Do you eat the fat?


If you don’t eat or like the well cooked fat on a juicy steak, you are probably the victim of a lifetime of programming that fat is bad for you. Poor you. Try the fat, and learn what you’re missing! maybe sprinkle some MSG on it too!

(Christopher Wild) #64

If it’s grass fed I gobble it all up, if it’s conventional I only eat small amounts of the surrounding fat.

(Paige) #65

I eat everything and even cook it in butter lol!

(Mike W.) #66

EVERYTHING gets added fat

(Lonnie Hedley) #67

Shoe leather with butter?


Me too, I eat all the fat and then give the leaner meat to husband to finish up. Lol

(Mike W.) #69

Yup. 85% dark cocoa shoe leather :joy:

(Mike W.) #70


(Lonnie Hedley) #71

Been so long since I’ve had a piece of chocolate, I honestly couldn’t think of what else that could be. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Mike W.) #72

Relatively low in carbs, high in Magnesium. Indulge a little!

(What The Fast?!) #73

90% is my jam. Lindt brand.

(Lonnie Hedley) #74

I have 3 boxes of Baker’s unsweetened. Currently doing ZC\carnivore, so they’ll just hang out until I want to take a break from this experiment (if I take a break).

(Mike W.) #75

Me too. Just haven’t been to the Lindt outlet in a while. Lindt also has a 99% that’s completely palateable. This is from Aldi.

(Jennifer) #76

Just had a chunk of fried pork belly. Eat all the fat. Yum!

(What The Fast?!) #77

Oohhhh!!! I get a 100% from Trader Joe’s sometimes, but I love the Lindt 90%, especially when it’s on sale.
Also I have convinced myself that it does not spike insulin.

(Christopher Wild) #78

Because the fat and nutrient quality in grain-fed meat is poorer. Grass-fed has more anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.

(Bunny) #79

I eat all of it!

(Mike Glasbrener) #80

Talk about a win… I purchased a deep fryer and was looking for beef tallow/lard to fill it. At Whole Foods I asked about it and they did not. I finally worked up the nerve to ask the butcher if they sold beef fat and he said they do not. They give it away because they don’t have a way to charge for it. You just need to let them know ahead of time!.

Bring on the fat recipes please!


I ADORE meat fat, and always have. It has to be cooked however. When I eat a steak, the best bites to me are a little meat and a little fat. I’d prefer more fat, but most steaks simply don’t come with ‘enough’. And as others have mentioned, usually it’s the lean protein part that is left.

In the old days, when fat was ‘bad for everyone’, and I still believed that, I still ate the fat, and felt I was doing damage to my health. But it was so good, I couldn’t just leave it. I preferred to eat a steak alone so I could totally enjoy the fat without feeling judged.

My favorite part of a turkey is the roast, crispy skin.

Today when I was in the grocery, I noticed a particularly fatty chuck roast. It was an impulse buy, and it’s slow-cooking now. I was afraid the bottom would not be as fat as the top, but it was just as fatty. Slurp!

How wonderful that meat fat is now as healthy as it is tasty!

(Pete A) #82

My two cents: :heartpulse: