Does cream in my coffee confound a fast?

(Old Baconian) #101

From your mouth to God’s ear! :pray:

(Mike W.) #102

Cream has protein and carbs…

(Jane) #103

Which is why I don’t have them in my coffee when fasting for autophagy as much as I love it. If I was fasting for fat loss I wouldn’t sweat it.

Which is why I always ask what the goals are for fasting. When I was fasting for weight loss to break a plateau I did a fat fast and lost weight.

(Cassidy trumpour ) #104

Actually whipping cream doesn’t and it’s a known fact that you shouldn’t have normal table cream on Leto because there’s lots of Additives it would be the equivalent to drinking milk… hahahahaha


I find that without some fat in my coffee, my mental energy is lower during fasting.

Forgive me if this has been addressed earlier in the thread.

(Brianna La Point) #106

Coffee is a stimulant though, too much creamer might affect it. However, an all liquid fast it should NOT make much of a difference. Ive gotten conflicting information on this, but the idea of a fast is to consume liquids, and creamer as long as its not corn syrup laced, counts as a liquid.

(Jane) #107

According to Chronometer 4 Tbl of heavy whipping cream has 1.7 g protein and 1.6 g net carbs. So not “zero”. Up to the individual and their fasting goals as whether this is significant or not.

(Jane) #108

Great news!!! I can fast with apple juice next time!!!

(Mike W.) #109

:rofl: so much heresay being passed as fact.

(Cassidy trumpour ) #110

I don’t know what kind of ghetto whipping cream you have hahaha but mine has zero carbs and zero protein

(Mike W.) #111

Wow. That was uncalled for, but whatever. At what quantity does it still have zero carbs and protein?

(Jane) #112

No use arguing with fools who don’t know about nutrition labels and portion sizes and how they can round it down to zero with a small enough portion and it is less than 0.5 grams.



I fast on weekdays (I only eat between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m., roughly 20-hour daily fast) I put cream in my morning coffee and sweeten w/ a drop of stevia – but it’s very light, we’re talking a tbsp or two. It’s not enough for me to consider it a break in the fast. At that point we’re talking >1 carb. I’m not that worried about it, personally and haven’t had any negatives effects. I just prefer the flavor of coffee w/ some light cream.

Also this go-around I refuse to have anxiety over the little things :slight_smile:

(Doug) #114

Okay, that’s it - I’m abandoning all thoughts of keto and going on a beer and ale fast.

Right after I get back from the ghetto. I found a nice whipping cream store there.

Danny, entirely sensible. I don’t think there is much argument to the contrary, even, except perhaps on principle, i.e. Anything other than water is banned. When fasting, hopefully we all are at - or eventually get to - the point where we’re burning our own stored fat. A tablespoon or two of cream isn’t going to really impact that beyond an infinitesimal level, for almost everybody.


5:2 works for people who are not very seriously metabolically damaged. Mosely was newly diagnosed with type 2 when he developed it.

For those who have been long term type 2 diabetics w3ith associated health problems it does not work (based on my personal attempts at following that).

For metabolically healthy people 5:2 is brilliant. For me, 3 months following very strictly budged not a gram of weight and impacted my BGL not one point.

Someone on his forum drew my attention to Jason Fung’s blog, for which I am extremely grateful.

So, I think what stage of health people are at is very crucial in all this information.


In regard to autophagy, I believe hearing somewhere from a researcher (no I cant cite source yet) that if essential amino acids are not present in food intake (presumably they are not in Longos 1 week FMD supplement) then the body starts autophagy, eating damaged cells and rebuilding them using the damaged cells source… thus creating the longevity benefit of autophagy without the deprivation of fasting, which some people simply cannot do for reasons of age or illness or whatever.

I am interested in this for my mother who is incredibly frail, thin, ill and 93 with a recent leg amputation and an antibiotic resistant infection in the other leg…can’t fast, medicos won’t permit it, I cannot get permission.


Almost everybody. :blush:

I guess everything is relative and that is tricky on a forum where the weight loss querants are asking questions re fasting and there’s not much background to distinguish if they need weight loss answers or metabolic and health issue perspective is meaningful.

I think for Dr Fung’s patients facing kidney transplants or anyone facing any serious health problems, they would want to avoid the cream if it helps address the kidney failure or health issue. Sort of “a moment on the lips and lifetime”… or imminently no lifetime, so to speak.

I avoid the cream now as a matter of course, even when not fasting, cause I can have an even healthier fat such as avocado oil then on food.

I guess gram for gram I am about getting the most benefit possible. Having been a lifetime cream in coffee drinker I now fortunately dislike the taste of anything except black coffee. :blush:

(Omar) #119

I could live on HWC. it tastes good and has calories.

To me fasting means zero calories. no HWC and no coffee Only electrolytes and water when thirsty. any thing else we can call it whatever we want but it is not fasting it is calorie restriction.

When I fast like that for 3 days my wife said that the little tiny dark spots in my face and around my eyes some of them disappeared and my skin becomes silky.

But again I have no scientific proof that was autophagy.

(Doug) #120

Any protein really puts the brakes on autophagy, but leucine is the most potent inhibitor. The Fast-Mimicking Diet is really not for autophagy - there are way too many carbohydrates and too much protein in it; you want to be down around zero.


“The Fast-Mimicking Diet is really not for autophagy - there are way too many carbohydrates and too much protein in it; you want to be down around zero.”
I can personally be around zero easily and am frequently.
Regardless the mechanism triggering autophagy is about essential amino acids missing . Remove essential amino acids then you have autophagy.…they are essential…hence the mechanism of eating damaged cells to get them, the body needs them and uses autophagy to get them. It is very elegant and it is proven but sorry I am unable to cite, heard this in a research talk. I am extremely time poor, so cannot go looking now.
Eating limited # of calories without the essential amino acids will not prevent autophagy.
I do not need to do this, I am well enough that I can water fast happily and easily to trigger autophagy… but some people really do need this option. So rubbishing the research without being fully informed on the mechanism of how it works is not helpful to those people who may read this and be unable to go looking at the data.