Dread's Progress Thread - Extended Fasting & Carnivore


(Chris) #341

This comment is all about poop. Feel free to skip it.

Today is 2nd leg day. And boy do I have a story. Started out last night, I found a quart of single-ingredient heavy cream, and somehow I couldn’t say no. This story is multi-faceted. Because I drank that entire quart, this morning I had an emergency soft bowel movement on deck during my first 4 sets. I racked the weights and headed back to the locker room. Tuesday night, I bought some leggings to train in. Because I bought leggings, I no longer have pockets. Because I no longer have pockets, when I went to wipe I placed my phone on the toilet paper dispenser. Because I placed my phone on the TP dispenser, I didn’t have it when I returned to the rack.

When I went back to the bathroom, the stall was occupied again, I had to knock and ask the guy if a phone was there, and it was, so I stuck my hand underneath and he handed it back to me. I lost about 15 minutes during this time, and just had the shittiest workout of the week. No pun intended.

So I got in a few more squats, focusing on technique rather than weight this time. Got in some heavy leg extensions, calf raises, and finally some heavy shrugs and called it a day. Wasn’t awful but it definitely was not great. Oh well.

(Doug) #342

‘For want of a nail…’

Still, indeed - life goes on. Judging by your avatar picture, your mood is pretty good. That other one was scary. :smile:

(Chris) #343

I can’t stay mad on this diet :grin::grin:

(Chris) #344

Today the squat was 245. Real grinder but it went up.

(Chris) #345

Today the squat was 225 x 3 for 3 sets. Not too shabby.

I need to also keep in perspective my old max of 385. I was 230+ pounds, 35%+ bodyfat. And it was a LOW BAR SQUAT. The low bar utilizes the back muscles and even hamstrings a lot more than the high bar, which I am currently focusing on. That alone makes it easier to put up more weight. At some point I’ll fiddle around with more low bar stuff, see how I stack up, but for now I’m doing okay not pushing like crazy.

(Chris) #346

(Chris) #347

Deadlift is up to 315 for singles.

Last week I ground out singles with 275 - ended with seeing stars and staggering out drunk for about 5 seconds (this is exactly what comes seconds before your head hits the dumbbell rack–hang on to something). After each. Today I repped 3 out and decided to increase the weight.

3 singles at 315, while I do use lifting straps for heavier weights due to my hand, I don’t use a belt or anything else as of right now.

My old max when I was fat was 405- just 2 45lb plates away, really not that far off imo.

Honestly I’m less concerned with the actual numbers in the bench and deadlift - the squat is the best overall strength builder anyway - and it’s less stress on the spine and shoulders than those two lifts. That, and I’m not considering competing in a powerlifting comp, so there’s honestly no fucking pressure! I love to squat, I hate the other two!

(Chris) #348

(Chris) #349

315 pin squats

(Chris) #350

Fasting for now. No goal in mind. I left the app with a 100 hour limit, but I may end before or after that.

(Chris) #351

Thinking about maybe doing a monthly week long fast. Not sure yet.

(Chris) #352

getting there…

(Chris) #353

Since I’m in the gym 5 days a week, my routine needed an update.

(Chris) #354

No PR’s today, aggravated my shoulder Monday morning at work. Not a huge problem but it popped out momentarily and that always needs some slight rehab. So my lifts this week are in a lower range (also, I’m fasting). Today I did some snatch grip deadlifts and really felt them in my upper back. I liked it. Lots of row variations and pulldowns, and a good long sauna sesh to round out the morning.

(Vladaar Malane) #355

@Dread1840 I feel for yah. I got a mild case of tennis elbow. Took a week off just doing cardio to try to kick that. Today went back into pull ups and Australian pull ups. Getting old sucks, well injuries suck. Lots of young people have same issues.

(Chris) #356

Finished my fast at 161.5 hours. Very happy with the ability to stay strict and not break early. I gained 5 lbs and lost 1 so far. Odd weight loss, but whatever. I’m currently feasting on the first 3 of 9 strip steaks I made last night.

(Vladaar Malane) #357

Yeah, not a fan of gaining most the weight back from fasting extended. I am going to try the feast first the day before fasting method to see if that alleviates some of that. Of course some of the water weight will come back.

(Chris) #358

I don’t even measure weight loss as anything serious. Too much going on to just assume something is fat or not when the number changes. I wouldn’t sweat it at all.

(Chris) #359

Last night my wifey gave me the greatest thigh massage I’ve had in my life - my legs were glowing all night.

This morning I had squats, worked up to 225 easily. Threw 255 on and failed on the way down - just racked it without completing the lift. Somehow my momentum just deflated, so rather than risk injury I just deloaded to 185 and had a back off set. Later this week I’ll add some pause squats and pin squats to see if I can help it a little.

(Chris) #360

So if you’ll recall, last week I hurt my shoulder.

This week, I PR’d my military press. The pain is still there somewhat, but I have been diligent in keeping off it, and that’s paid off as I am very much stronger than I was 2 weeks ago. Best shoulder workout in months. I should fuck my shoulder up more often!

By the way, it was 120lbs. Not a lot of weight, but the most I’ve lifted this cycle. Previous max at my old fatness was 155 IIRC. I may try to dig that up, but I am not sure at all if I had written it down anywhere.