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Well said, and agree. … The one thing I don’t do is expect certain results each week, but simply enjoy this WOE and enjoy anything that comes from it. :slight_smile:

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This a thousand times this.

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Taking this from a logical and smart conscious way of thinking to a subconscious mantra has been really difficult for me.

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Just noticed how good looking my phone’s photo collage has gotten! I really do enjoy food…obviously.

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When is dinner? I’ll be there anytime? :drooling_face:


There’s your Phone screen-saver. … But when folks see it, might lead to a food conversation! :slight_smile: But you can’t blame them though. :slight_smile:

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Food porn, gotta love it. :heart_eyes:

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Hey mate, what’s happening?

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Heya Juice.
I’m around…but not. Thanks for checking in on me! I’ll post in a few days after I find and reattach all my wheels. :joy:
It’s been an enjoyable few weeks, but it’s time to get back in the wheelhouse and get it going again.

Ps: I got a sous vide!

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Oh boy! Man, I can’t wait to see what THAT brings :slight_smile:


How are things going Don?

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I think he is too busy with his new sous vide😉


Is the Sous Vide, the new ‘Watching the grass grow?’ … :smile:

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Dunno, does watching it grow make it delicious?


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Just effin’ wow.

I owe a lot of people in here an apology…or a thanks… or both.

I checked out of Keto and this forum back in December to ‘relax and enjoy the holidays’. After all, I was riding the wave of having just lost abt 110 lbs in 7 months, so WHY NOT, right? :grin:

Well, I’ll tell ya why not.

Because 40+ years of bad eating habits just don’t go away because I’ve made some adjustments temporarily that led to me losing a few pounds. Those habits have been lurking in the shadows, waiting for me to ease up.

A sweet here. Some chips there. What’s wrong with a little rice, right? :smiling_imp:

I didn’t go off the rails and start pounding down whole potatoes and washing them down with 2 liter jugs of Real Coke. Nah, it was worse! I ate just enough shite to be CLOSE to keto…but far enough from it to keep me out of ketosis. You know what they call that? SAD…The Std American Diet: High fat AND too many carbs.

I haven’t weighed myself (yet) but will hazard a guess that I’ve gained 20 lbs… I’ll know for sure next week. I’m still wearing my “smaller” clothes I’d shrunk down to early December, but I feel like a whale. A dead, bloated whale. Like, “I want to explode” kind of bloated.

I’ve not been on this forum until tonight. I hadn’t seen notifications abt all the fantastic notes of concern and caring that had piled up in my inbox. Imagine my surprise. :blush: I came on tonight out of desperation abt my slide. I was considering confessing even.

Instead, I was made all weepy by the notes. You all rock. You epitomize what a support group can be at its finest. I am revitalized and far more hopeful now than I was an hour ago.

Thank you, @dlc96_darren, @ruina, @gaff, @collaroygal, @Digital_Dave, @JohnH, @Janie, @Happyheart,

(Apparently you can tag TOO many people in a post. Huh. I’ll add a reply to add more…

If I missed anyone I apologize. I’m tired and I’m bad at tagging.)

See you all in the coming few days.

I’m back.

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Thank you: @Callisto, @juice, @safi, @CarlKeller, @Iced

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WOOT! Don is back!!!

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If this happens, we NEED video.