Does resistance training/weight lifting stall fat loss?


Well, the fat loss hasn’t stopped to my understanding because the inches have been moving quite a bit. It’s the actual weight loss that has. For my body, I know that when I stop lifting, I mainly just lose water (and some strength gains, which makes me think it’s also muscle).

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So I have to burst a bubble that I used to believe in too.

More muscle mass won’t increase metabolism. It can increase metabolism but RMR is a function of more dominant forces.

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Much will depend on where she is at in terms of body fat. If she’s 20% or lower then she may need to eat more in order to gain a decent amount of muscle & thus she will gain weight. If she still has a fair amount of body fat (as opposed to body weight) then she may see losses on the scale.

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I’m a big proponent of weight training, as a woman. This is also why I hate, hate, hate, hate scales on a personal level. In order to change your body composition, and not go from a bigger blob into a smaller sized but same shaped blob, weight training is so key. Women in particular, who are scale obsessive, seem to lose their poop over any weight gain while weight training, even though their clothes are much looser and their fat is clearly diminishing. This is dumb. If you’re looking better, getting healthier, building lean muscle, dropping fat, but the scale goes up, who cares? I used to live or die by the scale, and it was so destructive for me, personally. Others may have no problem with this, so I’m only speaking for myself.

I had a pretty vigorous strength conditioning program I tailored for myself, before my accident. For as much cardio as I typically do, which includes 30-40 min on the stairmaster without stopping, hiking pretty steep trails, HIIT, nothing makes me feel as good after a workout, than weight training. The strength I feel doing day to day activity keeps me in it for the long haul.

When I got in the car accident, the ER doctor told me that because I was so strong and my core was so strong, that it protected my body from being way more injured than it was. The fact I wasn’t way more injured severely, makes me want to get back to weight training ASAP. There’s just so many benefits, and to NOT do it because of a scale is totally asinine. I get it, but still; asinine.

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She may start up soon, just hesitant after finding out that I had gained some weight last week even though I still have tons of body fat i need to shed. She has less than me, but still a decent amount. She had good results when doing it in the past and tones up fairly quickly, but that was at the beginning of us doing keto so the weight was just naturally coming off from the dietary changes. I guess we’re both scale-obsessed and love seeing those numbers drop

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Tell her that you want to play a new Keto game, it’s called Scale Meets Hammer. You each take turns smashing it; 1 swing each, then trade turns. Whoever fully breaks the friggin thing first, wins, and the loser has to cook the other person a 20oz steak with compound butter. #WINNERWINNERSCALESMASHINGDINNER

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Lmao! I guarantee one of us will crack and end up having a next day delivery from Amazon with a brand new one

Side note - Holy crap, did you really lose 100 lbs since FEBRUARY?!

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What are we gonna do with you two?!?!

Lmao oh God I wish. No, that 100+ took me about a year, and I’ve kept it off going on like…7 years or so. Now I’m just forever stalling where I’m currently at because of a nasty little eating disorder that I’m trying to stomp out via Keto.

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Feed us steak and pork belly

Well shit that’s still amazing LOL.

I feel ya on that one. Slowly but surely.

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Thanks, man! I may get flogged n beaten, but that 100 was 98% non-keto lol. Brown rice n chicken breasts up the wazoo. But always stinkin hungry. Keto at least, from all the things I’ve done, keep my eating disorder at bay the most.

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Blasphemy! lol jk. I tried doing the chicken breast and brown rice thing too, but funny enough I wasn’t scale obsessed at the time and gave up 2 months in so I have no idea if I lost weight from it LOL

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Yeah I swear, if I ever have another dish of chicken breast, brown rice mixed with coconut oil, imma scream and run.

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The person you have cited is still new to fat based nutrition, and is still adapting. It took me several years to really normalize things. As I stated before it is very possible to gain muscle and lose fat in the beginning. Things change quite a bit the longer you go. You can certainly gain muscle eating lipolytically, in the long term, I’ve done it myself over a 15 year period.

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Hmmm. I’ve done it for two years and I’ve adapted enough to have glucose in the 30s and still be weightlifting heavy after fasting for a few weeks…

Not exactly new but everyone is entitled to their opinion when it comes to reference timelines.

My experience (limited as it is):

Protein and hormones work. Insulin is anabolic, and that can come from excess calories… but Leucine is also anabolic and you only need 2.5g to trigger mToR.

If you have enough of your own bodyfat, then you need to unlock it vs. eating in a caloric surplus.

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I think I’m struggling a bit with finding a good balance between dietary fat and relying on my own body fat.

I decided try what you do this week as far as weighing in in the morning, and again later in the day before I have my OMAD. The numbers have gone up, again. It’s not a crazy amount, but slowly getting further away from my lowest recorded weight of 233 two weeks ago. On Saturday (my usual weigh-in day after fasting) I was up 234.6. Decided to switch back to OMAD staring on Saturday in the hopes of lessening my daily insulin response, and today I was 235.2 and feel my shirts fitting a little more snug (I’d love to say its from working out, but I’m still a flabby mess so it isn’t a good look LOL)

I don’t know if I’m having too much protein not enough fat, I feel like I’ve been eating to satiety and not stuffing myself (dinners this week have been 8oz filet mignon, 3 small pork ribs, few slices of jowl bacon, and an egg or 2).

Not sure if I should keep up the carnivore thing, switch back to eating greens with my meals, or give lifting a break for a week or so to see how much if any water weight loss I experience from resting my muscles.

Granted, it’s only Wednesday. I workout and eat again today, eat but don’t work out tomorrow, and fast/rest through Saturday morning, so a lot CAN change. Hopefully things stabilize a bit, since I really do enjoy the simplicity of omad, carnivore, and my workout routine.

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As you can see from the attached images, you can keep muscle mass loss to a minimum and lose a lot of fat

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From following what sort of protocol? (Keto, carnivore, exercise, fasting, etc.)

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Initially, it was keto with many extended fasting events. The plateau/slight gain was continued keto with fewer extended fasts. The recent period of weight loss is carnivore.

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Interesting. Any fasting, either intermittent or extended, with carnivore?

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I’ve done many types of fasting on carnivore. Initially, I did alternate-day fasting. Then I did 16 hours of dry fasting daily. I am on a 7-day extended fast now.