even tempting to walk past sugar free energy drinks. I can view /r/steak without wanting to go out and eat one. Maybe I’m finally at an equilibrium where hunger cravings are just seen for what they are?

I make a lot of assumptions here, lot’s of bro-sciency stuff. So, if you’re reading this, think of it as me thinking out loud and recording the thought stream without really refining it. I’m not writing a book.

Anyhow. I’ve been on the forum 30 days today!


  1. Finish off the stubborn fat visible on my midsection, torso, thighs

  2. Get stronger

  3. (hopefully the side effect) Develop a lean, muscular and HEALTHY physique using food and lack of food.

  4. Continue to feel great and look young.

(Doug) #85

Now fully Dreaded up, I see. :slightly_smiling_face:

Dread, do you have a weight goal? Midsection and thighs - yeah, but you’re already into pretty darn admirably slim territory, and can’t be more than another 10 or 15 pounds to go…?

(Dread) #86

Doug, not anymore! I’m floating at 148-155 steady for the past two months. I plan to replace any fat weight still in those more stubborn areas with lean mass.

Update: I did a set of 60 kettlebell swings in my office, for the hell of it. Really aggrivated this numbness I’d been feeling in my upper back / shoulder blade. Well, I remembered that last winter, I was carrying some heavy stuff to my car, slipped on the ice (in the grass, no less) and busted myself up pretty bad. I popped whatever part of my shoulder was out, back in, and dealt with the pain for a number of weeks. It’s now about 3/4 of the year later and the pain is gone, the shoulder is strong and I thought all was good.

I should note, this was a health insurance lull, and I have it now but didn’t get seen back then, starting to regret that but really nothing I can do to change the past.

Anyhow, I googled neuropathy in the upper back and came back with brachial plexus neuropathy. Though it’s not advisable to google your symptoms, I don’t think this could be anything else. I’ll have to get seen and see if there’s some rehab I can do for it.

So this’ll motivate me to try to find a doc soon. Just hoping I can get a good one out here.

(Dread) #87

Broken. :heart_eyes:

(Doug) #88

That sounds great, Dread. Such a difference already - in the pictures it’s like two different people.

(Dread) #89

Thank you! I need to tell the guy who married my girlfriend three years ago that I’ve been sleeping with his wife!

(Dread) #90

152 on the scale, small amount of reflux but enough for me to go for the ACV. Internal debate about dinner tonight. Steak?

(Dread) #91

152 again. Cream with Stevia and vanilla seems to really be messing with my stomach, ph is off and reflux common. Cutting it out. Wife is making some kind of chicken tonight but it may be breaded. Hope she understands (not sure why she wouldn’t).

Edit: Weis had a beef sale, I left with a load of $5 London broils!

Side note: the stank in my car is gone, no idea what it was.

(Dread) #92

Whoa, 155 fatty! I have a BM probably coming so this weight could be that I’m just full of crap.

Not really concerning at all.

I feel fine, today is day one of the next fast, I think I will push it to Friday this week. I plan on taking ACV here and there if feeling refluxy. (yes, I made that up)

n=many study starts tomorrow, I’m drinking my last cup of coffee. I’ll be eating primarily steak for the next 3 months, with some burger mixed in. That’s the extent of it. I’m skeptical about my ability to stick with it 100% for the entire time, but I also really have a motivation for the experiment to succeed. I’m Dread1840 on the nequalsmany.com forums.

(Dread) #93

I decided out of the blue to start a vlog. I don’t know if it’s going to last long, but here it is. Worth noting I don’t have an ad account and don’t have any way to make money on this, it’s mostly for me.

(Jim Russell) #94

Nice. I subscribed.

(Dread) #95

Hey thanks Jim!

Not sure about weight this morning. I woke up later than I wanted to by about 20 minutes. The day is sort of up in the air as far as stressors go, we shall see.

No coffee today, hoping I’ve weaned lightly enough that the headaches won’t be a problem.

N=1 carnivory study begins today! Funny cause I’m not eating until the end of the week.

(Dread) #96

Scale not available this morning. I’m feeling fine, energy is a bit low but I’m mostly chalking that up to no caffeine. I tapered off down to two then one cups as of Sunday, and yesterday and today I had none. I’m hoping to clear my coffee addiction completely and only use it as an energy supplement, not a daily staple.

I also am considering extending this week’s fast in order to change things up, further push autophagy (we hope), and perhaps burn a little more of this belly than previously.

(Dread) #97

No scale today. Woke up early. Did 40 kettlebell swings before showering and leaving for work. No coffee day 3, today I actually have energy and don’t have any headaches. Aiming to break fast on Saturday. It will be a test of my willpower, there’s 4 large steaks in my freezer with my name all over them.

Vlog post coming later.

Oh! And comcast says the office had an unplanned outage in the area, so I’m cleaning my office.

(Dread) #98

I didn’t extend it. Stopped at Stew Leonard’s on the way home and picked up 8lbs of strip streak on sale.

Weight this morning: 150 haha!

I feel great. Day 4 with no coffee. I’m craving it a little bit but doing okay. It’s really tough to deal with cravings for dairy, I just want to chug heavy whipping cream until my eyes go all white. Meat and water is what I have to keep telling myself.

So far this morning I haven’t eaten anything, I’m going to give it a few hours before I start cooking. There’s 3.5 pounds of steak in the fridge waiting and another 10 in the freezer.

Vlog coming later. Working from home and haven’t showered yet. Edit:

(Dread) #99

152 this morning. I felt full upon waking, so I guess I’m eating enough.

Feeling fine, not much to report!

(Dread) #100

156 this morning. Ate more than I should have last night, definitely beyond satiety. Gotta watch that. Fasting today and for the next few days.