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The shape changing stuff is fascinating - hugely different on keto to anything else I’ve ever seen :smile:

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Also, my weight is currently not really moving, but I’m clearly changing shape more than when I was losing at a decent clip. I’m also having back issues, which I think is because the visceral fat that gave me internal structural support is disappearing :slight_smile:

The body, she is weird.

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Same!! Never seen weight come off me like this.

Last week my hips hurt and I thought maybe it was arthritis (never had it before). This week, nothing. :man_shrugging: This way of losing weight is odd to me. Very new in many ways.


Happy Birthday!

Awesome progress in the last year, Don. :+1::grin:

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Thanks Gaff!
Now that’s a birthday cake!


Happy Birthday, Don! … Sorry, I just can’t beat that Birthday Cake Gaff made for ya! :smile: But I’d help ya eat it!

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For the birthday and the awesome 110 lbs. down from last year and there is no stopping you. Have a great day.

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Yesterday, I looked at my license picture that was taken last summer and I noticed how my face looks a lot less pudgy now than when it was taken. My point is that people can see weight loss in your face, not just your body. The change for us is very subtle since we see ourselves in the mirror every day, but for someone who sees you once a month, the difference might be more profound.

Happy Birthday Godwin. :wink:

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Dave, Carl and Collaroygal: Thanks for the well wishes! It was a nice quiet day as my family prefers to celebrate these occasions on a weekend.

I did whip up a Cheesecake mousse and top it with berries for my dessert. First time I’ve had a dessert (really) since starting. It was good!

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Happy Belated Birthday. Cheesecake Mousse sounds good. :slight_smile:


Good for you! I hope it was delicious too! :slight_smile:

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Happy Birthday and congrats on the 110 lb loss - that is AMAZING!

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Thanks Janie! :grin::grin:

It was a nice birthday week, during which I ate scallops, shrimp, steak, salads, pork belly, FOUR mini cheesecakes w/ Cream & Berries :flushed:, and a few other assorted goodies…

…and I lost 2.5 lbs!

I’ll take it. This process doesn’t always make sense to me, so I feign coolness and keto on.

Thanks to everyone for the support and the birthday wishes.

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After a month of relatively slow weight loss, then adjusting food intake both up and down, adjusting feeding windows fore and aft, cutting then adding fats, consulting a witch doctor and two shaman, I’ve finally decided that the biggest reason my losses had slowed is “well, because.”

I just don’t think weight loss is linear and immediate. It is what my body is willing to let it be. Maybe it was “healing” something. Maybe it was just being stubborn.

In any case, this week I’ve made a couple changes to the “when” knob on this machine and am attempting to eat only during a 1-2 hour window around 4-6pm daily. I eat keto, but eat substantially. That keeps me sated throughout the evening until bed. The hard part is between noon and 4pm.

This past month wasn’t for naught. I really believe it was a reshuffling, of sorts. Despite the weight I’ve still to lose, I did just lose over a hundred pounds. That has to be a pretty serious breach to my body’s defense mechanisms, so there’s probably something going on there. Also, I’m now getting comments from acquaintances about my improvements, so the “reshuffling” is paying dividends.

As the saying goes: KCKO

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So do you have contact info for the shamans? Asking for a friend…

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They’re not the email type. They’ll come to you…in a dream…


I think you’re right on all accounts! :slight_smile: Well, not quite sure about the Witch Doctor or Shaman, but who knows? Maybe :smile: … I find that each week I weigh in, I’m usually in the loss column, but I don’t fret it if not. I think this weeks gain makes it 5 times out of 29 total weigh-ins? So that’s like, what, 17 or 18 percent? … But each time I’ve had a bump up, I usually see a better drop afterwards. Not sure why this happens or how this works, but it seems to be doing this each time? … Thinking maybe what some call a ‘Whoosh’? But can’t say for sure? - So for now will just continue to monitor and note it as it happens. :slight_smile:

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Yup. Same here.
As a “fixer” of broken things, I have to resist the urge to expect an obvious, tangible result once I start pushing buttons and tuning knobs, as the reality is that it’s just not that easy. Instead I’m trying to rewrite my internal voice to repeat “Just keep doing it this way. It works. Be patient.”