Deep-freeze Dee-cember (30 day carnivore experience)

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #1

Here’s this month’s thread. Enjoy!

(Michael) #2

How is everyone doing? Adding honey to my usual breakfasts still, hoping it will be temporary, but fix is working slower than expected. Here is one of my old standards though for this morning

(Bob) #3

The best part of December in Ohio is when it’s over and your one step closer to summer, lol.

I only lost 3 pounds in November. Get’s dark so early. Saps motivation to exercise, run, walk the dog, etc.


Yep, it gets dark AND we have too much rainy day. So I better use the tiny light to go out - especially when it’s accidentally sunny but when it’s dark in the house, it’s still not totally dark outside so I should go out. Unless it’s rainy. I am not at the point of desperation where I walk in the rain…
But a gloomy day definitely doesn’t help with my mood to do the things I should… I just know how super low energy I get without my exercise…

Hi guys, I am not properly here, had some shopping and relative visiting (I forgot it’s Saint Nicholas day soon so we get sweet stuff. half of it was fresh exotic fruit so I can’t say I don’t approve…) and it was way carbier than it should have been I suppose… Still no sugar poisoning but I shouldn’t play with these things. Ate a lot of chicken and pork though… Still very low egg days, interesting.
It’s hard with unusually great sales (chicken liver and one of my fav cheeses this time), the supermarkets run out of the items :frowning: Oh well, we bought lots of things, various cheeses, at least Alvaro needs them but I like a little here and there too. We visited 4 supermarkets. It wasn’t cheap. We have everything now. But not too much dairy, just a little to make my carnivore-ish days easier. December is tricky but several carnivore-ish days should happen.
So… It’s my carbiest month of the year again… June has NOTHING on it. But I do what I can. I better stick to some tiny eating window. That would be very useful.

Goals? Apart from not going crazy with carbs, totally unnecessarily and having some nice carni days?
Being SIMPLE. I liked my very meaty lunch yesterday :slight_smile: I try keep my eggs and dairy low.
Even if I bake for Christmas (tricky not to taste the stuff but we will see. my focus is on making my edible gifts and the baking itself, I don’t exactly desire to eat them. that’s for my own crunchy biscuit projects I shouldn’t do in December… but my tastebuds still work and I make tasty stuff), I can keep training myself in various areas.

I try to be scarce but maybe I will pop in with some carni lunch photos. Carni lunch sounds good for any day, after all. It’s so easier at home. December relative visits are just that problematic without any momentum and determination… Sigh.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #5

I cooked a tongue last night, but by the time it finished simmering, it was late and I’d already had supper (eggs, delicious!), so I sliced it up and had some for lunch. Very tasty. Unfortunately I put some Boar’s Head horseradish on it, which was far, far too sweet. It must have had a lot of sugar in it, and horseradish is not meant to taste sweet at all. Anyway, no more of that!

But the tongue itself was great. :yum:

(Karen) #6

Oh dear New Year is going to be a day early!

Food over last couple of days

Plus a couple of brunches out! Todays waa lovey and just enough… 2 fried eggs on 2 black pudding… who needs toast? :smiley:

Dancing at Lichfield yesterday. Temp really dropped today… it felt really icy around the face but it is supposed to warm up from tomorrow evening.

No planned changes to the eating habit except i may enjoy a bit of cheese on Christmas Eve as that is going to be our family Christmas day this year… it is usually boxing day. Booked in to Salvation Army for Christmas day meal again… we were invited …it would be rude not to :grin: anyway we had a lovey day with them last year so we are looking forward to it.

(Geoffrey) #7

Went to one of my granddaughters ballet recital today. It’s mostly very young girls so there’s really not much ballet going on but it can still be entertaining. I gotta admit though, after two hours I was ready for a whiskey and I rarely drink these days.
So anyways, after the recital everyone want to eat lunch and Mexican food was suggested. Not much to choose from for a carnivore but I did find a steak ranchero that was a T-bone smothered in diced tomatoes, onions and peppers. I asked the server for just the steak without anything on it and none of the usual compliments or rice and beans.
It was no problem and so the T-bone was all I had.
It was very thin but very tasty but did not satiate me so when I got home I scrambled up 4 eggs and tossed in some fat cracklings.


Summer here. Nice weather. 2MAD. Bacon and eggs breakfasts. Steak or lamb dinners.

I need to record some heart episodes that have knocked me over. The funniest story is that I went for heart tests as I finally found some time for more tests. The test was a stress test on a treadmill all hooked up to an ECG, but included pre and post echocardiography as well. I set off on the treadmill. The goal was a heart rate of 136 according to the supervising doctor. No problem, I thought. I watched my hear rate go up as the test intensified. It hit 120, I am not a jogger, and the doc noted and I could see ectopic beats. We kept going. My heart rate got to 130 and I wasn’t feeling anywhere near comfortable anymore, but 136 was in sight. I pressed on. I told the doc I had sudden sharp pain in my left chest and he marked the trace asking if I wanted to stop. I huffed, I’m not doing this over, and kept going. Now, here is the the thing, my heart rate refused to go over 130 despite the test intensifying. I wonder if I have a heart block? I kept going until I started to get tunnel vision. Then I said we should stop. I then lay gasping like a goldfish outside of their bowl. recovery was pretty quick, though. All the scans go to a specialist to interpret.

That night I got palpitations and chest pains. I checked my heart rate and it was 160. So, I had a stern word to the pump under my sternum, how can you be at 160, when I was collapsing off the treadmill at 130? I knocked it back down to 120 after 2 hours, but it didn’t get back to 60bpm until we had argued for about 12 hours. A day and a half later I had some more stabbing chest pain, like what had started on the treadmill and I spent the day in the Emergency Department at hospital, mostly reading a novel. I took a sick day off work. They gave me an aspirin and sent me home to rest. Oh, they did some tests, some xrays and blood tests and ECG traces (I looked at them - they were fine), that they sent to my doctor and said I could go home. No diagnosis on the chest pain. I pushed the ED doc for at least a thought, and he said he would recommend investigating the pleura, the lining of my lungs around the inside of my rib cage.

I feel fine now. Had a 90-minute bush walk this morning and cleaned some windows. Mrs. Bear and I lifted some furniture around. You wouldn’t know there was a time bomb in my chest. I’ll chase down the findings this week. But I still have 5 days before holidays start for me. So, back to work and meeting with managers about 2024 workload. I saved up the leave and I’m taking a long break from work.

(Robin) #9

Oh my gosh, thanks for sharing this!
Have they gotten the results back yet from your stress test?

One of the things I liked about the nuclear test was hearing the tech’s voice in my ear telling me he could stop the very instant I said to. Pretty sure my heart was gonna explode, but trusted he could deliver on his word.
Still… had to wait for the cardiologist to reveal the results.

How are you feeling these days?

(Geoffrey) #10

How about a salmon and cheese quiche.
It was pretty tasty.

(Karen) #11

Food today brunch … 2 kippers although they didn’t look like kippers when i got them out of the oven but they tasted nice and that’s the main thing.
Dinner has been 1 sirloin steak some fresh butchers blaxk pudding… so so tasty but i wasn’t satiated so have just eaten 3 large eggs fried in the steak and black pudding fat, into a flat pancake like omelette and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now i think i feel ready to stop eating but that may change and i may have a tin of tuna but i am going to give myself some time to let my stomach decide whether or not it needs more food :wink:

Just noticed my omelette looks a bit sulky :rofl:


@Geezy56: Looks and sounds pretty great, I love quiche :slight_smile: And a few years ago I had no idea such a thing exists…
I avoid using eggs right now but it’s temporal.

