Deep-freeze Dee-cember (30 day carnivore experience)


While eating an egg and bacon breakfast I listened to a lecture.

Dr. O’Mara is a carnivore proponent MD.
This is where he talks about nutrition. The headline is a hook - he is a Carnivore MD.


Love it!!!
I had to massively threaten hubby over the few beginning years to NOT touch any grease or crispy bits or anything from any pan or cooking dish I made my meat in :slight_smile: Super glad you are faring very well!!

fiber and its health benefits is horribly mislead out there in ‘fake world land’ lol…no fiber, life is perfect!

@Goldengirl52, tons of info to learn real facts on carnivore. I gave you alot to read in above post plus just hitting up Anthony Chaffee or Dr Kevin Stock etc along with Kelly Hogan and so many more public on carnivore gives real answers. Plus we on this thread live it daily :slight_smile:

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That is untrue. Meat, especially beef, contains every necessary nutrient, including all the essential amino acids in the correct proportions and both types of essential fatty acids. It also contains certain vitamins that are found only in meat, not in plants, as well as several nutrients in a more bioavailable form than the forms found in plants. (In fact, you’d almost think we evolved to eat meat, it fits our needs so well.)

The nutrient that meat lacks almost entirely is glucose, and the body is capable of making what little it actually needs. Meat also lacks fibre, which some people consider an “essential nutrient,” despite that fact that fibre is not a nutrient, because it is by definition indigestible. If we can’t digest it, how can it nourish us? An “essential non-nutrient” is a contradiction in terms.

So at best, that opinion you read is not in accordance with the facts.

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I went out for exercise today and stopped in at my favourite neighbourhood cafe. Had three bacon-egg-and-cheese burgers, which were wonderful.

My sister wanted to go out for supper, so we went to a favourite restaurant and I ordered my favourite dish, a stew made of beef, pork, and sausage. I made an exception for the tomato sauce, but otherwise it was pure carnivore.

Not going to bed hungry tonight, lol! :sleeping_bed:


hey hey there :frowning: isn’t that one of the top foods that will give ya a heart attack if eaten HAHAHA

cool on the stew. your allowance of the tomatoe sauce is fine since it was so little I am sure, I used to be able to do just that but now that sauce will tear up my guts into an acid burn from the 'maters. more ya walk zc the more little things will show up on how ya can’t eat that anymore but enjoy what little ya can still in those instances. be interesting to see how ya change with a yr or 2 under your belt :slight_smile: You are doing SO well carnivore!

@FrankoBear, wondering, did Billie get her knee surgery yet and is she ok? I know you said it was happening but didn’t see a post on her having it yet? Just hoping Billie is OK!

------------very simple zc day
NY Strip steak to start meal 1.
Got pork tenderloin to eat 2nd meal.
not sure on family food tonight. have a feeling hubby gonna wanna order out and bring home for him and kiddo which would be fab, don’t effect me other than I don’t have to stress cooking for them LOL


Yes. A week ago. She is getting back to her normal mental self. Quite a bit of nursing. Lots of medications. The surgery was amazing. She was using the leg the day after surgery. She’s on her ZC plan with plenty of beef bone broth for healing.

When she got home she retrieved her puppy blanket (the one she had when she first came to live with us), and found some comfort in that at the start of healing.


Meanwhile Alvaro loves lean meat and dislikes fatty meat, dislikes lard too (unless it’s a pork dish. or when I roast fowl and pork at once and lard goes everywhere :slight_smile: )… It works sooo well :smiley: The lard thing is a bit inconvenient sometimes as I want to use it for everything… But I can handle a little coconut oil occasionally… (Lard is tastier though.)
He just ate up the lean parts of the pork belly I fried yesterday… Well, no visible meat, it’s probably not as lean as a light pork loin but lean enough. Too lean for fried meat. But I did fry it though I got it out way earlier than the “halfway to scratchings” fatty pieces. So it got the cooking (when the meat releases water and I use a lid) and a tiny bit of frying but it stayed juicy enough. Alvaro didn’t complain and I am glad my own meat supply got a bit fattier :wink:

My basic attitude is sharing stuff but it’s always lovely when something nice is all for me as it’s too fatty for him… Like pork chuck, my fav. He can eat some leaner pieces but he is just as fine with the cheaper green ham I find a tad too lean on average anyway.

