Dread's Carnivore Muscle Thread

(mole person) #201

I’m curious how you are eating right now. Any fasting or IF? Are you still calorie restricting most of the week? What macro ratio are you aiming for? What are you eating? Any dairy?

(Karim Wassef) #202

Which Naiman pub are you referring to?

(Chris) #203

Right now I’m eating somewhat “intuitively”. The only thing I’m tracking is weight, once a day when I wake up. My diet consists of ribeyes and suet. I generally eat a handful or two of microwaved but not rendered suet and then finish off with .75 to 1.5lbs of steak, once or twice a day. Meal times are either 7am or noon or both. This is during the week. On the weekends I eat the same stuff plus some bacon usually, since I’m cooking it for the fam.

Not really aiming for macros, just trying to get as much fat in as I can and not going over 1g per pound of bodyweight in protein.

Dairy is out, for good. It inflames me and causes weight gain and digestive problems. I think I’m likely not alone in this! And also for the record, that includes raw dairy (milk, cheese). Very depressed about it, TBH, because I love milk, cream, cheese, whipped cream, and ice cream! Oh well.

(mole person) #204

I wasn’t talking about his own publications. I was talking about the studies that he gallops through in his presentations. He makes claims that go way beyond any evidence to be found in those studies and conveniently ignores any data in those very same studies that would speak against the thesis that he’s proposing. Based on the way that he treats the results of other people’s studies I’d never trust his reporting on his own data.

If there is some thesis that you find compelling based on Naiman’s claims and evidence, I strongly recommend that you give the studies that the evidence is based on a careful reading yourself and draw your own conclusions about how supportive they actually are.

(Karim Wassef) #205

Ok. I guess I came in late to the conversation and didn’t find the beginning of the thread on his presentations. What idea was he presenting?

(mole person) #206

It was more than one. I’ve watched a few of his presentations and, as is my habit, I picked out some of the references he was using in support of his theses for a deeper read. I was shocked the first time to see how tenuously the claim he was making was tied to the study he was claiming was supporting it.

I later decided to give him another shot since his name comes up here a lot. I did the same thing and found that this was an offence he repeated. Basically, he forms a hypothesis and looks for confirmation no matter how weak or tenuous and ignores elements in the very same studies that contradict his thesis. Worse than that even, he’ll later treat the thesis that he now thinks he’s established as a fact and go on from there.

If you’re looking for a particular example, the last one that I looked into was his sourcing on protein leverage. He presented it as virtually proven but the only study he told us enough about for me to actually check on had extremely underwhelming results. So much so that the scientists who wrote it commented on how the results complied poorly with the thesis. Yet, Naiman never mentioned that nor any of the elements of the study which were out of agreement with the results expected based on protein leverage.

(mole person) #207

I don’t think you’re alone either. Right now I’m working my way off of coffee. After that I’ll try reducing and maybe even eliminating dairy.

When you say “suet” are you just meaning beef fat or specifically that fat from around the kidneys?

(Chris) #208

My last haul, wife for scale.

I have also mostly cut coffee. I have a small cup of black on Saturday or Sunday. I do use a sugar free preworkout so I am getting caffeine still, just not directly from the bean.

(mole person) #209

It’s hard to tell from the picture. Regular beef fat looks like that. I’m assuming the butcher knows what he’s selling though. Suet is what’s used in baking. It doesn’t have the meaty taste of regular beef fat. I’ve never tasted it myself, I just get regular fat trimmings from my butcher.

I’m going to try microwaving it. It doesn’t sound appealing but I’ll give it a try. I like my fat intact, not rendered, and the way I cook it renders it a fair bit.

(Chris) #210

Oh no, this came from the farmer. And there was bonus kidney inside :stuck_out_tongue:

For the microwaving thing, I cut pieces that are big bite-size for me, and I watch them in the microwave. I’ll let it start to get somewhat transparent but if it melts too much I’ve rendered it too far. I don’t mind it raw but it’s easier to get down this way.

(mole person) #211

Oh nice. I’m jealous! Do you prefer the taste to regular beef fat then?

Also how do you like kidney? I’ve yet to try it. Reports on it having a “pissy” taste have freaked me out too much do far.

(Chris) #212

I haven’t been able to find someone that’s willing to sell trimmings, just yet, but that may change.

As far as the kidney…when I cut up that 20lb rock, I took and bagged the kidney separately and froze it. I heard that it tastes like piss as well, and actually my father told me last night that his grandmother used to boil the shit out of kidneys in a soup to get the piss flavor out, but it made the whole house stink. I might see if my cats want it.

(mole person) #213

Rotfl! Sounds so appetizing. I’d just about worked up the guts to buy some but I think you’ve just frightened me off it for at least another year. :nauseated_face:

(Chris) #214

Haha glad to help. There’s plenty of other organs! I certainly would love to say I’ll try anything once, but come onnnn.

(bulkbiker) #215

Soak it in milk for a couple of hours (up to 24 hours) before cooking like liver… (briefly pan fried in butter) gets rid of the majority of the pissy taste .

(Chris) #216

Nice tip, thanks!

(bulkbiker) #217

Next… brains…hmmm

(Karim Wassef) #218

Ultimate omega 3 EPA…

(Chris) #219

I want to try brains, haven’t even begun to look. I might ask my new farmer friend though.

(bulkbiker) #220

We’re hoping to get some spring lamb from our butcher’ sons farm so maybe we’ll get some brains to try too… rushes off to google lambs brain recipes… I know the PKD guys have them…