Does cream in my coffee confound a fast?

(Kelli Perkins) #41

That’s helpful. I wondered why my teeth started staining when I went to black coffee!

(Jack Brien) #42

That’s nothing. My question was directed towards James, who said he was getting his whole carb allowance through coffee and cream!

(Mike W.) #43

He said a latte made with heavy cream. Which is just steamed heavy cream and a shot of espresso. It’s also delicious.

(Jack Brien) #44

If it’s anything like the double cream I use, I’d have to drink 1.3 litres to hit 20g of carbs

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(Raj Seth) #46

I make a latte with 2 dbl espressos and 6oz of HWC. Nicely frothed to microfoam consistency. Then I have another one!
For those counting that’s 1200 kCals, 100% fat. If there is a trace of carbs in there - let em be. MFP shows 0 carbs…
Can’t have any snacks or lunch after that.

(Dan Smith) #47

I have been doing 16/8 fast for 2 weeks and 2 days along with Keto. I have lost 9 lbs in this time drinking coffee with cream. I lift and this is purely for fat loss.

(Dan Smith) #48

BTW, I have been using Ketostix as well. I’m in Ketosis.

(EMILY) #49

Thank you for this post. I’m working on my first extended fast goal is 48 hours. Im at 20hrs so far. I made a 12oz coffee with a couple Tbsp of cream and a Tbsp of coconut oil with a splash of vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon this morning. I tested blood ketones with a meter about midday and result was 0.9 - one of the higher readings I’ve seen but I haven’t been testing as much this past month. I made another coffee+ just a moment ago because my belly was aching but I didn’t want to give up / stop my fast.

The hardest part for me is not judging myself (n=1).

A little background:
I’m one month from my 34th birthday, 5’1, currently weigh 158, lost 20# since starting Keto at the end of February. First 10 pounds took about a month. Second 10 pounds slightly longer. My goal is fat loss, more energy and overall well being.

I’m fasting to push through a 4 week weight loss / inches lost stall…

(Brian) #50

I had to chuckle a little. 1 TBS of HWC in my coffee isn’t possible. I like some coffee with my heavy whipping cream.

I probably consume a cup of HWC a day, the majority of it being in my coffee. If I can’t have the big amount of HWC in my coffee, I’m most likely to just omit the coffee completely.

(Jason Donohoe) #51

Hi Emily,

Great job so far! Keep it up!

I have defaulted to using Quest MCT powder in my coffee while fasting and I limit myself to 2 coffees per day. I wish I enjoyed it black but I just don’t…

This may sound bizarre but heavily salted hot water has helped carry me through hunger spells while fasting.


(EMILY) #52

Hi Jason,
Thanks for the reply. I’ve been using sole water which is super helpful lots of minerals. I ended up with more of a fat fast than a water fast yesterday - consumed 555 calories (90% Fat). Most of it was coconut oil and HWC but I did have a small turkey and cream cheese roll up a at dinner time. Had some stomach cramping over night but nothing too bad. The first 24 hours I did last Sunday was much easier :woman_shrugging:
Going for one more day!! Thanks for the support!

(Raj Seth) #53

Salted hot water can also trigger disaster pants scenarios. Ask me how I know :open_mouth:

Now i just tuck some salt crystals under the tongue or by the gums like skoal. And drink the water separately

(Jason Donohoe) #54

LOL. I didn’t experience that!

(EMILY) #55

Too much coconut oil with my coffee during a fat fast has the same effect for me :hushed:

(Raj Seth) #56

And as for HWC - I launch every fast with 2 home made creamy cappuccinos. 6 oz of espresso with 6 oz of heavy cream frothed to latte art deliciousness!!
That’s 3 double espressos and 600 cals of fat.

And I have 2 of those. :grinning:

1200 kCals, 6 double espressos. Fast launched!!

