Does cream in my coffee confound a fast?

(So much bacon . . . so little time . . .) #101

From your mouth to God’s ear! :pray:

(Mike W.) #102

Cream has protein and carbs…

(Jane) #103

Which is why I don’t have them in my coffee when fasting for autophagy as much as I love it. If I was fasting for fat loss I wouldn’t sweat it.

Which is why I always ask what the goals are for fasting. When I was fasting for weight loss to break a plateau I did a fat fast and lost weight.

(Cassidy trumpour ) #104

Actually whipping cream doesn’t and it’s a known fact that you shouldn’t have normal table cream on Leto because there’s lots of Additives it would be the equivalent to drinking milk… hahahahaha


I find that without some fat in my coffee, my mental energy is lower during fasting.

Forgive me if this has been addressed earlier in the thread.

(Brianna La Point) #106

Coffee is a stimulant though, too much creamer might affect it. However, an all liquid fast it should NOT make much of a difference. Ive gotten conflicting information on this, but the idea of a fast is to consume liquids, and creamer as long as its not corn syrup laced, counts as a liquid.

(Jane) #107

According to Chronometer 4 Tbl of heavy whipping cream has 1.7 g protein and 1.6 g net carbs. So not “zero”. Up to the individual and their fasting goals as whether this is significant or not.

(Jane) #108

Great news!!! I can fast with apple juice next time!!!

(Mike W.) #109

:rofl: so much heresay being passed as fact.

(Cassidy trumpour ) #110

I don’t know what kind of ghetto whipping cream you have hahaha but mine has zero carbs and zero protein

(Mike W.) #111

Wow. That was uncalled for, but whatever. At what quantity does it still have zero carbs and protein?

(Jane) #112

No use arguing with fools who don’t know about nutrition labels and portion sizes and how they can round it down to zero with a small enough portion and it is less than 0.5 grams.