Do you eat the fat?


I eat all of the fat, but I have to eat in small portions at a time, or else the fat makes me very nauseated, so I sort of graze in nibbles throughout the day. I only started keto a couple months ago, though. I like the way it tastes and also even in the texture, but my stomach is still pretty fussy about it.


I don’t, I can’t. It makes me want to puke chewing on that stuff.

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Sometimes I eat the fat, eat all of the fat, darling. Sometimes, I just eat the cap and the eye and call it a day. I believe my desire knows what my body needs.

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I do eat it almost always but then I always did under CICO and felt horribly guilty. :frowning_face:

Now I feel duty bound to do it… plus it makes achieving macros so much easier. :grin:


You know, “pork steaks” have a nice little strip of pork fat along the side the crisps up really nicely under the broiler. Yum. They are slightly cheaper than regular chops too.


Went out for steak with the family this weekend and the couple behind us was complaining to the manager that the last 3 times they came and ordered steaks there they were too fatty. They had ordered Ribeyes…The manager kept saying that she was sorry they weren’t happy and would be happy to get them another steak…maybe a different cut since the Ribeye is their fattiest cut of meat available.

I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit as my husband usually complains if his Ribeye isn’t fatty enough…He loves the extra fat…


I adore fat on meat, and definitely eat it. Only now without guilt. Or at least too much guilt because of past programing, even though I would eat it anyway back then. Plus carbs, so that combo was not good.

What I do find is it’s getting more and more difficult to find really nice fatty cuts of meat in the grocery. Butchers seem to have been brainwashed into cutting all the good stuff off. I find the best fat cuts when something is on sale.

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ZC? What is that?

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Zero Carb, got it.


I eat the marbled fat, and if it the fat cap isn’t trimmed, I eat that too. (Steaks and roasts)

I don’t toss the chicken skin either, but my wife doesn’t like it. My chicken skin is usually leathery, or rubbery, because I often use an electric smoker (easier than my Weber Smokey Mountain, but not as tasty…) and it isn’t quite hot enough for crispy skin.

Occasionally, I hit the UPPER LIMIT "TOO MUCH FAT!" but rarely. It has happened often enough, however… that it proves to me just how satisfying/satiating fat really is!


Same here. It’s happened a couple times with that ambrosial dish - well cooked pork fat back. Oh my! Tastes great and is amazingly filling for a very very long time.

Hmmmm, has anyone tried a fatback fast? :pig::thinking::grin:

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I Love The Fat!


Brisket with the fat cap on after 18 hrs in my smoker with post oak is to die for. Places that trim the fat off have no idea what they are doing. Lots of fat from a brisket just out of the smoker is awesome. After sitting in the fridge overnight, the fat is not as good but skillful use of a microwave helps a lot.

2nd place is a fatty rib eye from Buc-ees.

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I’m about to dump my butcher because I keep asking for fattier ground chuck and he doesn’t come through, too lean. I want 70% or lower. Then I asked to buy some beef fat and he declined to sell it to me. I’m determined to own a meat grinder (currently researching, suggestions from experienced users welcome). Then I’ll shop where I can get the best reasonably priced cuts for the grinder.

Here’s my system for making patties. Missing from the picture is a small bowl I put on the scale to help with measuring.