We did our shopping, we have everything now (except my fav vinegar, not a big problem. I even bought bacon! proper, sliced bacon, I rarely do that but it is fun sometimes) and I so, so want a break from buying anything in the foreseeable future… But we will buy some fancy fish next Friday. It’s the fish day in LIDL and he has things to do in the city.

Today is a weekend day so the more complicated food (I have plenty of fried meat and even pork chuck roast left) must suit Alvaro’s tastes. So we make a traditional dish, stuffed cabbage (it uses sauerkraut, I love the stuff). Not sooo carby after I take out the vast majority of the rice (there will be some meat pieces and at least one stuffed cabbage without rice too)… Alvaro was easily persuaded, he just requested bread with it and that’s quite fine, I love baking and he handles carbs wonderfully. We have a bucketful of sour cream so all will be well :slight_smile:
This dish was one of my 2 favs. I used to eat it without stuffing, at least to the extent that I didn’t feel toooo bad about all the meat and rice I had left… Meat is the main ingredient but I just didn’t care. So I basically ate sauerkraut with sour cream (and a tiny bit of sauce that stuck to it). It was wonderful.

I have all these lovely childhood memories where I pretty much ignored meat and ate sour stuff and crunchy stuff (if the meat had crunchy skin, I didn’t ignore the meat. or if it was pork but we had pork so very rarely… I often wonder about what would have happened if I got meat I actually liked as a kid. I never requested my favs for some reason, I was fine with our normal vegetarian meals, I definitely preferred them over chicken… especially if they were based on eggs and maybe dairy too. I always ate much of these groups and eggs and sour cream, eggs and cheese? matches made in heaven).

But I have a few nice meaty memories too. With pork, always pork. Except some crunchy chicken skin and duck liver. I never had lamb or salmon or good beef in my first few decades of life. I don’t really understand how one can mess up a beef soup but apparently Mom could do it. I guess the beef was super lean? But the soup was very boring to me. But roasted pork ribs? I LOVED them. I will buy pork ribs soon. They are a bit pricey so I wait for a sale and I tried them once and I got disappointed but it happens with anything, even pork chuck! I still think it must be good normally. It was the highlight of the Christmas holiday season when I was little. The zillion sweet baked goods were the opposite, Mom always expected me to eat up everything and I had my limits especially when it came to sweet stuff. I did like them but if I got hungry, I needed proper, savory food. Or sour, that worked too if it was proper food (as there are sour sweet things as well, not those). Anyway, too big variety (and amount) takes my appetite away.
As much as I love food, I do love fasting when I don’t need any food anymore. I like to get hungry properly again and eat what I wish, not whatever must be eaten before they spoil. I like some simplicity at Christmas too. And proper amounts. One great thing of meat dishes is that they usually don’t spoil easily and most of them freezes well. Such a relief.

@FrankoBear: Best wishes for Billie!!! :heart:


ohhh that means the good fatty stuff is always left for you, lucky you :slight_smile:

@FrankoBear, cute pic! So glad to hear she is doing so well. I was wondering on recovery but if she is using her leg already that is a great sign. Retrieve the puppy blanket, omg too darn adorable!!! Sending her great healing vibes! thanks for the update report!

------------today will be usual zc. I have nothing new zc to report now mostly. start day with ribeye steak, 2nd meal will be pork boston butt. Looking forward to eating all that yummy pork fat and crispy fat too, lol.

hubby brought home ribs from a bbq place he likes. I was gonna eat some for the heck of it but the dry rub on it was SO thick and kinda charred really dark and they looked super nasty to me. I skipped bothering eating any…that rub turned me off. Kiddo and hubby inhaled them tho. I took a nibble from one and truly the overly thick dry rub on them was super off putting so no go on those, only thought in my mind was what a waste of great ribs :slight_smile: covered in all that ick!

can’t believe a new zc yr is coming at us so fast!


@Fangs: Indeed, the fatty meat is mine but he still eats very very little meat compared to me and even normal omnivores who love meat. But more than before I guess… Hard to tell but it seems to me he eats more meat at once and it happens more often, vegetarian days are very rare for him now while he was very much against eating meat every day before and desired vegetarian days (not even just one).
It’s interesting to watch how our eating changes… The starting point is usually me, he just adapts as much as he is willing and can :slight_smile: He agreed with a lot of points when I went low-carb and he stayed high-carb but started to do it in a way more healthy way so he has his views and willingness to make some changes for health too, it’s not just following me… But my woe still has a big impact on his, way bigger than his on me (that’s just some temptation here and there, I follow my own body. and temptation on worse days). He doesn’t care much about meat even if he likes it somewhat so his meat consumption depends on my diet. When I was a vegetarian,. he was a vegetarian. When I ate meat a few times a year, he did the same (and said he could do it more often but didn’t do any effort, it wasn’t that important). Then I ate meat every day and he complained (even though he didn’t need to eat it, I just offered as it was an easy way out of cooking something else for him), now I eat meat every day and he virtually does the same (just in way smaller amounts and usually not as the main part of the meals, just some accent, extra flavor) and stopped complaining… He buys a rabbit sometimes and I ask him if pork loin goes on sale (I can’t eat that super lean stuff unless I am very hungry or wrap it into bacon but it’s perfect for him) but otherwise we buy meat according to my wishes and he gets the leaner parts.

Sometimes I see new things on sale. Sadly it’s not when we can visit a bigger town.
Flat iron steak! I never heard about it before in Hungarian (I might have heard about it in English), it has a very odd name, stefánia (Stephanie, basically). No idea why the name, anyway, stefánia is the sibling of Scotch egg, they are the same except stefánia is a loaf and only a few boiled eggs are in the middle so the slices look nice (and potentially fall apart). I like the meat/egg ratio better (but I can’t fit big Scotch eggs into my muffin mold and I have normal sized eggs, called extra large online too). But just ignore both complicated recipes, I can make meatballs and eat as much boiled egg to it as I want, that’s better for me.
So, it was the first time I saw flat iron steak, at least in the supermarket paper, not in real life… It’s one of the cheapest cuts and I don’t know much about it but it should be good. And lean but lean beef still tend to be good. Lean white fish, for example, never is according to my taste, Alvaro obviously disagrees, he happily ate swordfish (I tasted it, lean AND bitter, ew. not bitter, he said but since I learned some people are more sensitive to bitterness, they feel it where others don’t and I must be one) while I happily ate octopus in vinegar in Greece (it was PERFECT for me), I will remember that lovely time forever, it was glorious. Sunset, very close to the beach with the most perfect sand…

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Yyyyeeeeeeessssss :grinning:


Steak dinner. Then there is still time for an evening stroll. I like this walk trail near home.


That is super great you got a good willing partner S! I know we’ve read alot about A from you, feel truly like I know him now too!

@Naghite, always a big pleasure seeing your pics N!!! That is a fine haul!

@FrankoBear, such a pleasure seeing your views! I am so happy you live in a fine location like that, something to definitely treasure!

---------super simple zc day now as usual.
starting with ribeye steak and ending with pork loin, or maybe chicken included, think I am making a big roaster chicken for family so I am sure I will jump on a bit of that too, well at least some of the fat and skin for sure HAHA

rock full on zc everyone!

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Nice posts to read this morning. @PaulL loved your description of meat nutrients. An essential non-nutrient? Lol! These are the arguments we hear all the time, always good to recap.

@Shinita let me know how the skirt steak comes out. You know me, I’d sous vide the hell out of it and get some tenderness into that thing! You keep reminding me of the Scotch eggs. That was quite a project. I should revisit that soon!

Yesterday, took out the sous vide whole chicken from the night before, boned it (except my leg quarter) and seared in pan. Lots of white meat left for chicken salad, so steamed some eggs and mixed it up. The other half of the chicken went into a casserole dish for a crack chicken that should keep us a couple days. Cream cheese, the broth from the chicken, a little Hard Core Carnivore seasoning (these are my first ventures into a little seasoning. I read about the lady who produces this seasoning and she actually is carnivore!) I pour that sauce over the shredded chicken, then top with crumbled bacon and shredded cheddar. Hubby loves this, and I like it too now that I don’t use that horrendous Hidden Ranch seasoning.

Bones went into instant pot with a pkg of feet. This morning, strained into 3 qt jars.

It’s a quick way to dispatch a whole chicken in one morning and feed us for 3 days!

Lastnight I made a pair of chaffles and had a chicken salad sandwich.

Terrible, this cold. Hubby had it for a week before I finally succumbed - getting through the 7 hours of performances this weekend was a trip! Yesterday we played hooky from church and slept. I’ve been slugging vitamin C to no avail, I’m starting to think it won’t work on a carnivore body! So, I quit, and let nature take its course. He did coerce me to take DayQuil Saturday night and I do believe it made it possible to interact with the customers :upside_down_face:
Hopefully by Friday we’ll be in better shape!


Oh, get better soon!!! I am so nicely healed (but only had scratchy throat and little else, lucky! it still was wonderful to be able to drink cold water and go out without a care again) but Alvaro is sick now, better than yesterday though… I miss the 15 years when I never was sick, that was what I expect from my immune system, actually… But as long as it wins and quickly, it’s not too bad.

Skirt steak is supposed to be different from the flat iron steak I talked about (I have no idea about cuts just googled images)… But alas, I have neither, I just saw it went on sale but we visited the supermarket before and probably they didn’t even have it to begin with, I never saw that cut. Hungarian supermarkets and butchers normally have very few beef cuts (or none).
But if I ever see it, I probably will buy some :slight_smile: Beef is nice and it really was cheap. I don’t see the point of more expensive cuts as I pretty much enjoy the cheapest ones, be it beef or pork. But I plan to live long, I surely will try out new things, experience points are precious and worth a bit more to me :wink:

I need to do something more interesting with my chicken too… You say cream cheese? I need to remind myself it can be an ingredient… I only ate cream cheese a few times in my life and I just eat it alone or spread it on my sponge cake buns… But it may be good with chicken indeed… :thinking: I will try it. Unless I forget again…

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What a great idea especially since I’ve got my waffle maker now.
In the past one of my favorite after holiday meals was leftover turkey sandwiches and thanks to you I can eat those again. Thanks for the inspiration.

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I’ve spent the last 3 days guiding a youth hunt and I knew there was going to be some food that I would not be willing to eat so I took a dozen cheesy egg muffins stuffed with venison sausage and a stick of butter. It sustained me well.
The young man that I guided was able to connect with a nice mature doe. I had him remove the heart and liver and I showed him how to prepare and cook the heart and we made heart tacos which he shared with the other young hunters. He had no interest in the liver so I brought that home.
My young hunter bringing home the groceries.


@JJFiddle, wow sorry you guys got so sick. yea carnivore can’t keep us off all illness :slight_smile: I slug some stuff like dayquil or alka seltzer cold plus when I feel off. luckily I never go down tough…hubby does, but so far I get away very lucky, sorry you had to get bad too! hope you get thru it fast.

great hunt picture! my hubby hunts too.
but this yr he didn’t hunt cause they lost their cabin and hunt lease and didn’t find a new one in time but a friend hunter gave him like 10 packs of deer burger, in fact he ate 2 monster deer burgers last night :slight_smile:

-----------again, easy normal zc day
got a nice Tbone steak and maybe some shrimp, been wanting some…first meal, next meal thick cut pork chops.

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Just had some scrambled eggs with venison sausage and some cloud bread. First time trying the cloud bread. It was pretty good but I think I like chaffles better and they’re easier to make.

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Salmon Quiche with mozzarella around noon.

Then later on I cooked up two lamb hearts and two deer hearts.

Then made some deer liverwurst.

Cooked the hearts over an open fire.
All made for a nice meal.


I will make it next time I want some carni buns! I even have cream cheese now! I usually keep some around since I discovered I can buy it in certain supermarkets and I like it…

What deer liver tastes like? Is it sweet as beef liver?
The heart is probably similar to other hearts, I didn’t find them so very different as livers. I sooo love hearts and plan to buy some as soon as I can (without going out of my way too much).

We had some pretty frost yesterday:

I probably will bring food photos soon, I make a pork-pork skin-egg-cream cheese-cheddar thing in my muffin mold today.