Dread's Progress Thread - Extended Fasting & Carnivore


(Dread) #61

154 this morning, first bm since breaking fast on Thursday.

I woke up when I refluxed and aspirated a tiny bit of vomit. Woke me right up and I ran to get some ACV. Went back to sleep and the pain went away. Still, didn’t enjoy it.

Mowed and weedwhacked. Going to do some bodyweight and kettlebell stuff in a few.

Edit: Started water fast at 11pm last night.

(Dread) #62

152 this morning. I only had one cup of coffee yesterday, and today I’m fighting a headache which I think that low dose induced.

Not only that but our new office manager started today, and as I’m getting her PC set up it completely dies on me. Now I’ve got her doing some paperwork while I prep her replacement…not that it’s a big problem, everything is backed up. It’s just an unexpected PITA.

Had another BM this morning, lots of volume very soft. Benefits of not eating any plant matter. <3

(Dread) #63

(Dread) #64

57 hours into my fast. Hunger has not been an issue.

No weight this morning as the bathroom containing the scale is gutted this week, and the kitchen floor is so f*cking lopsided I can’t get a reading! I’ll try later on after work perhaps, but I don’t like recording measurements outside of my normal controls.

Either way, I think now that I’m at my weight it’s best not to worry too much about it, let it fluctuate as the body needs to and just concentrate on this gut.


(Dread) #65

84 hours in. 150 on the scale today, hooray.

Feeling a little poopy, but I think it’s because we had a long meeting this morning and I didn’t have my salt with me.

Trying hard to fight cravings, they’re starting to weigh a little bit.

(Dread) #66

150 on the scale today. Still fasting. I woke up and threw up bile again right after my shower. Same exact scenario as last week except I didn’t eat salt or drink water when I awoke. I got up, took a shower, got dressed, yacked. I felt better afterward but I’m not 100% today. Someone suggested ACV…I left all of mine at the house as when I’m at the office I’m usually fasting. I’m gonna hit the supermarket and grab some later.

Still debating breaking, may not though. I have not had any Monster zero this week so I’m proud of myself for that at least.

(Dread) #67

It’s time.

(Linda Culbreth) #68

AWESOME!!! Now it’s time for more :bacon: !

(Dread) #69

148 this morning. Planning on steak tonight. I like ground beef but not as much as a good slab of cow. I had a little bit of reflux this morning so I did a shot of ACV. I’m on coffee number two, and that should be the last one. I will have a smaller cup tomorrow. I know ACV isn’t animal based but I feel it’s necessary so I’m doing it when needed.

(Doug) #70

Meat, I’ve seen arguments on this - and points can be made on either side of the debate. We have a longer digestive system than many pure carnivores, leading some to say we’re most properly herbivores. We have binocular vision, like many carnivores, point to the carnivorous-advocators. This goes on and on, and there’s often a lot of cherry-picking on both sides.

We’ve been omnivores, over all, for a long time. I’ve always liked meat; would eat all the fat on pork chops, eat that delicious little cylinder of stuff inside the bone, etc. You get some really fatty cuts of prime rib, sometimes, with bite-sized or larger pieces of pure fat, ah, that’s good stuff. I like my asparagus, too. Decades ago, just messing around, I ate a large quantity of pure wheat bran, then later went to the gym. Mistake, the gas was like something from a horror movie.

Not disputing evolution here, but if we have really evolved from near-ape ancestors, could you explain the appearance of some of my co-workers?

(Dread) #71

That last part rings so true to live…

In reality I’m not as dogmatic and bullish as I may have come off. I’m not of the belief that my ignorant beliefs are perfect by any means. We all have to make it work somehow and breaking one another down isn’t the way to do that.

That said, I haven’t felt better.

(Dread) #72

148 today. Feasting day. I have some small steaks and ground beef in the fridge. Not gonna get through it all today unless I can convince everyone else to eat burgers tonight lol.

(Sonia A.) #73

Maybe you should consider decreasing or stopping your coffee intake if you have reflux. Coffee is known to cause it. I know it’s difficult to stop, but maybe you’d feel better.

(Dread) #74

Hey! I’m actually in the process of doing just that. It’s tough not because of the withdrawal, but because it’s so easy to drink… Haha.

(Sonia A.) #75

I know how tough it is. I stopped coffee for a while, I wasn’t happy about it. But it was for an elimination diet. Thankfully it was ok for me to drink it when reintroduced. What I love about coffee is its power of satiation when I fast. When I stopped it, I did it progressively. It was easier like that. Good luck !

(Dread) #76

151 this morning, no reflux. I ate some ice cream last night.

Debating if I’ll start an extended fast today or eat later and start it tomorrow. I might make it tomorrow.

(Dread) #77

I ate last night, so it was about a 20 hour fast. Starts again 1am this morning.

152 on the digits. Tummy feels fatter than normal, could be that I’m full of it.


(Dread) #78

Didn’t get a measurement this morning. Week’s a little hectic and I woke up later than normal so pre-work prep was sacrificed for time’s sake. Hunger and issues with fasting are nonexistent and I have energy. Work itself is stressing me out and I’m more angry than usual. I’ve got a very short fuse and feel like any stupid question is gonna be grounds for the gallows. I’ll try to keep to myself.

(Dread) #79

Again no weight measurement today. I slept better last night, woke up earlier, and got a much more positive start to the day.

Unfortunately, my car smells like something died in it. No idea why, it’s brand new, 30k miles, air filter is clean, cabin is clean, there’s nothing under the seats, and the smell doesn’t get worse when you crank the AC or heat. Under the hood smells just like the under of a hood…not at all like death.

(Sonia A.) #80

Are you sure the smell comes from your car ? Some people report that they smell bad smells while fasting whereas their entourage don’t.