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OK, so here’s my sports journo explanation of why round numbers are not ACTUALLY important.

Cricket is one of our national sports. Some matches go on for five days (Test matches, between countries). One major milestone for batsmen is to score 100 runs without being dismissed in the one innings - a “century” or a “ton.”

In Australia, the “bad luck” number as you approach 100 is 87 - the “devil’s number” - because it’s 13 short of a ton.

In terms of batting averages, a VERY GOOD batsman will average over 50, and an exceptional one will average over 60. (The best ever was at 99.94, but he was legitimately a freak. Don Bradman, who, of course, was an Aussie.)

So, if you get close to a century and don’t get it, people are disparaging. “Couldn’t handle the pressure.” “Mentally weak.” Which triggers me.

“Would you like a hundred every second time at bat, or 87 every time?”

Given that 87 would make you the second-best batsman in history, and 50 drops you back to being just very good, it’s an easy enough answer.

So, beware the fallacy of pseudo-significant numbers :slight_smile:

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I love this and frankly helps me understand your pov much better. I’ve seen you respond on more than one occasion this way, but think I mistook yours as a bit flippant. My mistake. I’ve never followed nor understood the nuances of cricket, but I see the similarities with other sports. More importantly, I get your analogy to life. Thanks Mic.

I’ve been fortunate to have the early successes in trying to get healthier. I need to stop resetting the definition of success as equal to or better than what I’ve already experienced. I’ll just keep doing this thing.


One thing that helped me with that is that I weigh myself in pounds, because as someone raised in America it is a number I understand, even without my coffee yet. But when my friends ask how much I’ve lost I have to tell them in kilograms or jin, which is half a kg. So my beautiful round 30 became a clunky 13.6 or a 27.2. But guess what. Exactly the same accomplishment. At one point I was even thinking of making myself a chart so I would know when to be excited in Chinese vs English. But I forgot to be excited when I hit 33.06 lb loss…

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I would be a wreck in kg!

I’m thinking I’ll make my updates in ounces or grams…


I know, right! I’m just glad I don’t use stones.

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I’d stop weighing myself! The only time I’d use stones would be at my top weight and wasn’t trying to lose…


This is wonderful! I know you wanted the second milestone as well, but it looks like that’s around the corner.
You might want to take a few measurements if you haven’t already (sorry- I haven’t read the top of the thread for a while so may have missed this). Later in your journey you will likely have longer stretches when the weight is not moving as fast as you like but you’ll see your waist drop several inches. I measure in a lot of places because that’s my only way of tracking, but even just a few - neck, chest, waist, lower abdomen - would likely be nice for you to follow. And best to start that now so that you can see a longer trajectory.

Congratulations, Don! And thanks for the updates. Nice to see them :slight_smile:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yes, I’ve lost roughly 45,000. :grin:

You could have a weight update several times a day! :laughing:

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MIc, I know just enough about cricket, lived in Au for 4.5 yrs., to find this post :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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You know, I saw comments early on saying “measure!” and I didn’t. I’m already regretting that and think my regret will grow. Even this week, where my weigjt was more stable, I can tell I’m “redistributing”…stuff is moving.


Stuff moves around a lot! Just measure today and tuck those numbers somewhere. They’ll be like a gift to your future self :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will! I have a long way to go, so even comparisons to now will be beneficial.
Thank you, Madeleine!

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but your waist will shrink :wink:

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I dont have a waist yet…I have an equator. Getting a waist is one of my mini goals! :joy::joy:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Slowest month for weight loss since starting, but I’m hoping I may have figured out what was going on by reviewing my food tracking.

Typical weekly losses have been 2-6 lbs, but it slowed a bit these last 2 weeks to 0.6 lbs then 1.0 lbs. No real panic, but dissatisfaction. I fought the urge to eat less as a first response.

Instead, I looked at my tracking app, in which I’ve been keeping weight, food, and blood glucose readings. First glance suggested it must just be a normal cycle, as it seemed as though my eating had been typical. Then I looked at my morning “fasted” blood glucose:

Three things: A slight upward trend, a slightly higher average readings, and a couple of atypical spikes.

I then looked at my food to see if I could explain these observations. Nope. Calories, Net Carbs, Proteins & Fats were within range.

I thought maybe it could be vegetables. My Net Carbs are almost always below 20g/day, but sometimes my Total Carbs sneaks upwards of 40-45, as I eat lots of veg. Decided to cut them down to 30 grams per day Total too see if it helped.

Also thought my issue could be nighttime snacking. I stay keto, but I had been snacking a bit lately. Salami, brie, olives, etc. I cut snacking this week, too.

Noticed immediately that my morning fasted BG measurements were dropping…

Well, if nothing else, it appears to me that night snacking, even on keto foods, drives my morning BG numbers up quite a bit, defeating my efforts to use the benefits of intermittent fasting.

Today was weigh-in day. After 2 sub-par weeks, I was lackiing confidence there would be a good result today.

Started June 1st at 495. Losses slowed lately, leaving me at 399, just shy of 100 lb loss. Stepped on the scale…

Down 7 lbs on the week.

Down 103 so far. I know, it’s just an arbitrary number. But it makes me happy.

Back to work.

EDIT: Here’s my weight tracked so far.

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Keep tracking and see what happens. I used to think that higher blood sugar was related to eating later at night…but I’m not sure. Also, I pretty much have to eat later at night, as I don’t get home many nights until after 7pm. But there are studies indicating eating later at night is worse.

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Will do, Bob. Tracking has come in very useful.

I seem to “feel” best when I eat by 6pm, not snack, no breakfast.

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Don, that’s a good plan if you can do it. I’d love to be able to do that.

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Don great job! what a great success story. I love seeing happy keto!