DECEMBER 2019 Weight Maintenance Check In


Wow, this year flew by, it is feasting season again already.

I’m looking forward to 2020, I’m over 3 yrs. into maintenance and some days, I just can’t believe it has been so tasty and easy getting here. I love the foods, I love to fast from time to time, and I love that just walking and minimal strength training is keeping me where I want to be.

Every other time I tried to lose, I’d got close but would start gaining again. I was so damned stupid. The Zone, a 40/30/30 diet got me the closest, but even that was too much carb for my body. In all fairness it did help me make it through menopause without killing myself or someone else :smiling_imp:.

November 2019 Weight Maintenance Check In
(Trudy) #2

November was the toughest of my maintenance months and never got back down to my 63kg maintenance weight, actually got up to 66.9kg, the highest I’ve been this year. Came in at 64.6kg this morning. December has a holiday and Christmas socialising so hope I’m still near this weight at the beginning of January. Good luck everyone.

(Erin Macfarland ) #3

I’m about 6 years into eating LCHF. My weight fluctuates within about a ten pound range which seems like a lot, considering I’m very lean and active and on the lighter side of the weight range for my height ( 5’7”). I haven’t weighed myself in months because I tend to get too obsessive about it, and I can’t live with that kind of stress. I know I’m heavier now than I really prefer to be, I’ve added some muscle lately I think and most likely some body fat too. I’m still very lean for a woman, around 12-15% body fat (I’m a personal trainer and can test myself if I want to anytime.) I like I how I feel and run at about 120 lbs. I think I’m closer to 130 right now. When it comes to issues in maintenance, one I have struggled with is appetite. If I want to drop some pounds I have to really dial back the amount of fatty meat I eat. But then my appetite becomes hard to ignore- and my energy levels dip if I scale back the fat. So I tow a line between wanting to be on the lighter side and not wanting to be ravenous and tired all the time. Basing my diet around fatty red meat seems to be the ticket to feeling satiated and having good energy. I crave ribeye, short ribs, chuck eye like my life depends on them. I typically eat within a 2 to 6 hour window depending on my schedule and hunger levels. I enjoy that template, and it works with my busy life as a single mom of two very active kids. I add non starchy veggies and maybe some chocolate and other keto staples as I feel like it- pork cracklings, some full fat dairy sometimes, I suppose what I’m rambling about is how strong my appetite is after having eaten this way for so long. I sometimes want to figure out how to reduce how much I consume but it always ends up catching up with me- if I knowingly undereat one day my appetite comes back with a vengeance the next day. It’s crazy how that happens, since my body doesn’t have enough fat to draw on to let me fast for longer than maybe 24 hours between meals. Just some thoughts about how things change over time!


Thanks for that post Erin. It is good to know how others have to tweak their body.

I tend to stay on the lower end of my maintenance range with red meats. I am older and shorter and not as active in the winter time, still do a couple of 30 min. walks almost every day along with some fitness classes. I have body fat to draw on when fasting. My body will hang at the lower end of the range for months at a time and then BAM, I bounce to the top of it, having not done anything or eaten any differently.

I have learned that when I bump up, it is time to move the nuts out of sight, out of mind, and add back in more red meat, then do an extended fast and things will settle back down within a few days.


well I’m mad, I’m sick for the first time in almost 3 years - a sinus infection. Just started antibiotics, which, based on history, I’m expecting are going to make me retain water and maybe gain weight just because they mess up my appetite (make me hungrier). Although for the past week my appetite has been so low from being sick. I’m just mad I have to take antibiotics! I hate what they do to my gut. I’m taking a probiotic too, but still… I work so hard to be healthy, it sucks to feel like I got a setback. :frowning:

(Central Florida Bob ) #6

Just checking in the Check In post. I’ve been reading regularly but not posting much.

Anyway, I’ve been in maintenance since the start of November. According to my scale, my weight went up about 5 pounds since I quit my alternate day fasts. I still eat the same basic way - TMAD most days, a couple of OMAD days, and Keto tracking less than 20 net carbs/day. Since mid-November (the 13th), I’ve stayed in a range of 2.2 pounds. That’s max to min, so +/- 1.1 pounds.

Since Friday (after Thanksgiving) until yesterday, I ate more protein than I normally would, but it had no effect on weight. I smoked a turkey and it was seriously the best turkey I’ve ever done so leftovers at least once a day from Friday until yesterday, and usually with our homemade chipotle mayonnaise. I’ve noticed before that I seem to be able to eat more protein than the normally quoted .5 to 1 gram per pound of lean body mass with no problems. If I’m going to overeat anything, it’s better to eat more meat than carbs.

That’s all from my corner of the world. I’d still like to lose those proverbial last five pounds and get this range center down from 198 to 193, but I haven’t blown up.


Hope you recover quickly.

I haven’t gotten an infection but this autumn, my sinus issues have occurred after 2 yrs. of no issues with them at all. This WOE had them under control. I would end up on antibiotics every yr. before and Yea, weight gain with those. Yogurt was my best friend after a round of them.

Life is full of setbacks. Just KCKO and you will get healthier again.


Thank you!! :hugs:

(Jack Bennett) #9

Thanks to @collaroygal for the link to this topic. I hadn’t known about it until now.

I’ve lost about 40 lb since I started tracking in February (2019). I went from 215lb to 175lb and I don’t want to go much lower (5’11").

I’ve done a very similar weight loss a few times before: vegan (2009-2011) and paleo (2016-2018). Unlike those times, I feel excited about eating keto for the long term. As a vegan, in particular, I was always hungry even though I was eating a lot of fat (cashew, coconut, etc).

If I eat ad libitum SAD, I reliably get up to 215 lb. If I eat one of those other ways - deliberate and “healthy” and non-SAD - then I always seem to go to 175 lb over several months. I want to maintain on keto and stay at a healthy weight. Or possibly gain a bit of muscle.

(Central Florida Bob ) #10

Well, it’s January, but I’ll cut the admins a bit of slack on not staring the January page and post anyway.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say I’m not the only one who put on a couple of pounds over the holidays. My weight has been going over 200 since December 9th. I’m doing OMAD or TMAD every day. No non-keto treats. In fact the only treat-like thing is my experiments with making ice cream. Since (1) it’s HWC and some flavorings, (2) I’ve made exactly two batches that my wife and I shared over several days, and (3) it has less junk in it than rebel creamery, I don’t think that’s the issue.

I’ll probably do a fast for a day or two in the next couple of days. Being a holiday, I’ve got pulled pork in the process of smoking. Sous vide first, then smoking. Pulled pork is “safe”.

Happy New Year everyone!

(KCKO, KCFO) #11

Sorry for the delay Bob, here is the link to the Jan. 2020 thread. Admins don’t start these, users do :). I have been doing it for a while.