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Thanks Judy!

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Yeah, this does seem to be a common theme. Another data point.

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Juice, it makes sense to me too, as night snacking has probably been the one gluttonous sin I’ve committed over and over throughout my life.
I’ve watched “600 lb life” enough to see that I am different from many of them in that I’m not one to plow through 2 pizzas or drink 5 liters of coke or eat 3 Big Macs for dinner…but I did knock down a few big bags of Doritos or polish off a quart of ice cream while watching tv at night…for 20 years.

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I used to have some crackers and meat and cheese, but whatever it is, it’s driving an insulin response (it seems) and so really, mine wasn’t much better. I didn’t get to nearly 130kg by magic, and I never ate all the BAD foods like chips, ice-cream, and so on, so you know, I just ate too often, basically. My feeding window was way too large.

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Probably the single biggest learning for me, aside from the upside-down food pyramid fiasco.

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Same. I wish I had known this right at the start when I started researching keto, everything else would have made a lot more sense.

As Jason Fung says in The Obesity Code,

Two major factors maintain our insulin at a high level. The first is the foods that we eat—which are what we usually change when we go on a diet. But we fail to address the other factor: the long-term problem of insulin resistance. This problem is one of meal timing.

He then goes on to talk about fasting, but here’s another snippet:

Reducing snacking frequency prevents persistent high insulin levels, a key component of insulin resistance. These strategies lower insulin levels —the crucial, central problem of obesity.

His sample meal plans have this above them:

Refrain from snacking completely.

I think these are pertinent points here.


Wow. :clap: When you cross a mile stone it does feel good, even though its arbitrary :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Maybe you should set an arbitrary number like 306.7 lbs is your next mile marker :laughing:Just to make it even more arbitrary.

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Quite possibly THE most important point as far as my recovery goes. Sounds like you, as well.

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I may put some thought into finding some seemingly-arbitrary-but-important-numbers around 300 to use…

EDIT: Ha! I weighed 391 today. According to this list, 391 is the only number of NO significant note in that range! :rofl:

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That 396 reason is a touch on the esoteric side…

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You oughta see some of others! The list compiler must be a hoot at parties.

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So many reasons to avoid parties, this is just another! :slight_smile:

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Good for you! We’ve been so inundated by this dogma, it’s so hard to resist.

I love how keto has taught us to think more about the foods we eat, and how they affect us. Even though we’re eating good foods, it doesn’t mean they don’t affect us negatively.

This makes me happy too! :hugs: There’s nothing arbitrary about losing 100 lbs. This is fantastic! I know, you’re probably thinking, “but I have so much more to loose.” Don’t deny what you’ve done; you’re awesome, Don. :+1:

Think of it this way. You’ve lost over 100 lbs, by EATING! How cool is that?

Not only have you lost the weight, but you’re learning more about yourself and your relationship to food. The future is bright, Don, and I am so excited for you!

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Thanks Darren! This re-learnin’ thing is a lot of work! So much old to toss and replace with new…

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New to thread! Good job Don. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks Mike! Welcome to my meanderings…

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Congrats on getting the scale moving again. Good detective work :slight_smile:

You are a real inspiration, so focused and getting great results.


Nicely done! I’ve been trying to stop eating late at night. It’s a life long habit that needs to change.