January 2020 Weight Maintenance Check In



How is everyone doing so far this year?

I am going to try and push my set weight down just a lb or 2 this year. A little breathing room never hurts. I’m starting out the year with the Diet Doctor’s 5 week meal plan program. I usually just open the fridge and come up with a meal. I really should work on planning and keeping a good shopping list as well.

DECEMBER 2019 Weight Maintenance Check In
(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #2

Happy new year everyone! I’ve been in maintenance mode for a while now but I’ve never checked in on these threads. For those of you who don’t already “know” me, I’m Becca and I’ve been Keto since Sept 2018. SW was 225 lbs, CW is a little under 135 lbs.

Thankfully I was able to maintain my weight around the holidays. Even after all this time, I still track my food every day. I know I don’t really need to, but it gives me peace of mind.

Last summer I bought a bunch of new shorts. I didn’t really wear shorts before because I didn’t like how I looked. But all of the shorts I bought were a size 10. Now I’m a 6 so I was thinking to myself that I’ll need new shorts and a new bathing suit this summer. Yesterday my daughter and I were browsing the mall and I scored 3 pairs of shorts on clearance for $25. Bathing suits do not seem to ever go on sale from what I can tell :roll_eyes:

Anyways, I hope everyone continues to maintain their goals this year!


Don’t talk about my first day but I made some very interesting experiments and changed a lot in last year especially in the end. My weight is 152-156 since several years (I was around 180 but lost fat on low-carb, it was nice and easy and slow, I don’t eat little) except when I managed to lose some after fat adaptation or a bit on OMAD (that was promising and almost suited me wonderfully but something was missing) but my body LOVES this weight and went back to it every time. I am very, very sure about very low-carb though, it immediately solved some of the problems I had even on keto, it reminds me of OMAD but it’s better and easier and it’s a new world, seems good but I barely started.
So if I am lucky (I consider it lucky if I finally can do what I should ;)), I will lose the excess fat this year (I have plenty, I am short and not muscular at all). Some muscles wouldn’t be bad either.
I was 11 stones yesterday morning (at least my scales showed that, of course I never can be sure, it doesn’t matter). I never want to be that much again in ketosis, I want slow (but quick enough for me) fat-loss again like 8-9 years ago, way before keto when I easily lost a significant amount of fat on low-carb, without even exercise. But I want exercise, I need that for my health and energy! And muscles. Don’t forget the muscles, I want all the muscles (not really but close) I can put on naturally as a 43 years old woman! I am lazy but hopefully become determined enough very soon. I have enough weights for some time (I usually use dumbbells) and even made a press bench last year.
I want more hiking, cycling, walking than last year too. It wasn’t horrible but my body and mind needs more, it feels good and has various benefits. I want to learn to run too, it’s a few years old goal that progresses super slowly. Why not this year? I can wait for my first marathon for long but I want to do more than a few minutes at once…

So I have lots of goals and got carried away. It’s good to remind me what I wanted, my weights just collect dust lately though I liked to use them…

Good luck and a great new year, everyone!

(Central Florida Bob ) #4

I’m with you @collaroygal only about double that. When I went into maintenance, my weight went up about 5 and then another couple since then. I’d like to knock that down so that some wandering around doesn’t go over that borderline between “onederland” and “too-something”. I think that means my goal ought to be what it was when I gave up trying for it and started maintenance. I’m just not sure if I should go back to alternate day fasts or just what to do.

Hope everyone had a Happy New Year. It was a beautiful day here on the Space Coast. Got out for New Year’s bike ride by about 10AM. Not a long ride, just 17 miles, but the weather was like a picture post card.


Welcome to the Maintenance Crew Beccs. Nice scoring the sale on shorts. And bathing suits can be a problem. But it is a good problem to have.

(Jane) #6

I am up a couple of lbs from the holidays at 150.6 but ok with it. I’ll be back at work next week and easier to be stricter with my carbs and even get a bit of fasting in.

Just passed two years on keto and can’t believe it has been so easy fo maintain!


Congrats on 2 years Janie.

I finished off the feasting season 2 lbs under my goal weight, so I am pretty happy to not be normal and had put on the 5-10 lbs. most gain during the holidays.

How did everyone else do over the holidays?

Brenda Zorn posted some interesting info about TRE vs. intermittent fasting. She works for Dr. Fung’s fasting support service, that is the company she is referring to in this quote in case you don’t know her…

" Mine (and the company I work for) define it as every other day fasting or truly “intermittent”, such as a once a month extended fast. 18/6 and 16/8 is actually time restricted eating (TRE) and does not give all the benefits of a true fast (burning through glycogen stores, burning deep body fat, re-setting the immune system, and autophagy)."

(Troy) #8

I’ll check in for maintenance
Down 2lb since Christmas
I actually did 3 straight 24 hour IF
Was doing more or Less TMAD prior

I already have a "lifetime warranty"of better health with this WOE🤣
Might as well in be in " maintenance "

(Heather Miller) #9

Checking in to say I have decided to leave maintainance for the start of 2020!

In 2017 I went from 260 to 155 in 9 months and have now stayed there for just over 2 years. My health is much improved and I have been living a whole new life. At 5 ft 4 I am definitely still overweight, although some loose skin adds some pounds. It’s time to set a new goal and take the next steps forward. I would like to reset down to between 130 and 135. Adding in more fasting, especially more water only fasting (I will miss my coffee with HWC) currently doing a 72 hr fast, then ADF until mid month, then the Zorn fast!

Looking forward to having an excuse to buy new clothes after 2 years st this size!

(Full Metal KETO AF) #10

I started at 205 lbs September 2018 and am in maintenance for a few months now. I’m holding at about 144 lbs. I just started a full Carnivore/ZC trial on 1/1/2020. Over the holidays I was liberal but controlled. I tasted a few things, had an off plan meal, drank alcohol several times, and went to four carb heavy parties/pot lucks. I stayed KETO most of the season with non KETO incidents rather than binging for days. The most I ever gained was 1 1/2 lbs for a day or so. At the end I was where I was going in. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Trudy) #11

Thanks as always for this post :grinning:

Maintenance weight 63kg, weighed in 63.9kg for January, very happy with this following holidays.

Might try a bit more fasting this year…so happy with this eating style and this informative forum.

(KCKO, KCFO) #12

Welcome back to the forums HeatherD.

This month’s Zornfast is already posted. Hope to see you over there.

I am starting the dietdoctor’s 5 week plan to tighten things up a tad bit. I am working on yr. 3 of maintenance. But lately I have been feeling I want to drop just a couple more lbs. so hopefully I can do that this year.

(Ian Patey) #13

Hi Maintenance’rs… hoping for some guidance from this audience.

I’m 6’0" was 303 but have been fluctuating between 218 and 224 for months now. My goal is 190ish. My question for anyone who has hit their goal… did you stick to LCHF or did you have to change the macros to LCHP? Reading Ted Naiman and my thoughts lead me to cutting back on exogenous fat and increasing protein. Any thoughts? How did you do it?

(KCKO, KCFO) #14

Ian, we are all different, when I stalled out on the last 10 -15 lbs, it took doing longer fasts, 48-108 hrs. over the course of a month to get me to goal. IFing most days keeps me at or under my goal weight all the time now. In my case, exogenous fat did not help with anything but more bouncing around on the scales. So I am not a fan of those.

Others find going strick 20 grams carbs, not net, does it for them. Still others actually modify to cut back on fats just a tad bit and up the protein works. Going zero carbs works for yet others.

You just need to see what your body needs. Experiment with the higher protein idea and see what happens, give it a few weeks. .


I never heard about lowering our fat intake when we already lost most of our fat reserves. It’s an odd logic to me but each to their own.

I usually just maintain my borderline overweight body but I know that when I slim down, I immediately raise my fat intake (finally!) and start bulking (it will be very slow for me, almost maintenance).
My protein is quite high already, thank you, definitely no need to make it even higher.
It’s individual, of course. Some people actually able to stay below 2g/kg (slim bodyweight) all the time. I couldn’t do that even when I tried, ate little and did vegetarian keto. I do carnivore now but it’s very recent, I just hope I won’t go very, very high as I can’t see that as ideal if I can comfortably use fat for fuel too.

(Troy) #16

All different
See what works

For Me, same tried and true formula
Total Carbs less than 20g per day still

Sprinkling in more OMAD vs TMAD
Closer in the range of 5-10 total carbs these meatier days
And there has been a greater shift to more protein, credit to mostly carnivore🙂

(Central Florida Bob ) #17

I’m getting the feeling from reading around the whole site that we could use a sub-forum for “Those Last 5 or 10 Pounds”. Everyone seems to get there eventually and how to get past it takes effort tuned by/for the individual.

The admins just added the Centurions sub-forum over under community. That sort of idea.


It’s the last 30lbs for me. Or… “the last excess fat after I reached the weight my body is happy with”. It’s easy to get here. It’s near impossible to go lower.

I am 69kg now, not much change in the last 8 years… I’ve just lost some tiny gain from the last months (mostly off keto with some food addiction problem. not real addiction as I stopped and never missed the items anymore but I overdid them before). It’s not just the number of my scale, my pants feel just like before. I am close to carnivore and hopeful now, with reason. My average carb intake significantly diminished and it had good effects, it should work.
I eat 0-3 times a day, usually once and I finally did a 48 hour fast too.
My attitude to food and satiation changed a lot due to these all. I am quite pleased for now, no matter what my weight does. I suddenly started to feel starved and unsatisfied when I ate more carbs lately, anything but that. I stay down for now, not like I desire carbs.
Something must happen in the near future, finally.

(Central Florida Bob ) #19

(30 vs. 10) - same thing, I assume. It’s that last little bit between you and goal. Some people make it, others seem to say they never quite get where they want.

I don’t know if it’s cold where you are, but there seems to be some truth to the saying cooler temperatures really encourage those foods and eating patterns that add some body fat.

(KCKO, KCFO) #20