Does cream in my coffee confound a fast?

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The specific person who uses the term I meant to use, fasting training wheels, is Megan Ramos, a female.

How is this rowing documentary relevant to fasting? I’m not trying to argue here, just address the points that make sense in regards to OP’s questions.


Fasting training wheels has some different connotations, it’s a better one. However, to make a generalization that doesn’t leave room for nuances is a problem. I believe that Ramos speaks superbly to the metabolically deranged and she is a valued voice in the increasing investigations related to female biology.

As of yet, the question of 1-2 carbs as part of IF, complimented by fats to feed the brain as being efficacious & facilitative for healthier female metabolisms to fast and not have the primal trigger switched for fat storage mode on behalf of fertility is yet to be analyzed much and is relegated to anecdotals. I don’t believe Ramos has gotten round to focusing on/tracking such anecdotals, as the focus of IDM is understandably primarily on the more deranged metabolic areas rather than some of these more subtle aspect of healthier female metabolisms.

Am not trying argue either - just addressing some realities that pertain to female fasting in certain states of health and that honor the epic biology that has some differences that go back to mammalian reproductive stone age neurochemistry - for possible benefits of female readers and those who serve female clients who fall into the category on the spectrum of non-deranged metabolisms to endurance athletes.

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Cream in my coffee while fasting, causes increased hunger. Also most cream has carbs.


The heavy whipping cream I use has zero carbs. Having enough fat for morning brain function is really helpful - I use 2tblsp coconut oil and often ghee as well (a pure saturated fat which has no milk solids, for those who have dairy allergies).

Some metabolically healthier females may find that 1-2 carbs enhances fat burning and prevents primal fat storage triggers over the hours of IF.

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Seriously it doesn’t… all cream has some lactose it may not be much but there is a little.
The cream here in the UK has about 0.4g per tablespoon and ours has more fat than HWC in the US.

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Check your heavy whipping cream for cellulose too. Aka fiber.


I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer to the OP’s question. I don’t think the answer is 50 or 500 calories. I think the answer is individualistic. A fasting state is measurable, albeit harder to do at home. If blood glucose and ketones are measured, the body will settle into a fairly narrow range during extended fasting. After this occurs, it’s easy to see the effects of anything that disrupts this. So by doing n=1 experiments you can determine what amounts of macro nutrients effect your fasting state.


The label on mine says zero carbs - Organic Valley. Anyway, am okay with 1-2 carbs in my coffee :smiley: Consistent body recomposition, measurable results, and am finding a female balance. Maybe it’s also cos I’m apparently not allergic to dairy.

How I wish clotted cream from small farms was readily available here in the U.S. at a not-exorbitant price - how I loved it when I lived in Ireland and Scotland. And the raw glass-bottled cream top milk! Nowadays it’s just cream for me, and tiny amounts of half h half.


@collaroygal How often do you fast other than the Zornfast?


You may have a raw milk distributor in your area. If so they may also sell raw cream and you can make your own clotted cream.


Yeah, but… not at that level of domestic time & energy as am mostly diverted into being an executive and have minimal kitchen interests. But down the road, I plan on having more free time to make clotted cream, and catch up on my mending, and do other artisanal activities which I really love to do…!!!

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Just so you know, in the USA, they are allowed to list the content as zero if there is less than .5 grams per serving. As stated above, heavy cream has .4 carbs per serving. If you like a latte made with heavy cream like me, you end up with most of your carbs for the day in one shot! But definitely worth it in my opinion!


That’s very interesting, I didn’t know!

Well, it’s all good in that I aim for 1-2 carbs anyway. Guess it’s better use lots (3 tbsp) of cream rather than my usual 2 tblsp half n’ half plus 2 tblsp coconut oil. I do well at 50 grams net carbs, and on my IF days don’t even reach that.

I wish I had neighbors with cows - the store bought cream is ultra-pasteurized which I have misgivings about. :cow2:

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I do some spontaneous 24 hrs ones a couple of times a week, not a set time, just if I don’t feel like eating, I don’t. I do at least one other 36 hr. fast monthly, totally planned for besides the Zornfast.

I average 4 days a week with IFing 16:8 usually but can go as long as 20:4. I all depends on if I want to eat or not or have a social engagement to attend.

This has helped me keep off the lbs. I lost last Spring. I have to admit with the shorted days, it is actually a tad bit harder. I breezed through summer and early part of fall, but it is getting more difficult. The cold and dark seem to make me feel more hungry. I know this is all in my head but it is how I am feeling currently. I had totally stopped all snacking but I find myself doing more late afternoon snacking these days. I’m working on stopping it. I really don’t want to get back on the diet merry go round again. 35+ years. was enough of that.

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The oils in cream for coffee also stop your teeth getting stained. Even a few drops should do it. (Based on something I read somewhere, many years ago!)


That’s good to know too - thanks!

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Great point! I learned a long time ago that using a crutch when you need one iis actually a very smart thing to do.

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The latest of the Obesity Code podcasts addresses adding fats vs. water w/salt fasts. It depends on what your goal is, are you wanting to lose weight or is autophagy your main goal. Be sure to give this one a listen, it is all about fasting questions they have received.

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Crikey! How much cream are you drinking?!?

(Meara McLaughlin) #40

Perhaps a tablespoon or less of HWC per cup of coffee, three cups of coffee per day