December 2018 ZORNFAST


At hour 23 of my new multi-day fast (open ended). Mostly a water-fast but am allowing [spoiler]1 tblsp of HWC per my 1 cup of coffee per day[/spoiler]. This time around I will also allow a sip or two of dill pickle juice to aid hydration.

By the way, a stiff drink of ACV and mag citrate took care of a lot of that regain from last week’s fasting. :wink:

It’s really windy and cold down here in Louisiana this week — for southern Louisiana. But I did get a brisk 45-minute walk in today. Plan to do so as long as the fast lasts, at least.

Question: Is there any way you know you are in autophagy? When I extended fast I might see some ketone activity but not much because I think I am pretty well fat-adapted; when I go for really long walks I feel fine and not exhausted; I sleep just OK but not great or for long and do not crave a nap; and my BG stays below 79.


Dave, after I have a special dining-out meal like you did, I always seem to be fired up about a new extended fast. However, I rarely get past 18-20 hours the next day because of a terrible hunger return. So I usually give in and eat light that following day. Then, the second day after the feast I try again and it goes a bit better.

That is what happened to me this past Friday and weekend. And now — after eating light again over weekend — it seems I’m off to a better start on an EF.

These EFs take some starts and stops sometimes.


Yeah for me, I think it was more the working outside cutting down the tree, then spending another 1-1/2 days on cleanup that may have gave me a head cold? (It was only around 32-35 degrees) Still feeling a bit off today, but I never did get hungry, just was feeling slightly sickly that day. Thought eating something could help, but not sure it did? I’m Presently at 26 hrs., and feeling fine. Other then still having some sniffles and congestion.

(Mike Glasbrener) #44

36 hrs. Into new fast. Still recovering from Thanksgiving… It’s all good.


Just over 48 hrs. and feeling great. :slight_smile: … Don’t have a set time, so will just play it by ear and enjoy the feeling.

(Lynn) #46

I’m at 50 hrs and hoping I can break my 69 record. Seems to be A LOT easier this time. I feasted before so that prob helped. Plus I did a lot of 24 hr ones so maybe I got myself in a good place. We will seeeee!
I am drinking [spoiler]Bone broth[/spoiler] watered down. So more flavored water :slight_smile:

(Lynn) #47

UGH! Only made it to 66. Started feeling the same way as when I only made it to 69. It feels like my brain is shutting off. Start to not understand what ppl are saying. Had plenty of salt. Not sure why I cant seem to make it into the 70th hr :frowning:


You did the right thing. Always listen to what your body is telling you. Fasting should never feel forced and I’m sure that would be miserable to even try as well. You’ll hit that 70 hr. mark next time. :slight_smile:

Just broke my fast, a little over 68 hrs. But it was a great Fast with no issues as normal. … Hope everyone still Fasting has a good Fast with no issues! :slight_smile:

(Lynn) #49

Thanks Dave! Next time!!

(Mike Glasbrener) #50

~50hrs I broke. Starting again Mon.


Just passed hour 72 and feeling good, except for a chill. Was a better day than yesterday (day 2). FBG at 74.

Walked brisk 4 miles with the hound today and had no ill effects so I just might be for-sure fat adapted. Weight also has gone down 5 pounds in past 3 days to 201.6. Only 1.5 pounds away from 200-pound milestone (-55). Just might get close tomorrow morning.

Big test will come tomorrow night or Friday when I cash in on this fast. Re-feeding will be a challenge. Got to fight that big uptick on the scale this time.

10 days ago I got down to 201.2 but couldn’t hold it down — too much
[spoiler]gumbo and hush puppies [/spoiler] at a restaurant.

Immediate goal is to go into Christmas Week at 198.

My 180 goal (-75) is a couple months away.


I hadn’t intended to start a ZornFast until the weekend, but I never got around to eating last night…having planned my weekly (McGuff Style) lift in a DEEPLY fasted state, then have a protein heavy meal afterward.

I never got to the gym, due to an extra long orchestra rehearsal last night.


No Workout, No Supper, and all the sudden, I discover I’m Mid ZornFast, somewhere around 38 hours.

It’s nearly effortless, (usually) but I did get a bit dizzy getting out of the Tub a couple hours ago. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. (Shrugs)


Nearing the 93-hour mark and still feeling well. Hit that major milestone today at exactly 200.0 – a loss of 55.4 pounds since April 8. Fasting Blood Glucose 69. Heart rate 53 to 73.

Called my cardiologist and he was all congratulations and “proud of me” and wants to see me again on Feb. 13. Was very pleased with latest blood work. It’s good to have doctors who get it – both my cardiologist and my new VA primary.

Now the question is where to go from here. Four days just might be enough this time around. For once, I have had zero issues with light-headedness or weaknesses of any kind. Of course, the hunger still comes and goes but is much, much less today. I am tempted to go another day but why push it? I can always start anew this coming Sunday.

Re-feeding is now the issue. I’m coming off a long EF, for me, and I don’t want to pig out – even on keto foods. The next three days may be as tough as the last four as far as mental control goes.

Even got some non-scale encouragement today when I slipped into an of pair of jeans which must have thought it had been abandoned. I’m not skinny by a long shot but I have gone from a tight 46 to a “fitting nicely” 40. I don’t even own a pair of any kind of pants below 40. Might need a new Spring wardrobe after the New Year.

Onward to 195.0 … small steps is the way I’m approaching this.


Way to go, Ben. Congrats!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #55

I may have mentioned this before, so excuse if a repeat. Part of the weight regain is water. Refilling glycogen, rehydrating (we usually become at least a bit dehydrated whilst fasting), weight of the new food in our gut counts too!! Don’t sweat the regain, most of it is inconsequential.

As a tip, some slow down their overeating by filling up with fiber such as [spoiler]chia pudding[/spoiler]. Always break your fast with a small amount of food, only one or two ounces of [spoiler] meat or low carb vegetables with added olive oil [/spoiler]. Then WAIT 30 to 60 minutes before eating a NORMAL sized meal. Do not break your fast with [spoiler] nuts or eggs (they can cause diarrhea). [/spoiler] Another strategy for hunger control? diving into “fat fast” foods only. Very high fat, almost zero carb foods and paying attention to eat fat to satiety. If you are like me, you miss flavors of different foods as much as the comfort of eating. Eat a variety to satisfy this, but only a small amount of each.
Happy feasting!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #56

I have been blurring the food you are mentioning in your posts, but I do not have time to do it for everyone. I need to get you using our “blur spoiler” in here as we do not write about food in the fasting thread. Here is a tutorial:


Ok thanks. Sometimes I do, sometimes forget. Now I’m going eat a few [spoiler]nuts[/spoiler]. Cut off the fast officially at 95 hours with some [spoiler]leftover gumbo[/spoiler]. :grin:


Ben, as I recall, I’ve forgotten to blur my food a time or two as well.

I don’t happen to be one who is effected much anymore by being around food during a fast. But we are all different in some ways.

In fact during an EXTENDED Fast, sometimes I actually do more cooking than when I’m eating. (Not always…) I DO enjoy being around food, and often will make something for my wife while fasting, just enjoying the process, the smells and etc.

Weird, I know.
I only made 49 hours this time…and broke my latest fast last night. And I might add, not particularly well.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #59


The monthly four day Thursday through Sunday “ZornFast” starts this coming Thursday, December 20-23. Perfect timing for those of you who want to squeeze in one more fast before the holiday. I will be fasting Monday through Friday next week.


Count me in!

I’m doing more and more EF’s in addition to my Regular 20/4’s and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.