Deep-freeze Dee-cember (30 day carnivore experience)

(Bob) #81

Eggs are not considered a high-histamine food, so you should be able to enjoy them aplenty. However, some people can appear allergic to eggs. Oftentimes, this is just the whites and not the yolks, AND oftentimes they do fine with pasture-raised eggs vs store bought eggs because what is triggering the reaction is the grains the chickens ate. Chickens that get to eat their natural diet of bugs and critters produce more nutritious eggs. So if you are trying to zero in on whether or not you have histamine issues, you may still be able to enjoy the eggs.

All those things are carnivore (just watch for added sugars) and many of us enjoy them.

If you can enjoy meats and dairy now, I would start with keeping them and eliminating plants. Most people’s issues are coming from a plant, not an animal-based food.

Here’s a video about histamine intolerance on a carnivore diet you might like if you haven’t come across it already…


All animal products if you ask me… Well the almost pure ones, of course there are processed things with much sugar or other plant matter, not those, obviously. Tiny plant matter processed stuff is up to everyone I suppose, it’s good I say I do carnivore-ISH on my good days so I can eat my sausages :smiley: They usually have no sugar (but it’s way below 0.5% anyway. not good but not so horrible) but plenty of paprika :wink:

But all the pure meat, animal fat, animal skin, dairy and egg are carnivore. The tiny extras are probably very much individual, most people are fine with coffee, some spices, maybe some not sugary condiments… But some people are way more strict, that’s fine.

I am not knowledgeable at all about allergies and the like, I am quite healthy and don’t have problem with any carnivore food (or most non-carni one I suppose but carbs piling up isn’t good).
It’s quite sad if you need to avoid eggs, eggs make life so much better, at least mine, they give me joy and much needed variety on carnivore! I would have problems even without my dairy items and they never were as important as eggs. But it’s possible to live even just on meat, at least many people manage… I probably could do it if it was life or death or just serious health but I would have some hard times and it would be sad afterwards too. I am SO GLAD I don’t need to do that.

I wonder how much histamine eggs have… Google says not so much. Even one egg here and there adds variety… Even just one part of the two… I know as we had some very low-egg times lately.

I don’t know what dietary choices would be good for your health but I hope you will find your sweet spot, good luck!!!

(Denise) #83

I saw her this a.m. but maybe not that guest she had?? I’ll check it out. There are some things I’ve thought about I would not want to give up, nuts is one of them, and I only like walnuts right now, but those are only in my yogurt, and blueberries are in that. I don’t understand why zero plants, like I thought about my ginger-root I like to grate and make tea out of. Is it literally all plants that must cause issues?

I couldn’t find anything on why Carnivore, to be Carnivore, has to eliminate all plant-based. Guess I need to study some more to find out. If we did evolve, which I won’t get into that, why wouldn’t humans supposedly not eat any berries or nuts they found? I why do we eat proteins from animals that eat nothing but plant-based?

You can see I really know very little about Carnivore yet I was all ready to just do it :wink:

(Edith) #84

Yogurt being a fermented food is a histamine containing food.
Walnuts can be a histamine liberator. They give me something call oral allergy. It is possible they are contributing to you mucous/histamine trouble?


It’s not that bad :smiley: I ate 150g nuts and oily seeds a day before… Well I had to eat something and I didn’t eat meat or much carbs…
At the point where I lost interest in vegs almost completely so could try carnivore… I added a tiny meat (oh my low-meat early days, they only weren’t too hard because there was novelty and enthusiasm) and didn’t miss my nuts at all.
(I often consume them on off days but that’s another thing… I don’t need them, I just find them extremely delicious. And the amount is tiny, I can’t imagine eating a lot again. Yep, walnut is very tasty, it’s my fav too. And I had a peanut addiction before carnivore. It is the only not very carby item that my body doesn’t like - in the big amounts I ate it, at least. Roasted salted peanuts are tasty and CRUNCHY. I need lots of crunchy carnivore food or else I will miss it and who knows what can happen then.)

Until you don’t try carnivore, you can’t know if you will miss something. It was very very surreal to me. Without the plant carbs things get way better and I didn’t miss anything for a long while and a big reason for my off days was lack of meat and being bored of meat… (And fruits. They easily tempt me but I don’t often crave or need them. I couldn’t go a day without fruits on my original keto.)

Not having even spices is a hardcore style. I don’t limit my spice consumption - but meat just doesn’t need it… Just the chicken, maybe as it’s not tasty enough but it’s very much edible alone and one can pair it with a tastier meat. (I can’t afford the fancy home-raised or similarly good stuff that is many times more expensive than the normal one and I can buy WAY better and more satiating meat with that money. Of course some quality chicken is tastier, I ate that kind and it was good. Still not as good as pork if you ask me…)

Carnivore, by definition, doesn’t contain plants. Or just a few tiny special ones, maybe.
It’s not about what would be natural or healthy or even what normal animal carnivores eat, it’s just a simple rule.
If you find it unnecessarily strict, don’t do carnivore. I find it unnecessarily strict for myself too, hence I don’t even plan to be a carnivore myself ever. I merely try to stick close most of the time, I like to experiment with pure carnivore as long as I comfortably can… But if I want a harmless seeming plant I even know I will be fine with, I eat it. But that’s not carnivore and there is no problem with that. I know I can handle some plant matter very very well, I feel the same but as I can’t possibly KNOW if longer term true carnivore wouldn’t help me more, I regularly try to go for it. I like experiments and I don’t force anything. And I know that going unnecessarily strict can train me in good ways. If I think I overdo something, it may be easier to go “too” strict (still no force just some determined effort) and then let thing find their sweet spot. It works for me in many cases.
But I never embrace strict rules I feel uncomfortable. That wouldn’t be successful. I slowly change and usually enjoy my diet, no matter what it is at the moment.

You have a goal. It may not need carnivore. That’s fine. But plants never will be carnivore items, it’s just how things are.
Our diet has little to do with our anchestors’s exact diet. Of course they ate the berries they have found. They didn’t do our stricter carnivore diet. They probably needed to be omnivores for survival. And berries probably attracted them. And honey. Liking sweet stuff was important even for our very ancient anchestors, it showed the item had precious sugar that gave them energy for survival and reproduction.
We don’t need to grab every opportunity to eat now, we can afford being choosy. Even if it’s not eating something tasty but not good for us.

(I eat berries and nuts I have found sometimes but I am not carnivore and I have my own priorities. I specifically like to do carnivore-ISH to include a rosehip or two during a walk if I want to. I almost never want to but I like my freedom. And sometimes I eat 2 thin slices of radish with my meat even if it’s otherwise a fully carnivore day. It’s nice, it’s there, why not? You can have this attitude if your health/body allows, amounts matter A LOT. And not everyone is very sensitive to plants. I leave the pure carnivore diet for the ones who need it, want it, don’t mind the lack of plants… I do try to behave and it’s usually very easy but here and then, it’s nice to be more free without paying for it :wink: Good deal, my inner hedonist says.
Ketoers surely know these things. But normal keto is way too carby for me, aiming for carnivore and ending up with a tiny extra when I have a good reason for it is perfect for me, IMO. Or at least, the best I can do.)

(Denise) #86

Probably, anything I am still able to enjoy is bad for me, LOL! I am laughing at least because I gave up a heck of a lot to beat T2 Diabetes, but I feel that was much easier the dairy and nuts :wink:

I didn’t like the DOA btw @VirginiaEdie did I see you say you had tried it also? I take it you haven’t yet found anything to rid yourself of any allergies? Seems you said you’d fought with them a long time :frowning:

(Bob) #87

Not necessarily. Some plants may cause issues for you, but those same plants may not cause issues for me. This is the purpose of going carnivore as an elimination diet, and then after some time (usually 90 days) try adding things back in. For example, I can have lettuce with zero issues. But if my wife has lettuce she better be close to a bathroom, lol.

Plants were seasonal. After the harvest season, fruits and veges rotted and until warmer weather you would have hunted and ate meat for months on end.

And remember, you can live on meat alone and get all the nutrition your body needs, and in abundance. You can’t survive on a vegan diet without supplementation or you will become malnourished.

(Geoffrey) #88

Just meat, salt and bone broth. No water.
I seared the meat first to get a good brown crust on it. Put it in a crockpot. Deglazed the frying pan and added that. Covers it in bone broth and added some salt. Cooked it for three hours on the high setting.
Meat comes out tender and the broth is savory.


plants have toxic properties.
read this: why we dump them on carnivore.

then go here and read tons more:

Also in the ZC category here we have ZC info and video thread running, if you start on that there is a massive amt of info in that thread.
I bumped it up for you.

go all in carnivore.
strict carnivore is no dairy
relaxed carnivore is allowing dairy if you do well on it. dairy can cause alot of issues for many. I do well on dairy but opted to keep only hard aged cheese. I don’t require anything else but right now I am not even eating that cheese anymore.

it is a long journey to adapt and detoxify one’s body but that of course is a very personal journey for each on how we heal and what benefits come faster to us thru going zc lifestyle. Just eat the meat/seasfood fish and fowl and let the healing begin :slight_smile:


whooooo baby this was me too LOL one reason I went carnivore and never looked back :slight_smile: I feel for your wife, I SO get it!!


Love the revelations. So good to read and observe. Then reflect upon the same.


