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My cousin was just happily laughing at me because I kept 5-10 year old clothes. But I liked them. As she says: “Hope is a good strategy!”

Nice avatar update!

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:metal: :metal: :metal: :metal:

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Because one just isn’t enough for a post like this one.


Your story is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing reading it meant a lot to me.

I am totally there on restaurant seating

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Thanks Iced!

Many of us have SO much in common. I read other’s stories all the time and catch myself saying “Oh yeah…been there, done that” or I’ll catch myself being either happy or sad as I relate to their story.

There’s not much new under the sun.

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Weigh-in Monday.

Little story first. Yesterday, in anticipation of my Monday morning weigh-in, I did what I usually do on Sundays: I ate earlier in the day and closed my window at around 3pm. Well…around 9pm I got hungry. Really, really hungry. So I ate. I ate Keto, but I ate. This violates only about 5 of my eating rules.

Anyway, weighed in today at 400.6 lbs. Down abt 4 lbs on the week and 95 lbs in the 4+ months since Keto found me. Sure it would have been nice hit the 300s this week, but c’est la vie! Threederland or Threetopia or whatever it’s called will need to wait.

This week’s plan is as follows:

  1. Keto, as always.
  2. More water than last week.
  3. More veg than last week.
  4. Alternating 18:6-2MAD or 22:2-OMAD (2 each) with 1 Fast day and 1 Feast day. Play the 7th day by ear.
  5. KCKO if anything goes awry.

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Great job, Don!

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Thanks Darren!



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Great results and good planning, you got this Don.

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I call it “a number.” Humans amuse me with their fixation on particular random numbers.

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I guess they’re odd that way

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You are doing so well.

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I was very excited to weigh in this week, as I had 2 big milestones on the line:

  • A loss of 0.6 lbs would drop me below 400
  • A loss of 5.7 lbs would drop me below 395, making my loss-to-date more than 100 lbs.

I lost 0.8 lbs this week… I’m down to 399.8.

I should feel better about that, but honestly I don’t. I had a good week eating, and felt I had a shot at the 100-lbs-lost mark. But, my body has other plans it seems.

Maybe I’m healing something, instead.

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They’re only numbers, Don. Don’t fall into that human trap of thinking supposedly significant random numbers are anything but random.

And if you do, you are under 400!


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Thanks, Mic.

In the short time I’ve been here, I’ve seen you post a similar sentiment on the threads of others going thru similar short-term wranglings…and you are 100% right!

But for some reason, it’s hard not to get caught up in that trap. One week doesn’t worry me much. I can rationalize that “I’m healing” or that “I’m redistributing” but…man, it sure is hard to NOT let that monster in the room that whispers awful things in your ear.

Right now, I’m fighting hard to not panic a little and change what I’m doing…

“Maybe I should start (insert variable here)”

Know what I mean?

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Hey, you are under 400 lbs. that is a huge victory. Just keep calm and carry on, what you are doing is working for you.

And yes, you are probably doing some healing as well. Another win. Just rock on my friend.

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You’re Awesome, Don! :+1:

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Gee, ask me how I know :grin:

You insert bad word here under the blur. Now you’ve triggered Darren!

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You’re Awesome, Mic! :+1: