Dread's Progress Thread - Extended Fasting & Carnivore


(Cheryl Hall) #21

Happy to have you sharing your journey with us @Dread1840! Seems like you are doing great paying attention to what works for you with great results! Yes – very Inspiring indeed!

(Dread) #22

Many thanks Cheryl! It’s much easier among like minded folks for sure.

This morning: 150.8

Still feeling full from last night, need to concentrate and fast.

Right before bed-edit: Stir crazy, cravings going nuts, opened the fridge 3 times. Wife supportive. Stressing about work tomorrow. I firmly believe this is just my brain craving food. I’m trying so hard not to cave right now. Will update again in the morning. I’m safely in my bedroom and no plans of leaving it!

(Dread) #23

Still pumping along, 33 hours in. No serious cravings yet. Working at home and having some anxiety about projects in the works. This week is going to be suckage. We fired 2 crucial roles and one more is on vacation…so it’s all me baby!

This mornings weight: 150.2

I’m really starting to feel like 150ish is my real bodyweight, like, my norm. Could be I’m not a doctor.

(Doug) #24

Dang, Dread… Here’s to us all being “lean and mean,” but I hope your employer hasn’t slimmed down too much.

(Dread) #25

Hahaha me too. But we are replacing the two we had to let go. It was a positive change. I’m mostly irreplaceable (o know no one really is), based on how expensive it would be to hire specialists for all my roles at the company, or to farm it out. I keep costs down so I have a little bit of value. I’d like to be doing something I’m good at more often but it keeps meat on the table for now.


You might like the app HoursTracker to count the hours for you. It’s easy to add or adjust start/stop times after the fact, and you can include notes. Designed for hourly workers, not fasting. But works well for fasting. I have the iOS version, but it’s probably available for Android.

(Dread) #27

Thank you for the suggestion.

(Dread) #28

56 hours in. Dad told me this morning he’s trying out an extended fast over and above his omad. Makes me proud. He got impatient haha.

Weight: 150.1

Feeling: Okay. It’s not going to be an easy week, lots of crap at work, kids are away with grandparents which should be a relief but isn’t.

(Dread) #29

Update: 72 hours

Water, pink salt. So far I’ve had a few cups of coffee but I’m working to cut that out. Took 2 potassium tablets today.


Good job @Dread1840. I haven’t been able to get past 72 hours yet. I’m eager to see how the next 24 hours go for you compared to the first 72.

(Dread) #31

@MelTar thank you! 72 can get tough. Sometimes I start to feel a little sickly, but generally it’s salt. I think that update is from last night, I was so busy today I forgot to update, I’ll get that in the next post.

One of the things that is tough is thinking about the fantastic foods I’ll eat after I’m finished fasting, that makes it so difficult. So to cope with that, if I get an acute hunger craving, I have to speak up and tell myself it’s fake, it’s not real, etc. If the craving is lingering, I have to go to outside sources to try to get my mind off it. So I’ll listen to a Jason Fung video or podcast episode (even ones I’ve heard before, still good to hammer it in). I find that it helps. I’d say listen to 2 Keto Dudes but that just makes me hungry!

(Dread) #32

This morning: 150.0 even.

Feeling a bit lethargic, slow to react, a little bit hangry. I’m thinking I may break tomorrow around lunch time with some beef, but I might just tough it out until an even 5 days (11pm).


I’ll try that @Dread1840. This week I’m doing the 3-day Zorn fast and plan to feast on July 23 which is my birthday. But in a couple weeks I will try again to go beyond 72 hours, and queue up Fung’s podcasts, listen to Obesity Code, etc, and keep telling my ghrelin to shut the bleep up.

(Linda Culbreth) #34

Hang in there - I am on day 15 of a 21 day fast. It’s doable. I didn’t say easy - I said doable. Yep - I dream of bacon and eggs and ghee and all sorts of keto food combos.

(Dread) #35

Wow, I really needed to hear that. Thank you! I went for a drive and cleared my head a bit, I’ll make it.

(Dread) #36

I believe in you!

(Linda Culbreth) #37

Thanks - I appreciate it.

(Dread) #38

148 this morning
Felt nausea when walking so I took some salt, got in the shower…and then threw up a cup or two of water. I feel better for the moment but I’m not too sure what to do. Wondering if maybe I overdid the salt yesterday? I don’t see how it’s possible.

Anyway I may break early. No need to risk hurting myself. I beat 3 days by a large margin so I won’t be sad. I’d really like to make it to 5 full days first (11pm).

(Dread) #39

Threw up twice after my shower, water and bile. In light of this, I decided to break a few hours early. I had some herbal nausea medicine and ordered a plain sausage and egg from Dunkin. Sausage was great, egg was plastic. I’m feeling better so far.

Edit: It’s been about 2 hours since I ate, no digestion problems whatsoever. I’m a little lethargic and not quite 100%, but I feel okay. Definitely not a food coma by any means and I’m still able to function fully.


I’m glad you’re feeling better.