Dread's Progress Thread - Extended Fasting & Carnivore


(Doug) #281

Holy crow, Dread, you went ham on yourself! Gotta love the modern lingo. :wink:

(Chris) #282

Eh? Speak into my good hand! What lingo is that?

(Doug) #283


“Going ham” is going really hard, vigorously, seriously, brutally, etc. To act in an outrageous manner.

(Chris) #284

OH! I thought you were pointing out something I said, my mistake.

(Doug) #285

Well, this whole thread is you going ham in a good way, with the diet, fasting, and lifting. Not one for half-measures, you. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Chris) #286

Hahahaha guilty.

(Doug) #287

Good thoughts to you; heal well, my friend. We use our fingers for so much.

(Chris) #288

Thank you Doug. Luckily I’m surrounded by good folks most of the time. I was at a business party last night and 5 coworkers volunteered to cut my roasts for me!

(Doug) #289

Yeah baby - plurality! :smile:

(Chris) #290

Update: No, not dead. 4 weeks post-op, working on getting my finger mobility back. Weight stable at 165. I’m still strict ZC, no cheats whatsoever. I’m fasting today from M-W, then after our company holiday party I’ll fast again until xmas. Once I have the ability to type with 2 hands, I will go back to regular daily updates. The tedium is too much for me right now. Also planning a video soon. Stay tuned.

(Chris) #291

159 today, this is day 3 of a 4 to 5 day fast. Splint is off for good, therapy continues. I will resume updating this thread and the vlog now! Since I can type!

(KCKO, KCFO) #292

Glad you have the use of your fingers back enough to type again. This certainly added some drama to your n=1.
So sorry to find out about the insurance situation. But it does show that no matter what your age is, you do need to have insurance. Freaky accidents do happen at any age.

Happy to see you are almost at the weight you were before the incident.


(Chris) #293

Thank you!

I have great insurance, but I got screwed over by the provider. If they had taken a second to realize they don’t take my insurance, then they could have referred me elsewhere. If it was a less vital body part and Thanksgiving wasn’t around the corner, I’d also have time to get into another clinic. Probably would be paying a quarter of this. Either way, can’t stress it. I’ll take it up with the practice and the insurance board when I actually get the bills. :smiley:

(Chris) #294

159 today, feasting still. Broke my fast Thursday at 99 hours.

2lbs of ribeye in the freezer now cooling down before I cook it:

(Chris) #295

16 hours into my next fast. This time I am going to shoot for 7 days at a minimum. I should have about 30+ lbs of bodyfat to burn on this fast. The reason I am going this long is to see if I can reach a “deep” state of autophagy and see about eating away some of the internal scar tissue in my fingers. Recovery is going slowly, I can barely bend the repaired joints on my own. Swelling is still an issue as well, though my diet is so anti inflammatory I should be a block of ice.

Also giving up coffee and herbal medicines, the former for health, the latter for the hell of it.

(Chris) #296

Alright I’m 31 hours in. So this morning I meant to get up at 4:30 to try to resume my gym routine. After being awake 18 hours, driving for 4, and getting to bed at midnight, that was a shitty plan. I realized this as I was snoozing my alarm.

Beat myself up for a couple minutes for not going, but reassured myself that the sleep was more important.

Anyway, I went after work. Place was packed and I could barely find parking. But I decided that my not wanting to go in was the exact reason I NEEDED to go in. Parked further away, and went in. It was packed, my hand is fucked, so I did a few sets of leg presses, some upper body push and pull, and tested if I can do pull ups in my maimed state…which I can! I managed 3 full range before my grip gave out.

I also spoke to my Genuine Cherokee Guru aka Jim (kidding aside he’s my best friend), who recalled a story about a bad save in the hockey goal, that cost him a good chunk of his knee. Had to have surgery and rehab, and it took a few years but he’s able to bend it all the way again.

That gave me quite a lot of perspective in a small dose, I need to realize the 12 weeks healing time is not a deadline for mobility. I need to just keep working it.

Anyway, gym visits are going to be centered around squats and core work, with some upper body shit thrown in as an accessory. Not worrying about powerlifting totals, benching, or anything right now. Just wanna get better at squatting again and be stronger as a result.

(Chris) #297

Hey what’s happening? I managed to get out of bed on time today, made to the gym as well. Was a light training session focused around squats. All light weights and maxed out at 135. I am kind of zeroed in on form right now and making sure I stick my ass out far enough, knees out far enough, and don’t drop too far below parallel because I tend to suffer from buttwink.

Anyway, over 40 hours in now and feeling fine. Just explained fasting briefly to a colleague, he’s not on board (long story short), citing that he was once a scientist. OK. Luckily the conversation got derailed so we didn’t delve into it. He invited me to lunch (he’s here as a consultant) to work through our brainstorm, instead I came with him so he could get take out, and we brainstormed while he ate.

It was fun. That paragraph was written 5 hours ago, I am at 52 hours currently at 7:30pm eastern. Anyway, brainstorming while fasted is a killer experience, I suggest you all try it.

(Chris) #298

(Chris) #299

In the gym again. Slipped on the ice this morning, fell on my ass and split open my palm (on the injured hand, no less). I’m fine. Got in the car and growled before leaving the driveway. Got a good squat session in, and did some machine accessory stuff (incline bench, pulldowns, leg curls, leg raises). All in all a good morning.

Check this shit out, I just found this and it’s hilarious:

Hey lady, fuck off.

(Gale Dacalio) #300

Dude, you look GREAT! Congrats on all the hard work!