Deep-freeze Dee-cember (30 day carnivore experience)


@Geezy56, cool food pics. reminds me of Naghite’s plates of food too :slight_smile:

@Shinita, pretty pics, and ohhhh on that frost!!

---------simple usual zc day. meal one will be thick cut pork chops, meal 2 will be 1/2 a rotiss chicken and have a small sirloin steak to pair with that. easy peasy

I don’t know what to do for Xmas dinner…in that I am thinking standing rib roast, or just buy filet mignon and go with just shrimp, my usual or put some $$$ into buying some lobster to go with filet. Hubby mentioned Conish game hens but I am like, just a damn small chicken basically, I don’t find in any way speical kinda LOL…I mean I want a special meal but I also don’t ‘zc care’ one bit about making a ‘special meal’ too LOL

will consult family on it. they will certainly tell me what they want HA


I do what I will do, well not for Xmas dinner as that will happen at Alvaro’s Mom but for the next day! Gilt-head bream :fish: unless they will all sold out! We never had it before and it sounds exciting. I keep my excitement in check though as I don’t like most fishes much…
But google says it’s not some meh fish taste so I am tentatively hopeful :slight_smile:
And if I will really love it, well, it’s on sale every Friday in LIDL and sometimes elsewhere… We won’t go near any LIDL this Friday, it’s SUPER crowded in the best times, now it must be unbearable. Especially the one next to Alvaro’s Mom’s place, among tall housing blocks… We only pop into an ALDI (that’s always way more deserted with less non-edible items) and then watch the Xmas lights in the city!
I saw ZERO Xmas lights or decorations this far… :frowning:

And I miss the old choir times :frowning: We sang in the main square, in the nursery school and a nursing home, the atmosphere was great, the welcome warm… December was the best. But it’s over :frowning: I don’t even sing anymore. Except very rarely, it’s not like I can keep from singing for years on row… But it’s not nearly the same. Sigh. My social life died with it too.

(Geoffrey) #123

It is not sweet as beef but has a much stronger flavor and a denser and tougher texture. . I’ve never been a fan of eating just plain liver. I can tolerate beef and bison liver but deer liver has always been to strong for me to just fry and eat but I like it and all liver when made into a pate, liverwurst or braunschweiger.

I’ve eaten a lot of deer heart over the years and it’s a good meat. The lamb hearts were my first and I loved them. They actually did have a little sweeter taste than the deer.
These had a lot of fat on them and it was very tasty. Similar to ribeye fat.

Oh man, you can’t go wrong with any of that. Yum!


Sounds good. I never had lamb liver either, I never even SAW it anywhere…
Or… IDK if the Racka sheep had organs with it, it was so long ago… But the meat was super good. I like deer but that sheep was better.

I made the meaty quiche :smiley: It is based on the cheeseburger casserole recipe that is popular now on the forum :smiley: I used way less meat (the muffin molds are too small to use a lot and I needed space for all the other ingredients :D), more eggs (the original must have super little then… it needed the eggs), the dairy was similar I suppose though I haven’t any idea about cups. It’s not a proper measurement unit for most things. 12 servings, the recipe said. Well, it’s 2 decent ones or one big if you ask me (even with the added meat). Alvaro ate half of the whole stuff and he had his grains, vegs and dessert and it was only one meal of his 3. Of course, everyone is different so it could have been 12 teeny-tiny servings too…
I skipped all the vegs though, even Alvaro didn’t miss them. But that doesn’t really matter portion wise for us.
We ate it before a photo could have happened but there was no light or mood from my part anyway. It looked normal, like my quiches, the meat hiding beneath.

(Karen) #125

Just briefly popping in as i have been so very busy. Been doing a lot more dancing and we are off to Bournemouth for a twixmis dance break next week. Also been sewing and embellishing Raymonds dance shirts. Still eating clean apart from a few carbs in the black puddings i have eaten.

A few pics but keep forgetting to snap those pics.

Sorry if i have duplicated any!
Looking forward to xmas and all ready for it. Picking Ben up xmas eve to take to my daughters for our crimbo celebration and dropping his big pressie off when i pick him up as it is too big to fit in car with Ben in aswell. Think i mentioned i got him the car racing seat with foot pedals and steering wheel for his ps5. I am sure he will get a lot of pleasure using it. Also got him a personal jigsaw puzzle with a picture of him sitting on a vintage coach :grinning:

Got Raymond a personalised desk 2024 calendar full of our dancing pics that he doesn’t have and i am so pleased with it. This is the front page…

Every month has a pic of us dancing… he will be over the moon!!