Not necessarily. Some fruits doesn’t do that for many months and some vegs are easy to store during the winter. They can be dried just like meat too… But if it’s just the available stuff, there are winter mushrooms and it’s not very hard to find fruit in winter either (here, at least). Of course, the amount is tiny. But not any less than in summer if I am the one making the search for wild stuff :slight_smile:
So this is a modest amount, shouldn’t cause any problem for a healthy person. The potential problem with our current plants isn’t just the availability all year round (well considering prices, most of them are still seasonal to me…) but the extremely sugariness of modern fruits. I often dislike that as I would want to eat the tasty fruits sometimes - just without a big part of the sugar… But oh well, I can handle all the sugar (as I just eat less of the stuff), it just makes its palatability a bit worse (much worse in bigger amounts but I don’t eat it so) and that’s sad.
But I talk about me and fruits again… Lovely things. I doubt I ever will go without any for a whole month, I allow some lemon drops even on carni days. I don’t have it often and it’s really just a few drops but it makes a difference. What a smell and flavor! I like that I lost my need for fruit, it’s always a choice. But a tiny lemon here and there, I like this freedom. I still cling to my flavorings, sometimes I wonder when I will lose that too.


FB ya know zc gives me alot I never knew it would give me. ZC Zen for sure on how I approach life. Clear thinking means I am out of some boxes we all carry us around in, I love that too!!

the ‘entire’ devastating insanity of ‘dieting world’ of BS. Don’t miss it one bit :slight_smile: Total simplicity of cooking food. Don’t miss one damn receipe ever in my life HA, just personal bathroom, I am SO perfect in the guts that to think back in life and bathroom stuff makes me cringe literally, now life is very very very fine in that dept LOL tmi I know but honestly that change alone is worth every effort of being on this lifestyle to me. Not using food or being slave to commercials and sugar etc. means so muxh freedom for me. Cause before it was a nightmare of diet crap that I could never get out of, til I zc could!!

I thank carnivore for OH SO much and more :slight_smile:

---------------so today is simple stuff around the house. feels like a lazy easy day for me.

defrosting pork tenderloin and gonna make big pot of spagh and meatballs for family so gonna eat probably a giant burger for dinner…might, I am kinda off burger now, hmmm, better defrost a sirloin steak just in case LOL

zc on strong everyone

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #94

People ask me how I can cope without fibre, and I reply, “Just fine, thanks.”

I am still feeling my way into the right balance of fat and salt for this new way of eating for best results (enough said), but my digestive tract is basically loving carnivore.

We had lamb chops last night for supper. Boy, were they good! We have a rule: whoever cooks, the other cleans up. One of the reasons I love cleanup duty is getting access to the pan juices and leftover fat from the cooking and serving vessels. Don’t tell my sister, lol!


The local supermarket (not in our village, in the small town where Alvaro works and I usually shop there when not in a bigger town/city) started to have pork belly instead of “scrap meat”. Both are fatty but this one has bones :smiley: So I can have the meaty bones required for my normal soups, yay!
Today I merely fried the meat part and put the bone to the freezer, I have lots of lard again and the half-scratchings from it were just perfect for lunch.
I have pretty decent “biscuits” too, I used boiled egg, cheese and smoked cooked pork hock skin! Skin is important for taste but I used some sausage spice too, I will try without. I had other, better crunch as I fried the hen skin :slight_smile: I have a crunchy phase. Always loved crunchy food but I want/have it more often now.
I am not in a creamy phase. I just don’t care about sour cream, ice cream and the like now (even though I made some pretty good ice cream last week. and forgot about it but eventually I ate it, it was a tiny one as almost always, just to use up a yolk and some cream).

I am pretty lucky as my body doesn’t care about my fiber content. I did zero/minimal, little, much, very much (okay, not for very long) and all was fine. Yay!
I don’t even need to play with fat or salt as they have no effect on my results :slight_smile: But I almost inevitably eat ~5g salt a day anyway. And much fat. I have no control over these, just like I can’t do much about my protein intake either except making it worse. Eating more is always easy (unless it’s too much salt as that isn’t sustainable), eating less not so much…

Sometimes I wonder how much protein and fat I eat. No idea. Surely not very little, it’s me. I will resume my tracking, vaguely, sometimes… It’s not like I can track anything if I eat pork belly :slight_smile: I know that the “scrap meat” is supposed to be 70/30 but the pork belly…? I can’t track fowls well either or anything with bones (rabbit. no chance).

Why? What is problem with this? And how come she doesn’t know? You are the kind of people who waste food? We never did. If I don’t want lots of leftover fat, I don’t use much fat, it’s one reason I never did deep frying (with very few exceptions in my whole life) while it’s a huge thing here. And because it’s a MESS and it is usually for too bothersome dishes I didn’t need.
And I learned from Mom that if I fry something in fat, we eat all the fat along with the food :slight_smile: I think she (and I) made frying in minimal fat an art form :slight_smile: Minimal for us, not for fatphobic persons, of course. Alvaro had some small flat veggie thingies today, I fried them in about 30g fat, that’s minimal. He needs the calories anyway but the stuff need to fry in fat and it absorbs it so I couldn’t use less (the recipes said 20g but I totally guess and I can’t guess if my life depends on it so maybe it was 22g. hardly anything remained it the pan, convenient).

