Dread's Progress Thread - Extended Fasting & Carnivore


(Dread) #41

Thank you. Been a busy day, I’m going to search for beef.

(Linda Culbreth) #42

Do not beat yourself up. Everybody is different and everybody has different things going on with their bodies and environment. Glad you are feeling better. Keep on keto-ing! Oh, you probably ought to give your body at few days or longer to rest before you try fasting again.

(Dread) #43

Oh yeah definitely. I just have to keep telling myself it’s a long process, not an immediate one. Especially since I’m at my natural “” weight. I’ll be eating all weekend, no worries. Next week I’m either going for another 5 day or possibly changing up to ADF or something else similar.

(Dread) #44

Okay, 148 again this morning. This is crazy for the following reason: between beef, butter, and heavy cream, I put down 5,000, five thousand calories yesterday.

When I arrived home from work I at a pound of beef and downed some heavy cream. Spent all night burping, I overate like crazy.

Feeling good so far today. There’s a box of donuts, 2 gallons of ice cream, the other half of my birthday cake, and a chocolate chip muffin in the house. You ever flip the bird at bad food? I do, hate helps me.

(Dread) #45

151.0 this morning.

I feel good, despite a small bout of nausea this morning in bed. Sorted itself out. I haven’t had a bowel movement since breaking my fast on Thursday, so I’m kind of expecting that, possibly today. Not feeling very hungry this morning.

(Doug) #46

[quote=“Dread1840, post:43, topic:15478”]
I just have to keep telling myself it’s a long process, not an immediate one. Especially since I’m at my natural “” weight. I’ll be eating all weekend, no worries. Next week I’m either going for another 5 day or possibly changing up to ADF or something else similar.[/quote]

A “long process,” yes - but you’ve lost over 1/3 of your body weight since last year, which is very substantial, admirable, and frankly - fast progress. I do think mixing things up is good for the majority of us; break things up, relieve boredom, keep the body guessing, etc. Life is long, and there is lots of rooms for ups and downs. We all want fast results, but “the journey” is immensely worth it, for most of us.

(Dread) #47

Thanks Doug I needed to hear that.

This rings so true. I worry so hard about the end of the week that sometimes I do not spend enough time going through it. I need to practice mindfulness.

(Dread) #48

152.4 on screen this morning, may change if a sitdown session is in the works.

I’ve decided I am not a fan of beef drowned in butter, so I’m not gonna use the stuff as a topping anymore. Salt will suffice.

That said I got word we’re all being treated to Texas Roadhouse again tonight. Thinking about whether I’ll fast til then or no.

(Linda Culbreth) #49

Doug, I totally agree!

(Doug) #50

[quote=“justme, post:49, topic:15478, full:true”]
Doug, I totally agree![/quote]

Linda, I’ve long thought that people need to struggle, to some extent, versus having it “too easy,” whatever that is. Some real effort being put into something makes the results more satisfying. Many of us came to this forum because we’ve had too much food/too many carbohydrates; they came to us too easily. So, if we need a fairly substantial “cause” to work toward, our own health and future probably should rank high. Perhaps I’m veering toward sounding sappy here, but the alternative can be quite grim.

(Dread) #51

Not sappy at all. It’s easy to get caught up in the exciting moments and forget that the rest of it can be boring, bland, unfun, hard, and even painful. I don’t remember buying cruise tickets. :blush:

(Doug) #52

Thanks, Dread. I don’t think I’ll ever be a prefect keto eater, but reading here is the best motivator I know.

(Mike Kunz) #53

Matt : is there an iOS version available ?

(Dread) #54

You mean Meat? No, you have a better option than I do. Look up Zero on the iOS app store.

(Dread) #55

153 this morning

Don’t know what else to do so I started fasting. We’ll see what happens. If I decide on a decent way to wait this week then I’ll break early. But honestly I’m ok with not.

(Dread) #56

156 whew!

Had a bit of a stressful night, not sure if hormones were out of whack or what was going on, but I was pretty emotional. Just sort of down. Driving for an hour helped. I had a bit of a tough week last week and maybe it was just me finally releasing that stress, or it could be something else. I’m a bit spread thin right now and working on organizing my way out of that.

(Dread) #57

I’m not sure if I’m 150 or 154 this morning, I’m really not pleased with the digital scale for that. I know it’s not about weight but at my weight my only markers of improvement are reduced fat really, which is tough to tell when you’re not actively burning many pounds a week. I feel good, started the fast on Sunday night.

(Dread) #58

I think I’m 151 this morning…probably going to stop weighing myself so religiously since I can’t seem to trust these things.

(Dread) #59

Feasted last night, 151.8 this morning. I’m tired.

(Dread) #60

152 this morning

Going for more of an IF day today, ate all day long yesterday and it made me feel a little crappy. Overall I’m doing good though.

EDIT: I didn’t feel that crappy, just ate a whole bunch a lot later than I really wanted to. I’m doing well now. Wifey made some wings for dinner. Gonna have a nice rawish burger later.