Deep-freeze Dee-cember (30 day carnivore experience)


I am sorry to hear that, @Fangs, I really hope she gets better soon! I don’t exactly do prayers but whatever mental/emotional things I can send, I do!
What a Christmas :frowning: I have thought about all the poor folks who get some tragedy around this time. Not like other times are much better, of course. Let it be just a worry with a quick full recovery!!! :heart:

(Edith) #142

Sorry to read about your mother-in-law. Sending healthy thoughts and strength your family’s way.


thanks tons VE!
she has Covid. so with new meds she is improving faster now but few more days in hosp. probably they said. appreciate your kind thoughts :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support!! So far so good but yea, any tragedy and trouble can come to all of us at any given time so smile best we can thru the day and go with the flow :slight_smile:

----------so things going more smooth now after a wild xmas.

zc today is super simple
got pork tenderloin for first meal, second putting in a roaster chicken in oven for family and will eat on that, plus I got leftover shrimp in fridge I need to use up so basically, eat up meats in fridge and get’er cleaned out that way with a zc pot luck meal with chicken later LOL

hope everyone enjoyed their holiday
onto the new Carnivore year we go


MIL improving but few more days in hosp and back to her facility and be quarantined etc for covid issues with that place. ugh. I tell ya but things doing better.

SO I DID A boner thing in that with the issues and all I got behind in how I defrost my food and few meals it is like I got no damn food to eat LOL

I am constantly defrosting meats in rotation ya know to suit me. Kinda got off track…eating weirdo and not how I like…had to cook 2 burgers from the freezer just to have a darn meal easily LOL ugh, I am mostly off burger, heck it is dog burgers I ate :slight_smile: :slight_smile: yea little Bolt who is still alive and kickin’ is on burger only…so I feel like I stole from him HA

but today I got a big beef chuck roast in the oven. yum.
defrosting a filet mignon
defrosting a nice boston pork butt to stick in crockpot for tomorrow.

my mind is on making MORE to have in fridge for demand instead of my usual type of cooking each meal kinda.

eh, all good. holding zc strong but darn I am kinda hungry not eating like I normally do and OMG I AM SO sick of stores I don’t even wanna run to the grocery even to buy me a massive steak LOL

oh well…onward we all go…zc into our new year, any way we can do it!!

(Robin) #145

It’s hard to be thrown off your normal routine with food and cooking.
Hope things settle down for MIL.

(Judy Thompson) #146

Oh no @Fangs, Covid rearing its head again :hushed: Hope mil is better very soon, sending good thoughts and energy. Sounds like your eating plan is evolving still. Probably always will be. That’s one reason I love reading you!
@Geezy56 Sounds like you had a great Christmas! Nice when people know what you do so they can comply and give you the best!
@Shinita sounds like a great Christmas for you. Always nice to get together with family!
We bought a ham but the boss invited us over for Christmas dinner so the ham went in the freezer! He made lemon chicken and prime rib roast. Plenty of sides too but I said “just meat for me please.” He’s a great cook, the rare roast beef was SO tender.
Had some of hubby’s helping of New York cheesecake. Not much sugar and heavy on the cheese - they said the 1 pie had Eight pkgs Philadelphia cream cheese!

The cold is mostly gone now. Tomorrow we start the big performance weekend, 6 hours added on Sunday to the usual 7, ending Sunday at midnight, ringing in 2024. At least it will be warmer for the afternoon winery hours on Saturday and Sunday which are sort of outside in a big barn.
Tuesday or Wednesday we leave for Virginia. Looking forward to the trip.

Happy New Year all!


@robintemplin, thanks R! yes things are improving alot. appreciate the good thoughts!

@JJFiddle, yea covid right? along with just real flu out there too. thanks for the good energy sent my way :slight_smile: always need that!

yea I always change in some fashion still heading even into year 7. It is like the body is demanding cleaner and more simple meats. Hey I am just going with the flow as usual :slight_smile:

ohh back to VA…you sure will be coming back to the big cold! Brrr here and I am NC…I know you will be colder in VA for sure!
You guys sure are staying steadily busy with your gigs! More power to you! Happy New Year back at ya!

--------------so you know I made a 2.5 lb chuck roast in the oven. just with a little beef broth to help tenderize it while it cooked and OMG it was delish. I almost pulverized the whole thing. No idea that 2.5 lbs of roast would vanish before my eyes LOL my kiddo got a tiny bit of it too but hubby got left out. I ate up sucker like no tomorrow.

as soon as a sale hits on them I am stocking freezer again. winter time and no problem using oven and alot of meat cooked at one time, will make 2 roasts next time so I really have some leftover. I don’t mind it reheated either so, yea I am hooked on chuck roasts right now and will eat them up accordingly :slight_smile:

I asked family what do you want me to make for dinner tonight…CRICKETS…Not either of them can ever make a friggin’ suggestion. UGH I AM SO over carby cooking truly.

So first meal for me is a nice sirloin steak. dinner for them is sirloin steaks also with whatever sides they wanna make! oh, and second meal for me is a good pork tenderloin,ok dinner done in this house!

zc on guys! we all got this easily!!

(Judy Thompson) #148

Yep it’s colder but here the temp is a yo-yo right now! Below 30 lastnight, around 70 tomorrow. If I’m cold, just put on a sweater and wait a bit! This climate is nice for me especially with a few pounds gone, as it gets over 100 easily in the summer. But drier than nearby San Antonio, and 10-15° cooler in summer. Our wood stove does a nice cozy job in the winter.

Last week we thought our upright freezer had died so took everything out (all thawed) and relocated all the meat, restarted it and magic! It came back! Turns out, too much meat, clogging the vent! But in the process I grabbed a couple sirloins and a chuck roast that had been frozen a year or so, and they’re in sous vide now. Planning to grill the steaks today and hopefully that roast will last a couple days. If not I can put more steaks in sous vide tomorrow.
At first I worried about Sunday’s meals as we play church 9:30 - 1130, then 4-7 at the winery and 9-12 at the Chophouse, can’t come home between jobs.
However we’re really fine. The meal at noon and then after the gig (eggs) at night is our usual fare! Man I love this way of life!

Yesterday, a chaffle. I did have some of the uncooked hamburger and have started cod liver oil after reading a great article on the Weston Price site the other day.

Happy new ZC year everyone!

(Robin) #149

Hurray for your resurrected freezer! Whew!

Sounds like you’ll be reaping the rewards of the mishap soon enough


Nice that the freezer survived! Our fridge is still working but it has SO MANY problems now (I realized it’s rustier I thought, it’s just not visible normally), we really should replace it soon :smiley: But it’s such a bother… And whenever we visit the city, we have other things to do, now we finally try to get some furniture for Alvaro’s room, he has way too much computer hardware and it’s everywhere… And he has the space, it’s just tricky to get proper sized furniture that fits below the low sloped ceiling and between the wall and the pillar that is there for some reason, I have 2 of them too (one is the 3rd leg of my self-made computer desk, pretty useful. I can’t make stable tables but with a leg being part of the house itself, it’s somewhat easier).

It’s not the same everywhere, sadly, I have heard it enough times but my family is quite nice and it’s never about money or who gifted what and why or high etiquette or whatever. It is nice and chill. Even the food is pretty normal with only 1-2 Christmassy items…

Oh! And this year Alvaro’s little brother brought the mystery girlfriend we hear since years :smiley: She seems nice and they just got engaged! :slight_smile:

So it is peaceful and even mostly sunny here, the cats are fluffy and purring (and want to eat all the time especially Ginger but we won’t have fat cats. Ginger is always around so she always eats with the others and on some days she is a bit chonky… she loses it quickly but we need to be careful with that one! normally we just feed them whenever they ask or we see them, it works well in summer but not now)… But I have too low energy and got a bit inactive, I even skipped my workouts but that’s fine sometimes, I often get better after a little rest. I try to put my sleep into order, I wake up in the wrong time (like 3am or 5am). I go back to sleep but not always immediately and it’s not good enough.

Still no wonderful fish for us, we just ate other stuff. Today it’s eggy but I don’t think those times will come back, it’s just because I made sponge cake and quiche after a long time and got hungry before my fried pork got ready.
But we will eat the fish soon, I try to bring nice photos!

Oh, a big cheesecake then! I always made really small ones :slight_smile: I don’t think I ever ate cheesecake before keto and I don’t need much sweetness in it. I quite like the stuff when I bring myself to make it, it still didn’t happen many times so I don’t even remember my recipe… I never used cream cheese (as I didn’t even know where I can buy such a thing until kind of recently) but mascarpone. I am a mascarpone fan but I can live without it for quite a long time, there are so many wonderful dairy items for me…

I love my roasts even cold :smiley: They are good. Fried pork is best freshly made and warm but it’s still very good even if it’s cold, reheated, frozen and hawed… But roasts always seemed to be great cold. Different, sometimes I prefer the warm, soft fat, sometimes the cold more firm one…