(Bob M) #126

Where I am, standing rib roasts are on sale for $10/pound. I’m going to pick up two of them if I have the freezer room. I usually separate the bones from the meat, then tie them back together with twine. Allows me to salt the whole thing later and also makes for easier cutting.

(Robin) #127

Best gift idea ever! Memories!


You have so nice, good Christmas ideas :slight_smile:

I liked the food pics too but of course I did… When I don’t?

It is raining here (forecast says there will be some big ones again. this December is very rainy, I heard multiple times that some places got the quota for the month in 1-2 days… I am curious about the data, we will look it up in January) but the days get longer now… Good, a 4pm sunset is super early for me.


AMEN but ya know, honestly every zc meal is a can’t go wrong to me LOL it all sounds delish right? :open_mouth:

@Karen18, more dancing and then off to Bournemouth trip. sounds like you are having a blast K!! very very cool personal gift for Raymond, what a fab idea!

@ctviggen, wow that is a good sale price on standing rib!


I got my bream! 2 of them on the tray. In an unnecessarily huge and sturdy plastic box :frowning: I can’t even throw it out selectively (I know it still may end up like the normal garbage but attitude, hope and chances matter)… So I probably won’t buy it again. But I had to try. I refused to believe the expiration date and anyway, so it’s in the freezer now.
Alvaro’s Mom made pork (with/in sauerkraut but good enough) and aspic! :smiley: We got 2 portions! I love aspic but no way I will cook it for 5-6 hours, it should be a lot amount then and we have no stomach or space for it. I COULD eat it all, of course, in a few days, it’s not super fatty and it’s mostly jelly… But don’t want to. One is enough :slight_smile: We have lots of less firm jelly when we make soup or stew, I don’t miss aspic. Just appreciate when we have some.

And Alvaro got the usual gift basket from his workplace, well a bag this time. Nothing great, of course. Some are okay-ish, some are less so (even from Alvaro’s viewpoint, he doesn’t want added sugar either) and the “unsweetened flavor” instant coffee 2in1 (when I drank those 20-30 years ago, it was the one with milk and not sugar… how things changed since!) is half glucose syrup (second ingredient is partially hydrogenized palm oil), the macros are lies and I am mildly upset because I hate blatant, very obvious lying to customers. And people pay money for this stuff, wow.

We have various leftovers for tomorrow and I will make a pork/duck soup.
I may make another batch of meaty quiche as I can’t imagine a better way to eat the fried minced pork I still have a lot of.
It was the previous kind with cream cheese, I will use cream next time:

(Geoffrey) #131

Heart and scrambled eggs.

Then later on I had some pork rinds and liverwurst.

(Geoffrey) #132

Todays meal was fried egg and bacon chafflewiches.


simple Xmas Eve meal here. got a pork loin and chicken breasts.
told family to do something with chicken themselves, I am not cooking for them today HAHA

tomorrow is filet mignon and alot of shrimp.

got my holiday days covered. I AM SO over food right now. feeding fam isn’t too bad this year, kiddo is more low carb and older, so doesn’t want as much crap and hubby seems in line with what he is eating and not demanding more crap LOL so holiday food is being handled well around here.

rock out zc all

(Bob M) #134

Well, our store with the bone-in standing rib roast only allows one per time, and you have to buy at least $25 worth of other stuff. So, we got one 7 pounder. Might not be able to get another before they switch sales (on Monday). Bummer.

(Judy Thompson) #135

Oh gosh, nearly a week since I’ve been here! Sorry… But have read everything I missed. We’re almost into a new month and a new year!
I’m still coughing. I found out vitamin C apparently does nothing for a carnivore. Then on Tuesday the doc prescribed antibiotics, steroids and a nebulizer, and I’ve been doing it all but I’m still coughing! Probably oxalate poisoning, ha! I’m at about the 2 week mark though so I’m sure it will go away. I haven’t been really sick or “down” with it or missed work. New Years Eve weekend we’re performing 13 hours, most I’ve played in a weekend! So if I can be well by then, that’s good enough.