If I haven’t said it enough time: I want lamb too :frowning: It’s such an exotic thing here :cry: With all our rich sheep keeping history!!! Culture and stuff, there were some very specific impressive clothes for shepherds :slight_smile: And there were big herds on the Great Hungarian Plain that is half of the country and I am from that place. And the edge is closer than the city and the city is 20km away…
I am glad it’s easy to get deer and it’s not expensive but I want mutton too sometimes. The mouflon was such a great find, that is special (and game just like the deer) :smiley: It arrived to Hungary in the second half of the 19th century. And it is beautiful… Just like my big fav, the Racka sheep, that was the tastiest ruminant meat I ever had but it was one time, sadly.

I definitely will eat a few things in 2024. Like mutton and steak. It’s high time!

(Judy Thompson) #96

Wow. @Goldengirl52 it is fun watching you make your way slowly into this lifestyle! In the end you’ll likely find a nice reversal of so many issues, and for me, at a few years on you (ahem) I’m concerned about preventing the aging and weakening conditions that force other people to take care of one.
At nearly 2 years on this, I love that I have no body odor, my hair is no longer coming in white, blood sugar has dropped 30 mmg, arthritis and sciatica have very much receded. I’m fairly strict although I recognize that if I’m in this for life, I can’t treat it like a Nazi diet (have been on so many of those!)

A couple weeks ago I finished an experimental 2 week course with the FreeStyle Libre2 blood sugar monitor. Doc said, no way are you diabetic! I think I’m averaging around 96 mmg. I told him, I would call myself a diet controlled diabetic because I know if I ate the standard American diet I’d be diagnosed in an instant.

Today we have a couple top sirloin steaks my brother sent, then again tomorrow, same thing. With shrimp. A lovely surf and turf! Getting through another intense weekend.

I finally caught hubby’s cold. Using lots of vitamin C, zinc, hot water, and a cool vinegar solution. It took a week and a half to catch it but I promise it’s going away soon! Big gig month, December.
*I bet these remedies are not carnivore but I’m in a hurry here!

Mimsy’s ready for Santa.

(Denise) #97

I’ll be back to reply more Judy @JJFiddle but have a busy morning, great post!! And I have a lot to mention today as I was sent fresh canned Tuna, wildcaught of course so looking for recipes :wink: ttys, denise ps darling puppy, and you have a yoda, lol!! love the joke :slight_smile:

(Denise) #98

I read yesterday, an opinion anyway, that strickly eating meat has it deficiencies in essential nutrients. That’s why I was asking the question as I think about going all out carnivore, with not plant-foods?

Thanks for you info on my histamine/allergies though as that can help me a lot. I just need to “do it” :slight_smile:



Pigs are wonderful animals though… Smart, playful, hedonistic… And tasty, yep.
I wonder how I will eat in some decades… Will I keep pork as my number #1 food, by far at this point? I didn’t count percentages in November in the end but I planned to… I wished to see how much pork I eat but it’s somewhere over 90% of my meat, it’s enough precision… I plan to have super simple times soon and maybe I can calculate things then. I probably use my old plan and track the whole week in one, it’s way less work that doing it day to day and it’s enough to measure the raw meat.
We will see. This is the first time since years I was able to stop tracking for more than a few days and I am enjoying it.


I have read the opposite and well, quite a few people proved that it’s quite possible to live on only meat for decades without problems… But if you think something is missing, look it up and find the meat that has it :slight_smile: I doubt there is anything that is missing - except for some people, not everyone. Some people NEED fiber for some reason, for example. Some people are allergic to some carnivore items (or not allergic, per se but have some other problem with it. but allergy isn’t rare either) and it may restrict their options too much (especially if it involves meat as we know that only meat carnivore may work just fine, one doesn’t strictly need eggs or dairy. but we need meat on carnivore. people say we don’t need organs. but I like organs and it seems a good idea…).
I personally wonder how I get enough Vitamin C (I know we need little but we do need that) as I fry the hell out of my meat… I go off a lot but some people eat cooked meat only and still is fine, I suppose we really need very very little and even cooked meat has enough…? Oh well, I don’t care about this as it’s impossible to ignore a serious Vitamin C deficiency and I will act if that happens :upside_down_face: And I suppose the “okay, we don’t get scurvy but the ideal Vitamin C is so much higher” isn’t such a strong argument on carnivore where Vitamin C has a way smaller role.
Just my thoughts.