A suitable substrate for cheese

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Can’t love this enough!
I probably would have to make 2 crusts… one to eat immediately.
Looks so freakin’ good. Tell me, did the crust stay crispy?
And do you think chicken thighs would work as well? I’m thinking of all the work it would take to cut up and mince all those legs.

Also, would you mind flying to Kansas and preparing this for me? I am as bare bones lazy a carnivore as you’ll ever meet.
See meat, eat meat.


Chicken thigh is a big part of the chicken leg so of course it could work. I would use pork, what is the big difference, seriously? :smiley: Okay, pork is tastier but chickens differ too…
But I don’t bother with such complicated recipes :upside_down_face: I did do some not-pizzas (I can’t make pizza, even my wheat ones aren’t proper ones but it’s fine as my SO likes them), using eggs and pork, never cheese in the crust as I dislike cheese that way… I put all the cheese on top :wink:

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I just found a recipe for piecrust using Almond Flour. I can make a bread-loaf (more like a banana nut bread/cake) and it doesn’t spike my sugar. Not sure about ketones as I still don’t test those. I just know I’m so low carb (under 20) I am surely in ketosis, and that’s been 3 years in January.

I’m thinking about trying some crackers etc as well. I like the taste of the Almond Flour, but I really think it’s partly mental, a big part, just knowing I am much safer eating it. I found this one if you are interested but haven’t tried it myself, yet :wink: Denise PS she has several recipes for different crackers. She works hard figuring out what tastes best, how much of what, I’m very impressed with her skills and hard work :slight_smile:
Cheese crackers

Here’s her channel on youtube, you don’t need the cookbook as she has her recipes on her blog/website as well. https://www.youtube.com/@AllDayIDreamAboutFood

I can’t encourage anyone more to be sure and get your main macros established, and be aware of getting hooked on too many goodies :joy: hohoho :slight_smile:

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Piecrust is what I’ve longed for, and this recipe looks great. The crust is made in another video I’ll attach, but this is the pie I am getting ready to make for Christmas. The only things I’m testing out first is the Allulose, and in another recipe for cookies, Swerve brown sugar sub. for any sugar spikes for my T2 Diabetes.

Coconut Cream Pie

Pie Crust (press in type)

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Denise! So good to see your sweet face again. Hope you are doing well.

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Do you have any interest in making keto quick bread? I can point you toward a couple recipes that are quite tasty and not cloud bread. One calls for almond meal and ground flaxseed, the other is made from ground macadamia nuts and coconut manna. They’re quick breads so not yeast risen.

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  1. The crust was crispy on the outside, but was less crispy towards the middle… wife voted for more crispy, so next time I will do it thinner.
  2. Chicken thighs would work… I think pretty much any shredded meat should work… but it needs a binder ie the parm and egg
  3. Ah, the chicken leg meat trick is to buy it already done… so I can buy leg meat small pieces, and I use that… very easy.
  4. More than happy to fly to Kansas to do it for you, as long as you pay for my flights to and from Sydney. I can pay for the journey to Sydney. :slight_smile:
  5. This is actually easier than it looks. The main stuffing around is to get the base right, and it wasn’t that hard. But I just fancied a crunch yesterday… as carnies we often don’t get much crunch… I get a bit from pork crackling, but that is about it. I mostly do what you do: put meat in tray, stick in oven, take out, eat! But a bit of cooking from time to time is no bad thing…

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How about chaffles? Basically a waffle made with egg and cheese.

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Shinita also makes a … Muffin? That just a little egg cake, those would probably be nice with cheese on top …

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Carolyn at AllDayIDreamAboutFood dot com is one of my favorites for low-carb recipes. She’s good at what she does. I used quite a lot of her recipes when I first went keto but have gradually gotten away from a lot of the keto goodies. Just don’t feel like I need 'em much anymore.

I have become a little more aware of my oxalate intake, though, and have reduced that quite a bit as well. Almond flour is kinda high in that as are spinach and chard and beet greens, things that are typically thought of as keto. Might not be on everyone’s radar but it’s something I’ve started paying more attention to of late.

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Hi Robin! Thanks, I’ve missed being on here too. I’m so tempted to go ahead and try making just the pie crust to see how it turns out. I like the idea of it being a press-in type dough as I never had luck with the type you have to roll out. My sister is a wiz with that type of crust, but I just have to find some things for goodies at least for the holidays :slight_smile:


I eat a quite serious amount of cheese whisps and especially scratchings when I want crunch… The only little piglet I ever ate and roasted had the crunchiest skin ever too… And there is chicken skin or bacon slices (that I almost never buy but it’s an easy crunchy treat)… I am pleased with my carnivore options at this point even though I can’t eat enough of them for reasons.
So I still experiment with carnivore crunchy biscuits sometimes (it is work and I am usually fine without so not much effort went into it. but sometimes I love to bake and make new recipes, it’s a hobby). Cheese based as I can’t get a really good crunch otherwise and while I love my cheese whisps, sometimes I don’t want 100% cheese when I fancy some crunchy item. I love to base my food on eggs but they aren’t so good at crunch. I manage crispy sometimes and that is nice too. Just not good enough when I want 100% crunch.

And if I don’t want 100%, there is my fried pork, my most common and probably top favorite food. I fry it as long as needed but it will be crunchy in the end. Halfway (or more) to become scratchings. My proper scratchings are super crunchy (and super fatty as they are the lovely side effect of making lard), my fried pork has softer parts (better for not overly fatty pieces) but lots of crunchy sides as well…



I had the eureka moment when I was considering ricing cauliflower. I’ve never been much into rice anyway. And why not just eat the cauliflower the way a cauliflower normally is, instead of going through the bother of making it look like rice.

Or making courgette look like spaghetti. I just eat the courgette. Less work in the kitchen.

While we’re trying to mimic carby foods, we’re subjecting ourselves to a lot of frustration.


I love black pudding. Sadly, it is very difficult to find in my world.

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I agree, completely :wink:


It’s often the case but I loved riced cauliflower (even though I couldn’t afford it due to the very high carb content. 1000g was a minimal taste to me). It doesn’t even remotely resembles rice if you ask me so I never could have use it as a replacement for that, I used it as a vegetable, the tiny fried pieces were so much better than some bigger ones!
(Then carnivore came and I don’t even like carnivore anymore, yay!)

But apparently many people are fine with imitations. They probably use the kind that works for them. I almost always very strongly feel the carb content so no way a keto thing could strongly resemble something carby (except the easy sugar->sweetener replacement, still noticeable quite often but that’s a good thing, I don’t like the taste of sugar). But it may fulfill the role perfectly, often even better than the original item. They are different though so if I want the “real” thing, I eat the real thing. One can’t make everything on keto, not like it’s necessarily a problem, we don’t need to eat everything… But some replacement may make our life easier. Or harder if we expect a similar item as the original and we are sensitive to the differences…

Easy here but it’s always full with rice. Only proper sausages are fine and they are the best anyway so I buy those, not its less noble siblings.
It’s a bit sad though as I love blood. Oh well, I don’t exactly miss it, I had it so few times in my life.

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What a shame … the butchers own is super lovely … i had eaten it in the cafe that is next door to the butchers and it was so nice i had to ask where they bought it from ! Can you not get it on the internet… mine was vacuum packed?


I always look forward to my trips to London, where I will always indulge in a full English breakfast. Blood pudding, baked beans, proper sausages, fried tomatoes, poached eggs, and toast slathered in fresh salted butter.

The problem is that it is not refrigerated. Vacuum packaging does not eliminate microbial growth. Meat should be stored at 40 °F or below.

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These are my favorite and easy (and cheap) to make from Joseph’s Lavash bread you can find at Walmart or any other grocery. I haven’t used this particular recipe but this is how I make them. Just keep a close eye on them as the brown and then burn quickly.

I have used various toppings from Everything seasoning (like the bagel), to garlic salt to ranch dip powder. They stay crisp for days.

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