Dread's Carnivore Muscle Thread

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Testing recipes for baconaise this weekend. Wife and I need to bring a dish for Thanksgiving and she was thinking carnivore deviled eggs. Much testing needed. Many eggs will die.

If they come out like shit, backup plan is bacon-wrapped scallops. But frankly I’d like to do it anyway, even if the eggs are good. When my SIL asked what we were bringing, the first thing that came to mind was prime rib.

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Wow, definitely looking strong and lean. I apologize if you answered this already, but do you have an ultimate goal or deadline? A show, certain bodyfat percentage?

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Goal right now is just to get bigger and finish off this gut fat / love handles. Even out my leg development.

After that, I’d like to get around 10% or so, enough to have a 6 pack in the morning at least and some more muscle separation without being unhealthily low on bodyfat.

I have given thought to competing, though not sure I want to go down the drugs route for that purpose. Not that I’m unwilling to use exogenous hormones, just that there’s a big legality thing with it and it could get expensive. Also have to keep the money flowing in to keep the family afloat, they’re first priority.

Thanks for the compliment!

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Fixed the lighting on this a bit…

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I encourage you to listen to the latest Keto Savage podcast; it is very relevant to this.
Congratulations on all of your hard work so far.

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Looking great.

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Funny you say that, I literally just started it a few minutes ago before my trip ended. I’ll make sure to check it out.

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I am interested to hear what you think!

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Your training schedule is like a part time job, wow, I couldn’t keep track of all that info…you’re one of those dudes at the gym with the little notepads :wink:

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taps temple

It’s all in here. :shrug:

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Shoot me in the head. I ate a pepperoni stick Sunday night and paid for it. Shat 7 times between Sunday and Monday and then tossed my bile last night.

Better now. Lesson learned.

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Yeah, right :slight_smile:

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Switched up the routine a bit - also hung around my gym between 5 and 7 a few nights to gauge the parking lot situation. Not good. I think I’ll save the 2-a-days for when I have my own home gym!

Here are the changes I’ve made thus far. I’ll be increasing number of sets on some exercises gradually, and playing with reps and weights on others. I also stepped down the number of calf raises - my calves are fine and I don’t need to train them 4 days a week. I’m debating dropping the front squats to try to ease off that volume even further but I’m not convinced yet. We shall see.

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Monday. Fuck you.

Decided today is a fasting day because I’m extremely ornery based on the number of shits I’ve taken. Couldn’t have taken care of these over the weekend, colon? Fahk you.

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Had a good day today. Due to the holiday, it’s a short training week for me so I’ve cut down to 3 training days, all in a row. Rep ranges were a bit all over. I kept to high reps on everything but squats. For Monday, I did low reps, higher weight up to six reps per set, Tuesday, higher reps capped at 135. Today I ramped up to 255x1 which felt pretty good, then backed down to 225, 185, finally killing the session with 2 sets of 135x12 to fatigue out the legs. Then pullups, wide overhand grip, 6 sets of 5. Decline bench, 3x135, BB curls, 50x15x3, 70x10x1, and triceps pushdowns with a rope attachment. I meant to do some lateral raises but forgot, as I was distracted by a conversation with my wife which highlighted the fact that I forgot to pick up my T1D cat’s needle prescription. That’s one mess to deal with today, to add to the hole in my tire I’ve recently discovered. So all that plus work. Gon be fun. Oh and we have a potluck today. Gorgeous.

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Figured out a way to get myself out of the Monday funk; will update when I finish this plate of ground beef.

EDIT: So what I ended up doing was moving back to a split- and I did this for a number of reasons. Mostly I just wanted to concentrate volume and make sure to exhaust each muscle group. Full body 4x a week is nice, but considering this gym chain only opens at 5 am on Mondays, it really cramps up my style and starts off my week on the wrong foot.

I could do push/pull/legs, but to get the most effectiveness I’d have to train 6 days a week. I can’t with my travel schedule. So I created a program that will allow me to hit each muscle group twice a week, with a shorter, easier Monday workout. It’s a combination of PHUL / PPL.

Monday: Upper - Decline bench, Lat pulldown, Hammer shoulder press, Barbell curl, Rope pushdown
Tuesday: Lower - Squat, Leg curl, Leg extension, Calf Raise
Wednesday: Pull - Back and biceps, starting with deadlift (I know, not exactly back, but keeps some lower body active, too)
Thursday: Push - Chest, shoulders, triceps
Friday: Legs - Quads, hams, calves

The emphasis on hard work is going to be the last 3 days of the week. If there’s a holiday week and days off, I’ll plan to at least get the 3 latter days in. If it’s a 2 day week, I’ll do upper/lower or perhaps full body on both days. Really just depends on travel schedule but this is going to make up my 5-day workout plan for the forseeeable future.

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Alright so day 1 of this new workout needs more volume than 1 lift per part. But the latter part of the week is FUCKING GRUELING AND I LOVE IT. I’m half done and half dead on push day, got pumps on pumps on pumps. Ahhhh!