First I thought they wanted crickets, literally :smiley: People say they are tasty, after all… But probably still a bit much of a novelty item and not cheap and widely available and anyway, maybe we never will make a whole meat out of them… But may be good for a crunchy treat. If they manage NOT to coat it with flour as it happened to mine :frowning: Still don’t know what it is taste like but it can’t be really strong. Pork and ruminant meat has a flavor that can’t be masked! :wink:

Well if the family doesn’t say anything, they can eat meat, can’t they? {I read further and saw that’s what you did :smiley: } I am careful when it comes to Alvaro as he has his limits (for some reason, a meat based lunch each and every day isn’t his idea of a woe. IDK why, he would have all his sides, soups, desserts, breakfasts and dinners!) but I often offer this option and he even accepts it most of the time now :smiley: And when not, he is fine with eggs or cheese. Not a problematic one. Usually. Sometimes he decides he can’t eat if I don’t bake bread. Because the main dish is for lunch, something else covers breakfast and he needs something for dinner too. It’s good I like baking, even bread. Except when it’s my sponge cake and quiche day.

Today I have read that our (traditionally veal) stew filled pancake with the stew sauce mixed with sour cream on top is only something we Hungarians eat (well I never did… but should)… Okay, maybe it’s a tad special… But there is another, very simple and highly popular dish (I ate it all the time as a kid, it was wonderful) that other countries apparently don’t eat, it’s carby though so I deleted the part I put into spoiler tags. This comment got way too long already anyway.


Forgot I have a photo. Nothing special but I only eat this stuff once a year so it’s more interesting than my usual fried pork and sponge cake and the like!
Aspic made by Alvaro’s Mom. It takes 5-6 hours, oh my. I know people on this forum are used to super long cooking time but I never ever ever ever use more than 2-2.5 hours on anything. I just don’t need to. And if possible, I make my food in half an hour. This food is nice (Alvaro only got meat in his, mine contained one piece of meat and two pieces of pork skin) but I am fine with the jelly I get when I make soups or stews or roasts… :wink:

(Judy Thompson) #152

@Shinita idk how he got all that cream cheese in there but it wasn’t particularly big!
Yes, lucky on the freezer! It was a month out of warranty at 13 months, practically new. Hubby was smart to try turning it off for awhile and back on again, and it froze!
The aspic looks nice. I have never had it.

Today was the follow up with the colonoscopy Dr, I told him how I’d been worried about his laxatives because of no plant foods in my system, hence no fiber, and he stared at me till I laughed and said, you’re looking at me like “what planet are you from?” Wish I had a video of that. I can’t believe doctors would not have heard of the carnivore diet!
We are on the cutting edge, we can’t help being superior :rofl:

Took the steaks off sous vide and grilled them. I had mine with liverwurst and smoked cheddar.

I gave hubby a card for our anniversary today, asked him, which is me and which one is you?


(Geoffrey) #153

Ate two omelets today. One two egg with cheddar and rendered fat pieces. I was still hungry so I made another two egger with cream cheese and bacon.
Then I was miserable for the rest of the day. My stomach was upset to the point of nausea and felt very bloated. I haven’t experienced and gastrointestinal distress since becoming carnivore so that was different.



Sometimes I wonder about calling Alvaro “cinnamon roll” but well, he is a high-carber at least even though he hates and usually avoids table sugar… (And he is totally a cinnamon roll. With a backbone so all is well.)
Sometimes I call cute animals sugar, I have an odd feeling about it too… But these are just expressions. I can’t go too far so I can’t even use endearments like these!

(Judy Thompson) #155

I wonder what it was. Too many eggs? I never knew that was a thing. I’d kick back to beef for a day to reset!

(Robin) #156

I would snatch up that card for my hubby too!
What company made it, do you know?

(Judy Thompson) #157

Hallmark Signature. I got it set HEB, just check the local grocery store!
Actually I didn’t feel the need to write on it, I can just send it to you :blush:

(Robin) #158

That would make my day, what a sweet offer! I’ll DM you my address!

(Geoffrey) #159

Or maybe too much cheese? I’m not sure. It woke me up around 2:30 am with uhh…shall we say, dietary indiscretions.

I’m doing fine today so I had a couple of chaffle burgers. Tasty.

I’m making my first batch of Dr. Kiltz’s ice cream in my new ice cream maker right now.

(Karen) #160

Glad to hear your mil is on the mend. Covid is so nasty when it hits you full force… knocked me right off my feet back in May.