Alvaro made his mushroom stew with a ton of pork in the end so it’s more like pork stew with some mushrooms… :smiley: I don’t see the mushrooms being an improvement but it’s his food and he is okay with it so it’s all good. I rather stick to my fried pork! Nice fatty green ham, again (LIDL ones picked by me so no wonder), Alvaro cut off some fatty parts so I have them too… A stew is better with fattier meat (rabbit is an interesting kind of exceptions, I am sure the fat bunnies we get are better… but they still aren’t fatty, per se. just not super lean) and it’s a leanish cut even if this piece was fattier than average but if he gives me some nice pieces to make scratchings from, I don’t argue…

It’s freezing here, all day. Even the mushrooms (4 different edible and some other species today, only 1 winter one. lol) we have found were all frozen, okay what else could poor things do in frost? We had a lovely walk in the sunshine. And -3 Celsius or something. Just a small one, perfect. And then I was in front of the heater for hours… I felt toasty outside as always, I got cold after we arrived home…
Some spindle trees apparently decided they won’t lose their green leaves anymore… It’s mixed, some lost all their leaves already while others, often next to the bare ones have full foliage…

And Alvaro was tough today and had a cold shower. The cold water is probably about 3 Celsius now… It is SUPER cold, I face a challenge and I only use the warm handle but it starts at 3C and very slowly gets warmed up… At least if I go after Alvaro. If I go first, I get the nice room temp cold water first and then it gets warmed up and all is well. I DON’T do cold showers when I was a bit cold all day. But I should one day. Maybe after my warmish shower. I never did that version, I always started with cold and went to some direction from there.

I can’t just do whatever, it’s not good or fun so I do have some goals and want new challenges.

  1. Not eating until sunset, I should do that for a long time starting now if comfortably possible. I did that today if we don’t count some tiny bites during making food and some coffees with just a few drops of milk…
    It would be even nicer not to eat late but I don’t have much control over that. Resisting eating lunch at 3pm isn’t trivial either but still way easier (unless I am really hungry but when I am really hungry so early…?).
  2. The same for coffee. I totally failed that - though I didn’t know I will want this new rule then… The idea came later. And I am wilder in the weekend anyway…
  3. Carnivore first meal. I probably should have it as a general rule, not just for December or winter or anything. It’s a very nice start. And if things go well, I don’t even have more meals… But I probably can’t have that every day on carnivore. But who knows? It’s not like I often wait for proper hunger… Or until 4-5pm as I shouldn’t wait for much more if I don’t feel ready for a fasting day.

I do want to bake and experiment but I feel determined enough to do it without tasting what I do. Or just a bit. Or I put it into the freezer to taste later…? Or ask Alvaro as I don’t make it for myself anyway… But it’s so uncomfortable to change/make recipes without tasting… And I can handle a TINY bit.
December is tricky but I want to be a good hedonist and do the right thing and whatever I feel like and feel good too. (The problem is the special food making in December, it must happen. It is not for me but hard not to taste sometimes, thankfully almost all have finished recipes and Alvaro will be my taster as I want to be totally sure. Not like I have any particular problems now apart from extreme high satiation… I start to wonder if I can skip a day but it never happens these years so probably not. But we will see. I just know that I desire carnivore now, both physically and mentally. Not surprisingly.

I bought a new puzzle! Neuschwanstein castle, 1500 pieces :smiley: Then I chickened out and didn’t start even my 500 pieces Neuschwanstein one (I LOVE that castle… the two have it from a similar angle but the season and lights are way different!) but a 240 pieces painting I really like… It was ages ago I put a puzzle together, I start small :wink: I don’t even know where I will put the big one… Or how big it is… I prefer my own room as it’s the sunniest room by far.

(Robin) #13

Looks extra good.


I have to see my GP. That’s a general practitioner, not a guinea pig. Maybe this week or next
I’m feeling fine today. Thanks for checking Robin.

Has anyone eaten guinea pig? I had an adventurous friend who ate one cooked on a stick in a hike-side food stall in Bolivia. He knew it was the real deal as he ordered one and the vendor stamped his foot like a flamenco dancer. Then he reached down and prepped up the meal. There was a herd of guinea pigs on the floor of the stall.

No guinea pig photos are included with this story.

(Edith) #15

I’m sorry to hear you are going through such a tough time. I’m glad you are getting things checked out. I hope the doctors help you figure out what is going on.


