December Decadent Keto

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Peruvian chicken. Delicious. The sauce is lime juice, lime zest, mayo and cilantro.

(Jane) #3

Lavash bread crackers. One bread sheet is (edited) 6 net and 8 total carbs and this is how many crackers one sheet makes.


That’s not bad at all! :slight_smile: I don’t think my really good wafers are less carby (I can make pure oily seed ones and they are good but texture wise not what I really like) but I make them in the microwave oven and they are tiny… And I have cheese whisps on carnivore. Good but I don’t always want a super cheesy thing…

How does these taste like? I suppose they are as perfectly crunchy as they look… :wink:

(Jane) #5

Hubby couldn’t find pimentos at the grocery so I chopped up my milder garden pickled peppers and added the juice from the hotter pepper jar.

I thought it was better so I won’t be wasting money on tiny jars of pimentos anymore!

(Jane) #6

They are crunchy like crackers and don’t have much flavor on their own, so you need to season them well before baking.

On this batch I used garlic powder, salt and coarse pepper.


It’s similar to my slightly starchy wafers/crackers then though they have some taste coming from oily seeds but not very much. I love using garlic but sometimes it’s some spice mix I prefer at that time.
Interesting as I wouldn’t put garlic near my meat, for example… I eat very little garlic. But it works so well in my crunchy things (sometimes I put some garlic powder on my cheese slices before they become cheese whisps).

(Denise) #8

How did you make the crackers Janie? That’s what I am missing most I think. I do know a pie-crust that is low carb but these look better!

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #9

Love to see you guys busy in the kitchen. My efforts are very meaty atm, and dairy is defo a no no sadly.


I have quality issues for multiple reasons. Old camera with a faulty lens and too little light… Whatever, this is my ragout soup! :smiley: Mostly meat, water, sour cream and tarragon… I love tarragon.

This is a good idea for my new soup need (I was fine with rare soup for so long but I am a Hungarian, after all… traditionally every warm meal is supposed to have soup. or at least the main meal of the day) but I need working on it a bit more. The meat can’t be too lean or the liquid too thin… It wasn’t bad at all but it wasn’t really wonderful yet.

(KM) #11

That looks amazing, bad camera or not.
What are the two red items?? They look a little like something I know as “ground cherries”, a bit like a tomatillo.


I googled a bit (I do that so often as I don’t know the English name of many plants and fungi yet…), it’s Chinese lantern, apparently. We call it lantern flower but even more often Jewish cherry like the Germans…
I have found these… Apparently it’s just “fruit”? We have a specific word for the general term for the thing that contains the seed of a plant, oh well. So, I have found these several weeks ago, they already looked like this, all holey! It was fun and I couldn’t get bored of it since so I keep them on the dinner table and look at them often. Now I thought I will show them :slight_smile: It’s long lasting, that’s nice. I almost completely stopped bringing home wild chestnuts as they lose their moisture and lovely colors very quickly :frowning:

And my roasted hen leg and wing looks way better, I even showed them to the carnivores but that is a way too blurry pic and I plan to shot it again as my SO’s share is still intact and pretty :slight_smile: And I totally forgot it in the kitchen for the night, it’s good roasted meat doesn’t spoil easily even at that temperature!

(KM) #13

As a little girl I loved playing with horse chestnuts - such beautiful color! Ah, Chinese Lantern, we have that too, another childhood fave. I figured because they were on the plate they were some edible Hungarian delicacy. Still very pretty, though!


No, it’s for decoration, I bring home all kind of pretty stuff from the wildlife park forest :smiley: And rocks from anywhere…
But I did try to eat these things once. They weren’t very good but better than most wild fruits I have tried. Apparently it’s edible when ripe but the rest of the plant (even the unripe fruit) is toxic.

In the end I forgot to shot my roasted hen, oh well. My blurry old pic then:

It was okay but I probably shouldn’t roast poor thing as it takes about 1.5 hours even at the highest temperature (IDK how I get these long times when cooking but I do, especially in the oven. my pork often needs 2 hours. but these were tiny hen limbs…). It wasn’t soft but it had a subtle nice taste (that’s why I buy hens, make way better soup than mere chicken. but it’s still just fowl so can’t be as tasty and strong as red meat). The skin didn’t get ready (it never does) so I will need to fry it.

Do anyone have some tip for the duck wings I have? How are they best (but simple and preferably carnivore but it’s December and I have an SO so that’s not mandatory)? Too few to make a stew. I probably will use a pot with some fat, the same I plan for my future chicken thighs.
I haven’t eaten duck for ages. Except a duck frame, I ate duck ONCE since my childhood. Not my fav (it lacks the softness of chicken while still being a fowl so it can’t be as tasty as pork…) but nice variety I guess.

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Denise’s Cheeseburger Caaserole

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How many carbs are in the bread Janie, as I can’t eat regular bread, that’s why I liked this recipe. I have T2 Diabetes and that’s how I found the Keto Diet :slight_smile:

(Jane) #18

Just saw this - depends on how many crackers you cut the sheet into. I get 12-16 crackers and they are not tiny - need to be large enough to hold your chicken salad/pimento cheese/etc.

One sheet has 8 g carbs, with 2 g fiber so 6 g net carbs if you count it that way. A sheet is 9" x 12". They make several different versions and the one I buy is the sheets of Lavash Bread that says “Flax, Oat Bran & Whole Wheat” on it. They make a multigrain flat bread that is higher carbs.