Does resistance training/weight lifting stall fat loss?

(George) #21

That’s what I assume may have happened to me last week, water retention. Any ideas how long the muscles usually hold on to it after exercise?

I’m hoping that since I’m exercising regularly, the water retention amount stays the same, as to give me some sort of baseline figure to account for when tracking my weekly progress.

My pants/belt have their good days and bad days, 3 notches vs 2. I’ve realized that a real indicator for me have been my wedding ring and my watch. I’ve gotten pretty good at guessing how much fat loss I’ll see on the scale based on how my ring and watch are fitting me. They’ve been a little snugger the past 2 weeks, and the scale reflects it LOL.

(John) #22

Heck if I know. I’m just a random old fat out of shape guy on the Internet trying to lose some weight and get in better shape.

I saw a post on the forum here a while back from a guy who was a regular weightlifter, who said that if he took a week off from lifting he’d lose 10 pounds, and gain it back when he started back up the following week, so that’s probably not actual loss of muscle during that week, but the amount of additional water/blood in the muscles.

(Full Metal Keto) #23

So 60ish pounds in six months, that’s awesome progress George. Considering that you’re building muscle simultaneously that’s really great. I wouldn’t want to progress much faster than that, and I think it’s going to balance out nicely for you when you reach your ideal balance. You’re tightening up your skin with autophagy as you go. Wouldn’t want to be 180 with bags of excess skin hanging, would we? That will look worse than a few extra pounds. I know you have set a goal in your mind to achieve your end results by the time your honeymoon vacation rolls around but consider that you’re going to be in so a much better state when that time comes regardless of the goal you set compared to having done nothing. You’re still going to look better than a lot of guys on the beach who don’t care about their appearance and health. Remember that it isn’t weight loss so much as a balanced body composition you’re looking for. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Jenn) #24

I have been lifting 2-3 times per week and mixing in HIIT for last few months. I’ve noticed the scale hasn’t dropped drastically like it did when I started keto (been keto for 12 months and lost over 60lbs.) However, my body comp is getting increasingly better even when the scale stalls. Dropped a pant size and several inches on my biceps and thighs while only “losing” 2lbs in the last 30 days. Progress is progress. That’s what I keep telling myself. I feel stronger and healthier than ever.

(George) #25

I hear ya, I’m a younger fat out of shape guy on the internet doing the same thing haha.

And yea that makes total sense. 10 lbs seems a little drastic, but I believe it.

(George) #26

Definitely David, thank you!

You’re absolutely right. There really isnt much loose skin. It’s all still filled with fat at the moment, HA!

And the vacation goal is, I believe, more reasonable/attainable than my end game goal. I have a little less than 3 months to go till vacation time, and the number I set for myself is another 19 lbs by then.

End goal is closer to 45ish more :slight_smile:

(George) #27

That’s incredible!

And yes, progress is progress. Keep it up!

(Karim Wassef) #28

Water is a massive confounder.

I can gain and lose 7-10lbs between extreme states.

I can see a 3-4lb change just during the same day… 6 hours apart

(Karim Wassef) #29

Here’s my progress thread in case anyone wants more detail (way too much detail & data)

(John) #30

16 oz of water weighs 1 pound. I drink two 16-oz mugs of coffee in the morning alone - that’s 2 pounds right there. I just finished a 24 oz bottle of water. I’ve gained 3 pounds since breakfast!

(George) #31

Geez, those fluctuations are nuts. That’s why I stick to weighing myself after not eating or exercising for at least 36 hours, in hopes of additional fat loss through fasting and water loss through not taxing my muscles for a bit

(Karim Wassef) #32

I usually weigh twice. Once in the morning after my morning ablutions and before I put anything in my mouth (not even water). Then again before my OMAD meal.

There’s usually a 2 lbs drop even though I drink coffee and water during the day. As I fast and my insulin drops, I lose water until I eat again.

(George) #33

Oh wow. I was under the impression we usually weigh our lowest on any given day when we wake up, post bowel movement.

(KetoQ) #34

Very likely the exercise. As your muscles grow, they retain water.

Its true that muscle mass stimulates fat loss, because muscle is metabolically active, and it needs energy. But I sense you get more fat loss benefit from consistent diet and training, rather than from simply carrying extra lean mass.

I say that because many dedicated body builders, who really watch their diet, and have lots of lean mass, are challenged to keep their weight and body fat down, especially after hard dieting for a competition. Doing a cut will make you hungry, and exercise often makes you hungry – a double whammy.

So that’s why I say consistency of diet and training is a big factor in achieving and maintaining fat loss. Diet way moreso than training.

(Karim Wassef) #35

Glycogen stores in the muscle hold 4x their weight in water.

Also, weightlifting causes good muscle inflammation, also retaining more water.

If you take creatine monohydrate, that’ll add water muscle too.

(George) #36

Yeah it just threw me off a bit since the week prior I ate the same foods (mostly) and followed the same workouts and lost close to 4 lbs.

And yeah that double whammy has to take it’s toll after a while. Maybe it doesn’t help that alot of those guys are carb burns. I have a few buddies from highschool who have gotten into the professional personal training/body building fields, and those guys just seem to love eating their poptarts and other carby stuff.

I’m staying as consistent as possible with what I’m doing, so I hope you’re right!

(Full Metal Keto) #37

You’re an animal George! :weight_lifting_man:t2:‍♂ :joy::joy::rofl::grin:


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(Full Metal Keto) #39

Increased muscle mass burns more fat while your body is in a resting state to keep those muscles happy. :cowboy_hat_face:

(George) #40

that make me want to rest more often, but I get jittery and have to do something! lol