(Dawn) #57

I’m with you @Bellyman, I like a little decaf coffee with my cream. And I use huge amounts of cream even when fasting. It seems to coat my stomach and keep me from being hungry. Meagan Ramos says this is a “no-no”, but honestly, it is working well for me. I fast up to 5 days and use heavy cream everyday. My weight still comes off nicely, I stay in ketosis and I don’t seem to gain too much back when I re-feed. I guess the bottom line is, unless you are fasting for autophagy (in which case, stick with water only), you should do what works for you as long as it doesn’t hinder your results

(Michelle) #58

Hi everyone, and thanks for maintaining this very informative and sharing community!

I am a 52 year old post-menopausal, obese woman who is new here - this is my first post - and I have a question: Basically, I have been reading a lot lately about IF, and I want to make sure I am doing it “right” (although I realize there are many ways to IF!).

For the past several years, just because it’s how my body wants me to live, I have been skipping breakfast, and just enjoying coffee (usually about 3 cups, partially decaf) with sugar and whole milk in the morning. I often skip lunch, and eat a big meal around 4 or 5, and then was snacking throughout the evening.

Since reading about IF, and understanding that it can be a great way to lose weight and lower blood sugar (which I also need to - my A1C was 6.3 at my physical last month), I have made some adjustments to what I was doing, and that’s where I would like your help and advice, please.

I work from home and am a night owl, so I don’t usually get up in the morning until 10-11. I immediately drink several cups of coffee with cinnamon, turmeric paste (turmeric, coconut oil, and black pepper), and whole milk - 1/2 decaf mixed with 1/2 regular. I have a 24 ounce mug, and I drink two of them before 1PM. My PCP went nuts when I told her I was skipping breakfast, so I have started adding a scoop of pea protein powder to my coffee each morning. So it’s lots of coffee, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon turmeric paste, 8 to 12 ounces of whole milk, and a scoop of the protein powder.

That holds me over for several hours. Maybe around 3 I will have a Chobani yogurt, or a couple hard boiled eggs, but not always. Then, we eat dinner around 5-6PM. I’ve cut out the snacking since I decided to try IF, so all eating for the day is finished by 7PM. I am usually in bed by 3PM.

So, my question is really, again, whether what I am doing is considered IF, and if I am doing it “right” for weight loss and blood sugar control. I’ve only made the “no food after 7PM” rule for myself within the past ten days, so I don’t notice any weight loss yet (and I don’t DO scales).

Your thoughts, suggestions, and advice are welcome and appreciated!

Thank you in advance,

Michelle in Massachusetts

(back and doublin' down) #59

You did good getting your first post up! Welcome to the community!

whole milk has loads of sugar. Could you switch out and use heavy cream or heavy whipping cream? lots fewer carbs. Sounds to me like you’re going to max out your 20g of carbs just using the whole milk and sugar. The coffee…decaf or not, isn’t really a problem. 8 oz of whole milk has 12g carbs. (careful with the yogurt too…some has more carbs than others) If you’re trying to do IF, the bottom line is trying to get as close to zero carbs as possible during that fasting period.

My suggestion would be to get really comfortable at keto in general and then start considering your IF. Eat real food (not protein powder). There’s some great info on here, and if you have specific questions, check out that magnifying icon up in the right hand corner. Changes are you find someone else who has had similar questions getting their ‘keto legs.’

Eat real food.
Try to keep carbs under 20g net carbs per day
Eat protein as needed by height and weight
Eat fat at each meal until you are full (fat to satiety)

Good Luck!

(Traci ) #60

I don’t know why I keep Googling “does half and half break your fast” when the Fast Mimicking Diet allows so many calories, including fats, carbs and protein for the purpose of autophagy. Of course he doesn’t like dairy and his Prolon diet doesn’t include but that doesn’t mean that dairy stops autophagy or that half and half or HWC consumed in small amounts would stop it either.

Can we can conclude based on Valter’s research that cream in your coffee is ok? lol!