Sometimes I wonder about its taste… A relative has a plump one. I obviously wouldn’t eat a pet without a very dire situation but one gets thoughts… It’s a thing to eat guinea pigs at some places and I suppose they taste good.
Alvaro’s dad ate exotic meats. Even monkey I think or that was his friend…? Alvaro and I didn’t. The most exotic stuff I had kangaroo, it wasn’t interesting. Maybe it wasn’t even kangaroo, who knows? I didn’t even eat ostrich and it was trendy some decades ago…!
I probably never ever ate veal either and it’s actually quite easy to get. 2024 should be the year. By the way, we have all this money and a need to spend a TINY bit of it to feel alive or something. We have some very needed plans. And even Alvaro brought up the idea of going to a steakhouse. I am not into it right now, I always get the fancy when my birthday is near… And other times too but not now. I want seafood in December, multiple kinds.

Sunny day, sore throat, I didn’t do much, not even my workout :frowning: We heat but the house isn’t exactly warm. Sigh. And it is freezing outside. Not much mood to go out when I have a sore throat. Otherwise I LOVE to use a sunny day, it was so rare lately and I need much walking anyway.

I baked a tiny turtle shaped bread for Alvaro today. That was fun. I like when baking is a bit creative (not like it was creative to google and choose and make something super simple. but it was adorable with its 2 black sesame eyes and mildly spinach colored middle part). Bread has advantages over cheap homemade play-dough and I don’t have the fancy artistic one. I don’t even trust my skills (bread rises and make things smoother. play-dough don’t have this…) but I probably would learn with the right material. Maybe I should order some. I so love the existence of webshops and they send stuff almost right here, we don’t need to go to the city…

I ate my leftover pork, too fatty but it’s better than the opposite. More like unnecessarily fatty, I don’t actually mind now that I don’t track, it’s December so I don’t lose fat anyway… But I do try to keep my eating window small. I go for a 3 hour one today. As it comes very naturally, lunch at 3pm and dinner before 6pm because of my gremlin time later… I just shouldn’t get hungry again.

(Geoffrey) #17

It was a deerlicious day today.
Venison breakfast sausage
Venison German sausage
Venison chorizo with eggs.

(Karen) #18

Food yesterday and brunch today

Also ate some cooked roast chicken and 4 chicken thighs!

Just heading into Nottingham for a routine breast screening… spent some more frustrating time on computer trying to sort these videos out for Raymond… still not been successful. I have now also downloaded a video convertor as it needs to be MPEG 1/2 for Raymonds tv … tried free download but again it had the watermark so ended up paying to download it. Driving me insane!

(Judy Thompson) #19

@FrankoBear whoa, you’ve had some rough times. Glad you are zc. Imagine all this on a “regular” diet!

In the Virginia/Washington DC area there’s a large South American population. Many people have told me that guinea pig is delicious. Probably very tender. But I’m glad your doctor is not a guinea pig :rofl:
With the dental issues I’m experiencing I usually eat my meat very tender. Today I cooked a picanha steak - sirloin with fat cap, popular in Brazil - I was excited about it because I’d never had it but it was SO TOUGH. I bagged it and threw it in the sous vide for 24 hours, to try it again tomorrow.
Meanwhile I had 2 deviled eggs for lunch. Not enough! Taught in the afternoon and afterwards, fixed chaffleburgers!
The meat did look lovely though:


I fried up my beef liver. Only tasted a little bit, I more like drink warm liquid all the time (my throat still isn’t in a good shape :frowning: I want to get healed already… no other symptoms and not actual pain but it is annoying)… So not eating before sunset is done for today (I couldn’t do the same with coffee) unlike yesterday when I cooked and ate first thing after waking up, my slightly carby medicine food. Maybe it helped a bit but not enough :frowning:
But today it’s finally carnivore (I ate lots of meat yesterday too, so satiating! but sadly I can’t eat enough for lunch, I am too satiated for a proper dinner and then I get hungry after midnight… yep, I definitely shouldn’t eat before sunset on most winter days, I know that already, yesterday was special). I have nice fried pork and the liver. That I tasted and it’s SUPER sweet! It always was sweet but it starts to get ridiculous. How come? Chicken and pork liver isn’t sweet at all (or rahter, I just don’t feel it below the very strong and somewhat bitter liver flavor)! Rabbit liver is almost tasteless so I feel the very subtle sweetness. Beef liver is a mystery to me.

Snow, rain, cold. I don’t go out until I get healed.
But weather forecast talks about sunshine on Friday and maybe a bit tomorrow too…