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Reasonable suggestion, I’d have thought.

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I totally agree with Janie, you can get through the feasting seasons if you keep your thoughts on your goals.

The recipes on this site have great holiday foods, spend some time in that forum. And as for birthday cakes stuff,
there are lots of ketoed cheesecake recipes on the net and the ones I have served to others had no idea I used artificial sweeteners unless I told them ahead of time.
Here is a good one, there are tons more if you want chocolate swirled whatever, it is out there. No need to feel deprived:

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Thanks Gaff! Gotta admit, it’s gone quickly. That’s a good thing as this “return to health” will take years. I’m looking forward to completing the next 6 months…then I’ll be closer to my target weight than my starting weight.

None. Ever single diet I’ve attempted worked to lose weight…but none felt like a lifestyle forever change…they were just tools to shed pounds and ultimately failed.

Thanks for the support! I think I can too. This past month has been a bit of a test, I think. The first 100 lbs lost was a big goal. Once I hit it, the next step was a gray area. In the past, I would have lost focus but this time I’ve decided to make my next goal to own the next 6 weeks.

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NSV Comments…

I’m not losing much right now, but for the first time in a lotta diets, I’m not worried much. I just assume this is a “shifting”, “rebalancing”, or “healing” phase.

Two NSVs to note:

  1. I have purposely NOT exercised these first 6 months, because I wanted to limit the variables as I lost (or didn’t lose) weight. The 109 lbs I’ve lost in less than 6 months is ALL attributable to dietary changes I’ve made. Namely, keto and IF.
    Well, last night I climbed on the elliptical and cranked out 15 minutes of moderate exercise. My heart rate climbed from 55 to 160, then slid back to 65 in a reasonable recovery time. My thighs were burning and I was ready to stop when I did. My NSV is that today… I feel awesome. No soreness, I feel energized, and my hips, which lately have been tight and making me feel like I might have residual damage from my high weight, feel great! :grinning:

  2. Car related. I’ve been wearing my seat belt again, as it fits better finally. Today, I felt like someone had moved my seat back too far, as I was “reaching” for the steering wheel between 10 and 2 o’clock. But I’m the tallest driver and am the one who pushes the seat back furthest. Hmmm…
    Ah! Got it.
    My back isn’t as fat…or “thick”. I sit deeper in the seat as my back has leaned out…making me sit further from the wheel. I’ve heard from family that my back looks skinnier.

That’s a weird NSV.

So, I adjusted my seat and steering wheel.


Awesome NSVs, Don!

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Thanks Gaff!

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Way to go Don. Congrats on reaching your 6th month mark, good luck on the next 6 months. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’m unsure what that next six months will be like. I’m starting to put together my plan and visualize my hopes now: I want to still be ketoing, however it’s morphed as I learn and grow, I want to be smaller ( I doubt I’ll lose anywhere near what I lost these first 6, but that’s ok), and I want to be fitter…thus, adding exercise.

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Don, this is great news. It’s ALWAYS encouraging to read your updates!

You’re a blessing to my day. :+1:

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Not just you.

And, TBF, not just Don, we do have a lot of good people here.

Some of them are even not Aussies.

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Those NSVs are great. It is comforting to feel that you have found a way to live your life and be healthy and know that you can live like this for the rest of your life. I completely relate to this. No cravings control of your hunger and what you eat.

It is amazing to realize you haven’t done any exercise. I had assumed you were. I can understand wanting to keep the variables down, but for me being able to take a walk has been freeing.

Good luck on the elliptical it used to be one of my favorite machines. I am too heavy for them still, another ten pounds and I will fall in the weight parameters. Maybe some day I will be able to get on one.

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Thank you, guys! That’s really kind to say and makes me feel even better! For the record you two have been greatly inspirational and helpful to me as well.

There are a minimum of 6 at all times. It’s req’d in the bylaws, I believe. Affirmative action or some such thing…

I’ve said before: Keto can be SO liberating! I’ve been chained to bad eating habits my whole life and this dietary change has freed me. I love not craving foods!

After reading up on keto and trying to decide IF I could believe that everything I thought I knew about diet might be wrong, I decided to try it, apart from exercise, to see if it was true. My first 6 months was all about eating: High fat, very low carb, proper proteins, water, electrolytes, intermittent fasting, a couple longer fasts, etc. I was sure I would lose weight if I added exercise too. So I wanted this to be about the FOOD and HOW I eat.

The verdict: It stands by itself. It does work. I feel like I’m eating properly for the first time in my life. I can do this forever. :grin:

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The key, right here.

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I like how you isolated eating keto from other factors to PROVE to yourself it wasn’t exercise or calories or something else… that would give your mind the excuse to eat off plan … and we all know the mind plays tricks on us and can’t be trusted sometimes!!!

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Today is my birthday.

I weigh 110 lbs less than I did on my last birthday.

I have more energy, more control, more belief in myself, and far more hope than I’ve had in many, many years.

In celebration, I just did 50 squats… and it wasn’t in an effort to pick up a donut. :joy:


I think it was to pick up some bacon. :wink:
Happy birthday, a hundred and ten pounds is incredible. What a great gift to give yourself.

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One of the great NSVs for me is that I no longer am holding my breath when I bend over or squat to get something that’s barely within my reach…


A very happy birthday to you @GodwinGoGo :grin::grin: & congratulations on all that you’ve achieved.

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Thank you Safi!
Just had breakfast out with my sister (steak & eggs, no sides) at a diner with booths only. In the past we’d slide the table her way to give me a bit of room for my ample belly. Today, we left it in the middle and I still had several inches of clearance!
Our regular waitress said I looked “skinny”. :hushed:

It’s only been a month since there last and I’ve lost only about 6 lbs in that time, so I call this a win! I may not be losing much, but I’m shifting!