Dessert cream

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #1

3/4 cup cream cheese
1/4 cup heavy cream
2 tablespoons butter
1.5 tsp vanilla extract
Sweetener to taste. (I used a squeeze of liquid sucralose, Splenda)

Mix with immersion blender till smooth. Add fresh blackberries or raspberries. This is VERY rich. Makes two servings.

I am mean!

I think that I will try this tonight. I love these simple recipes - yes, so even I can make them, but also in the hopes of getting my kids to try them sometime.

Do you use regular cream cheese or should it be the spreadable variety?

I don’t want to use artificial sweeteners (if I can help it). Any suggestions, e.g. more berries?

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I used regular cream cheese. The brick. As far as sweetener? If a natural sweetener like stevia is also a no go, you may like this with no sweetener. Try it. Or blend in berries, though they aren’t very sweet.

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My goodness, did you search for hours for perfect blackberries?! They are beautiful!

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They always look like that around here. Most are grown in California and shipped here to Minnesota.
Where do you live?

(Roxanne) #6

I do something similar, but don’t measure. A brick or tub of cream cheese, softened. About 1/2 that amount of 18% sour cream or creme fraiche. Sometimes some melted butter. Sweetener of choice (1 - 2 tbsp of swerve for me), a capful of vanilla. Maybe some heavy whipping cream if it’s too thick, all beaten together with a hand mixer. Great as is, or with a few berries.

(James storie) #7

I had to bookmark this one! This may blow up like the waffles!

(Roxanne) #8

This ON waffles!

(James storie) #9

YES! Pork rind waffles and this! Great idea!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #10

That would be FANTASTIC!!!

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(James storie) #12

This keeps getting better and better!


I’m surprised that my immersion blender works on cream cheese. This turned out great. It tasted terrific when I licked a spoon. I’m out getting berries. I’ve not sweetened it. I will definitely make this again to put on a steak!

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It’s secretly cream cheese frosting.

Shhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone.

(Rich Hopkins) #15

I’ve used those same ingredients minus the heavy cream, and scooped them out with a small cookie scoop (like an ice cream scoop, but smaller than the size of a melon ball), and froze them. Great little fat bombs. Second batch used almond extract and vanilla. Yummo.

(Kathy L) #16

I add a little cocoa powder too!

(Kathy L) #17

Yea! With a little maple flavoring on the cream!

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You guys are fucking geniuses!!

(Jeanette Villanueva) #19

I am making this one tonight. It sounds scrumptious!

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Last night I added 4 raw egg yolks. Because nutrients, creamier, & protein.

Plus. I tend to live dangerously.

It was decadent btw. Kind of like cheesy dessert hollandaise.