Today we came home and the freezer had died, all the meat had thawed. Luckily we found room for everything in other freezers. Hurray for having so few bottles and packaged foods nowadays!
We’re going to run a couple tests and if the freezer is dead, we’ll replace it when we get back from Virginia in early Feb.

I learned a new sauce this week, hubby loved it. Broth from the chicken, cream cheese and grated cheddar, nothing else. He couldn’t even taste that it was cheese! We had it on the chicken and shrimp and of course he used it on his contraband sides.

Here’s some food from the week-

This was lunch at a restaurant. Bacon cheeseburger with egg.

(Geoffrey) #136

Big Christmas Eve meal at my daughter’s today. Fasted all day just for this meal.
There were a lot of carby and sweets but she knows my dedication to my WOE so there was plenty of meats on hand. I had smoked brisket, ham (it’s been a while since I’ve had ham and it was delicious), a variety of cheeses and sausage balls. She made some of the sausage balls just for me and my diet. Instead of using bisquick flour in the sausage mix, she used pork rind powder and the sausage was venison. Pretty tasty. I was stuffed.


Very interesting!
Sorry the bug still got ya JJ. Yea carnivore can’t fix it all LOL sometimes sick is just sick but hope you get thru it fast tho!!

That is so great you had a fab meal!


simple day. got my filet mignon for today. got plenty of shrimp to eat too. easy peasy Xmas day. Hope everyone is treated well and get ALL they want LOL

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #138

In that case, you really don’t want Vitamin C, since an excess will get turned into oxalic acid. Who’da thot?


Oh I happen to have these all at home now, it’s rare… I may try it. IDK, I kind of had enough of cooking for a while… But I will regenerate.

The duck/pork soup I made is nice, I apparently like duck. (It’s not carnivore as Alvaro wants to eat it too but pretty low-carb with a very obvious meat focus. His Mom makes great mixed soups but those seem veggie soups with some meaty bones in it, mine is the other way round. When we are there, I eat the super tasty soup with disporoportinally little vegs (but there isn’t so very much in the first place. it’s like my old veggie soups just tastier partially due to the meat. Alvaro uses 10 times as much, his soups pretty much lack water if you ask me) and all or nearly all the meat in it, the others don’t want that. I wondered about it before but oh well, good for me :smiley:

That’s quite unfortunate (in our eyes, at least, we like cheese) but I don’t think it can happen with such a tasty cheese to us! :slight_smile: Cheddar is quite nice, we buy it when it goes on sale as we like other, cheaper cheese at least as much. But variety is good.

Now Alvaro’s Mom is who has the cold… Sigh. We are both fine and I hope it will stay so for a decades at least, it was too much lately.

We have leftovers and soup and 4 duck wings for tomorrow so I won’t start to cook seriously yet. The duck wings will be fried.
Therefore the fish needs to wait. But we will make it soon! On the 27th I suppose.

I got lots of cute little presents from Alvaro’s Mom as usual. Booklet about minerals, some crystals, a super soft deep red pullover… And others like a silicone pie mold. I never baked a pie in my life and I never plan to - but it’s a nice sturdy silicone mold so I will use it. I can make a HUGE cheese whisp in it or 4 tinier ones! I always used an itsy-bitsy one and that’s good when I don’t necessarily want to eat 3 (but I will if I make 3)…

I better start to put together my 1500 pieces puzzle (the Neuschwanstein Castle winter sunset one), I planned to do that during Christmas time!

It’s warm now but on the 23th we got a huge snow. Well, huge for us. We worried about it a little as we can’t use the car in snow but there is no other way to go to the city on the 24th and come back too… But in the end it melted enough and even the uphill ride was easy.


6 pm filet mignon and shrimp done and at table, plates beng filled and ring ring

hubby;s mom to ER, bad lungs due to flu in nursing home

hubby gone to ER and I am putting up the food. I can’t eat. kiddo ate LOL but hubby out the door and me putting away table and merry xmas to us right…worried to on MIL in that her lungs are bad news and anything like this can go life threatening for her so

kinda going bonkers right now…ugh just spewing and venting a bit…ahhh

send some prayers this way if you please :slight_smile: