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You’re absolutely right of course (don’t let it go to your head :laughing:) but you have to admit not everyone treats it that way on social media. Heck, it’s almost quaint old school internet around here. Makes me want to call it the World Wide Web again.

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #22

Totally agree. However, my thesis still holds, whether people treat it that way or not, I believe.

(Runs off to make a sign that tells me the internet agrees with me)

(Valerie J Smith) #23

I’m so pleased to hear of your Keto woe. You must be feeling good about it all. I did a five day water fast about eight weeks ago. The first three days were easy. The second two not good. The following month I was going to do it again, but for three days. I just managed the one. I felt awful. Have no idea why. I was taking salt. I will be doing another one at the start of next month. Hopefully I will do better. I do IF with the eight hour eating window. So that’s something. I love how you chat to everyone about it. I also bore people silly with it. I just want everyone to know!! None of my family want to give up all they love. I should of when I was told I had a leaky gut over twenty five years ago. When I saw the list of foods I would have to give up, I thought I would rather deal with the aches and pains. How stupid was that. Still I understand how it’s hard to give up a life style you love. I wish you all the best.

(I Am The Egg Man ku-ku-kachoo) #24

Thank you Val!

I think I need to stop pestering everyone with my excitement over what I’m learning. I’m starting to get “the look” like people give strangers who ask whether they believe in aliens.

Weighed in today. Got a big, welcoming “Hi!” from the receptionist at the Urgent Care when I walked in to use their scale…felt like Norm in “Cheers”.

Despite creep-cheating (eating healthy snacks and eating too late) I tried to do IF 16-8 and 22-2 all week with a 48 hour fast on Sat/Sun, I still lost 3.5 lbs. That’s less than the 8 lbs I lost each of the last 2 weeks, but more than I thought I’d lose.

I’m now only 6.5 lbs away from Threederland!

(If that’s a thing)

Hopefully that image loads…

(Wendy) #25

Way to go! And great progress this week too!

(I Am The Egg Man ku-ku-kachoo) #26

Thanks Wendy! This past week was a bit of a struggle as abiding by my eating curfew was harder, but I’m regrouping and starting this week better!

(When in doubt, keep your carbs under 20g) #27

Don’t you dare. If you’ve got the fortitude to keep it up, more people need to hear about this. But if you stop, I understand. I have to wait for someone to initiate that conversation, but I feel sorry for them when they do! :wink:

(I Am The Egg Man ku-ku-kachoo) #28

I’ve actually felt at times that if I successfully return to health from 495 lbs, and Keto/Fasting are at the core, it would be my responsibility to find a way to help others.

It is a gift that I’m being given. It needs to be shared.


Hey Don, Congrats on the weight loss! That is fantastic! It is so motivating to me when I see folks post their success with keto. It definitely helps keep me on track! Best of luck as you continue on, and I look forward to hearing more about journey.

(I Am The Egg Man ku-ku-kachoo) #30

Thank you Ann!
I’m glad my fight is helpful in any way.
For most people, seeing me fight my way back should be proof that they can do it too. Plan it out, then do it.

It isn’t difficult… and more than one way can still achieve positive results.


Wow, wow, wow! Look at that weight chart! I’m so happy for your progress.

That’s awesome. Ha ha! I can only imagine you’re making a lot of keto converts at the urgent care place.


I love this forum for the support and information I get, of course. But witnessing your joy is also a huge benefit. And since you have Japanese heritage I’ll take the chance you read kanji: 加油!… literally.

(Valerie J Smith) #33

I’m so pleased for you. I know how hard it is. I still don’t get the macro bit. I keep my carbs under 20. Most times under 10. I don’t know if that is bad or not. Some people say eat lots of veg. But having just having a couple of ounces can put me over. Protein! Don’t even get me going on that. I’m only meant to have 1.9grams!!! Yet others say 3/8 ounces per meal. What to do?? I’m following the diet doctor’s meals. He is very good, but you end up having two big meals a day. You cook a meal for two in the evening. Have one then, then the other one for lunch the next day. It will be interesting to see if I put on weight. Again thank you foryour posts. You are brilliant. Take care.

(TJ Borden) #34

If you’re feeling good with 10, go for it. Veggies ARE NOT necessary. There are several people here that follow Dr Berg, and if his approach works for them, great. But he comes at keto from a misty vegetarian angle, so he pushes eating a LOT of leafy greens and very little meat, usually fish.

I prefer to skip the veggies altogether (although I’ll have the occasional side salad that comes with a steak, and I’ll eat the celery that comes with wings - but really just to maximize the amount of blue cheese I get without using an actual spoon), and focus on meat, eggs, and dairy.

(Valerie J Smith) #35

Thank you for that. All the best to you.

(I Am The Egg Man ku-ku-kachoo) #36

Thank you, Ruina! I don’t know my kanji well, unfortunately. But I do speak Google so I looked it up: you’re either cheering me on, or telling me to “Fuel up!”

I’m leaning toward the former. :blush:


I am cheering you on, correct… But it literally means “add oil”. As in, add oil to the furnace for more fire or energy in your pursuit. It is the perfect keto saying and I find myself wanting to say it on this forum all the time. 加油 jia you everybody!

(I Am The Egg Man ku-ku-kachoo) #38

Hi Val!

My primary goal is keep carbs low. That means something shy of 20g a day. Like TJ, I don’t think veg is necessary. That said, I do love vegetables, so there are days I may eat either dry-fried string beans, a whole steamed artichoke, a huge salad, stirfries w/ asparagus or spinach or kale, etc. I am NOT afraid of exceeding 20g per day carbs if theyre coming from greens. That I’m aware, I have yet to knock myself out of ketosis since starting and I have no digestive issues from these veg.

I have completely avoided pastas, breads, rice, all high glycemic root vegetables, sugar, etc since I began this… Other than nibbling pasta to test for doneness when cooking for others.

By the way, my veg intake started low but I ramped it up by testing my blood glucose before and after eating them. If my BG didn’t appreciably rise after consuming a largish (2 cups?) of a veg, it went on my “OK List”. Most green veg have been NO problem for me.

Rice and potatoes and bread? No such luck. My BG skyrockets.

I became “fat adapted” after abt 5-6 weeks. I assume that’s what happened because my craving disappeared and appetite dropped. Once that happened, it became a lot easier to eat only when I’m hungry… I now TRUST my inner voice to tell me when I should eat or if I can just wait.

That has led to Intermittent Fasting…I eat OMAD or 2MAD every day, with a 36 to 54 hour fast occasionally. No strain, no stress.

Keep experimenting to find your sweet spot. We’re all a little different so find what works for you.

(I Am The Egg Man ku-ku-kachoo) #39

Ha! I knew it!
Thank you, Ruina.


(I Am The Egg Man ku-ku-kachoo) #40

NSV Today!

My wife and I were doing our Sunday:
I’m up first, showering and dressing, while she steals an extra 30 mins of sleep.

I came into the bedroom to dress. Threw on my skivvies and some shorts. All’s well. Grabbed a clean shirt…one of 6-7 that I own that fit my biggest size. She looked at me and said “Oh my God. That’s waaay to big”.

We pulled a stack of older shirts down from my closet that she had optimistically stored 2-3 years ago and started trying them on.

Nope, too big.

Stack #2 came down. Shirts from 3-5 years ago. First one, a long sleeve and one of my favorites; it was big, but wearable. Number two, a moisture wicking (important to fat guys) golf shirt that I loved, fit easily!

This made my wife cry which brought home to me how important this process is.

Long story short: I swapped out my old shirts with even older shirts. I am currently enjoying a coffee with HWC while wearing a gifted Electric Light Orchestra t-shirt that never fit me, while listening to said band.

Life is SO much better today than 4 months ago.