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Unsure whether my successes in weight loss have been primarily due to my high starting weight, but at this point it could be due to sorcery and I’d be OK with it.

Keeping in mind I started on June 1st at 495 (yes, you read that right…495) I have been sailing along.

I weigh once per week only… Every Monday. I use a hospital scale (urgent care clinic folks are very supportive of my efforts and let me use theirs). This keeps me from weighing too often.

Today and last week’s weigh-ins tied for my best weeks to date, aside from Week 1 when I dumped a lot of water weight. Today I weighed 410, down 8 lbs, down 16 lbs over the last 2 weeks, and 85 lbs since I started almost 4 months ago.

I had been losing 2-4 lbs per week, but after reading The Obesity Code and Dr. Fung’s Guide to Fasting, introduced daily IF (20:4, 18:6 or 16:8) and a 1x weekly 48 hour fast. I’ve been doing IF for a month anyway as my hunger diminished, so extending came easily. Also, I eat when I’m hungry… No starving myself.

When I am eating, I eat fairly strict Keto: Less than 20g carbs net, at least 80-100g Proteins, as much healthy fats as I want. I don’t count calories so may consume anywhere from 1400 to 2600 daily.

I use erythritol sparingly - (1 tbsn) in my one 24oz coffee i drink each day along with 2-3 tbsn HWC. No other sweeteners. I eat no simple carbs like pastas, potatoes or rice. But I do like shirataki noodles occasionally. I eat quite a bit of veg, like zucchini, artichokes, asparagus, eggplant, greens, etc. I’m not afraid of hitting 30-40 g of carbs if they’re from green veg. Most meats are fine unless theyre processed too much. No corn or soy products… I miss tofu.

I drink at least 64oz water daily and take daily supplements of minerals but do not currently drink an electrolyte drink. I also don’t use himalayan sea salt. That may change if I become symptomatic of low electrolytes.

Overall, I feel very good.

Blood sugars (I am T2D on glipizide but no insulin) are always between 65-90 fasted and 80-130 fed. My BG drops to fasted numbers within a couple of hours of eating. I stop taking diabetes meds during the long fast as my BG drops during that time.

Blood pressure (I’m hypertensive and on a med) have remained as high as before… around 140/90. However, my rest heart rate has dropped from around 70ish pre-Keto to around 55 since then. That happened early on and has held steady. My doc thinks my BP will lower after more weight comes off.

I sleep better, have more energy, my ankles are back, my shirts are huge, my shorts fall off when I stretch, mosquitos no longer hunt me, my breath is horrific, I’m a cheap date, I talk too much about Keto & Fasting (just ask the telemarketers who stumble upon my phone number…)

Hang in there everyone. Grind this lifestyle… It works.

The fallacy of pseudo-significant numbers
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Seriously…I’m a nightmare. I’ll talk to anybody about this.

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I’m imagining them frantically flipping through their training book and asking the next person over “he keeps taking about keto…what do I do? I don’t see this in my book!!!”

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It’s just an endless loop in their manual’s decision tree…

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It only gets better. Wait till you can sit in the chairs at the movie theater or the amusement park. You don’t have to worry the seats at the restaurant are strong enough. You can take a shower without bumping into the walls. THE KETO LIFE IS GOOD!

Don, I’m so excited for your progress. That is super great! :+1:

Thanks for sharing this, and I look forward to more updates of your progress.

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Thank you, Darren!

It’s interesting you mention things like restaurant chairs… Probably one of the biggest downers of being too big that most normally sized people don’t think twice about: “Will I fit in the booth?” or “Are the chairs strong enough?”

It’s demoralizing to leave an establishment because the answer to one of those questions is “No.”

I will post here the day I realize this is no longer a problem for me. That’ll be a giant NSV.

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:joy::joy::joy: been there my friend.


Don, your progress is so amazing and inspiring! Thank you for sharing it!

It has been a good thing for me, and probably for anyone who hasn’t had to deal with it personally, to read about people’s experiences in daily life with a lot of excess weight. I’ve always been somewhat overweight but never obese, but my brother who is an amazing human being, has been obese since he was about 12 years old and still deals with it. (I’m working on the keto thing, still working on convincing him.) But he never talked about this stuff, I think it has always been a source of shame for him, and I’d never force him to talk about it. The courageous people who have shared these issues on the forums have given me insight into my own brother’s experiences that I wouldn’t have had any other way.


Don, what a wonderful thing to read!!! I have a big smile on my face.
Well done - wow, amazing progress - I hope you continue to update us.

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Callisto, thank you for replying.
I’ve been far more open and honest in these forums than I havebeen with friends and most family in life.
It is embarrassing to have to reject a restaurant choice because of the seating options. Even my own kids, when they were younger, heard me say “No” to places they REALLY wanted because my wife or I saw the seats and knew it would be uncomfortable.
I joke about it in here, but talking about it at all is kind of cathartic for me. I’m glad it helps others - obese or not

Thanks for reading!

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Madeleine, thank you! I will try to keep updating- through thick and thin!



I can totally relate to this too, I am the same about my own stuff. I know there are people who would say it’s less healthy to not be as much yourself within your real-life relationships, but I don’t see it that way. You guys are real people to me too, and I think it’s a valuable stepping stone. Training wheels, so to speak. :slightly_smiling_face: I, too, look forward to seeing more updates from you!


Good idea using the scale at the urgent care center. I wouldn’t have thought of that! And nice to have supportive folks around.

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Thanks Ruina! I decided to do it that way also because going to Urgent Care to weigh in made it a routine that I repeat. Keeps me from spontaneously weighing myself whenever I feel either good or bad about myself, too.

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Hi Callisto.

When I forced myself to be honest with myself about my weight, it became obvious I have lived decades in denial, convinced that “I’m not THAT fat.”
I acted thinner, ‘thought’ thinner, and FELT thinner than I was. Only the occasional incident, like breaking a plastic lawn chair or not being able to use seat belt in a friend’s car (yes, car seat belts vary in length) got through to me, but I would soon repress it and move on.
When I started this change to my life, I decided to be more honest about it… To others, but more to myself.

I can’t progress by lying to myself. I even added a photo of myself here, despite the remote possibility that someone I know might SEE it! :grinning:


Totally get it. It was seeing my new drivers license photo that whipped me into action. It’s funny how we look at ourselves every day but don’t see the changes as starkly. Then a photo is taken… :blush:

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Uuuuggh. Photos.

Don’t get me started.
I’ve educated my kids to NOT take pictures of a group with ME in the foreground and others behind me. It looks like scene from “Fat Gulliver’s Travels.”

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That’s what a forum is. It’s what FB is, it’s what IG is, it’s what Twitter is. It may not be “in-person” but it IS real-life. It’s happening, you’re participating, it’s taking your time, you interact, you can hurt or be hurt. It’s DEF “real-life.” #iverantedaboutthisbefore #youmayhaveguessed