Well, the Fast never took hold this time… Woke this morning early as usual and decided to go out and do some stuff. While burning leaves and tree debris from the tree I cut down last week, I only got 3-4 hours in, before I started feeling run down, or like I was coming down with something. … So went ahead and came into the house and ate something, hoping it would either make me feeling better, or at least give me some needed fuel. But not sure it I felt any better? Started snowing afterwards, so never did get back out to do Christmas lights, but instead fell asleep a couple times while watching some TV. … Hoping I’m feeling a bit better tomorrow and if so, possibly starting a Fast again? :slight_smile:

(Claudia) #62

I overdid it with the “exceptions and conscious treats” a little this weekend :sweat_smile:
Now back on the horse and do some fasting before the holidays.
currently at 6h hoping to manage at least 48.

(Justin Jordan) #63

Man I keep wanting to do a five day fast, and I keep failing to actual do so.

In theory, the length shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve done three days intentionally before, and I’ve actually just not eaten for five days before (the distinction here being that the five days was when sick), so it’s doable.

And I don’t think I have a mind thing about the ‘five days while sick’ bit but you never know.

Part of it, for sure, is the social aspect. And that I have a family I don’t feel like fielding questions about what I’m doing - and while I don’t tell them, they’re likely to notice.

On the other hand, I’m doing more or less ADF successfully, and have done since October. But I want to try the 5 to see if I can drive my insulin resistance even lower. I’m still around 100 BS on my fast days, and 140 or so on my eating days (even with near zero carbs).

Now, that’s just on Metformin. With Glipiizide, I can get my BS into true normal ranges, so it looks like my pancreas can produce enough insulin, which is why I am trying to increase my sensitivity.

I suspect part of this may actually be the ADF too. I may need to schedule a longer period of eating before and after a 5 day to make it work for my brain.


Well, I’m still not feeling all that well today so far, but actually came into work anyway. Stomach is just a bit edgy at the moment, kind-of just keeping a sickly feeling at the moment, but I’m Fasting all the same. :slight_smile: … Coming up on 14 hrs. so plan to continue on.

(Brennan) #65

11 hours into an unintended fast. I actually want to fast, but I’ve got food in the fridge that I don’t want to go to waste. This will be my 3rd EF, not setting an end date. I’ve got possible social obligations midweek and a staff holiday party on Friday. I’ll break before one or the other.

(Deb Erber) #66

Trying to do the Feldman protocol for my upcoming physical. Finished a 58 hour fast at 8 o’clock this morning. Typically break my fast a little easier but since I was trying to increase calories and fat I had a little more high fat food than I normally would have. Had a little GI upset after breakfast, don’t usually eat breakfast but was feeling i needed to eat. Here comes the TMI. Couple hours after lunch of more high fat food, major disaster pants, had to leave work. Haven’t ever had that happen before when coming off a fast. I’m guessing too much fat too soon. I’m confused with how to get the increased fat per the protocol and not have a negative reaction.


Too much saturated fats can indeed do this, as well as just certain food items themselves. Such as Eggs or Nuts. (For me) If I break a Fast with either of these items in any form, or simply too much Fat itself, it will bother my stomach for a short period. But have read some having issues for much longer.

Presently in at just over 26 hrs. :slight_smile:

(Kristin) #68

Broke my fast at 66 hours today. The 2nd day of fasting is indeed the hardest. I felt like I could have waited to eat until dinner at 72 hours in.

(Laurie) #69

Hi all. Still doing 20/4.

I was doing twice-weekly 44-hour fasts for a couple of weeks. I quit about a week ago, because I was too weak to do all my exercises on Day 2. I think I’ve tweaked my exercise routine enough now (hard, easy, and fun in the right proportions), but I might not try EF again for a while. Just getting through the winter is such a challenge, and I’ll be happy if I can stay keto and 20/4 for the duration.

Thanks for the inspiration and support.

(Brennan) #70

23 hours in and bedtime for me. Just got a sous vide in the mail from Amazon. Xmas came early, gonna start planning the feast tomorrow. Probably still fast till Thursday or Friday before the Xmas party.

(it's official - I'm forked) #71

Oh yeah…

(Claudia) #72

27h. but I had 2tbsp of ghee/coconut oil in my coffee this morning.
So more of a fat fast than anything else. but now I feel fine again.
can’t wait for new years until the whole foodfest is over…
but then again the gyms will be bursting full :sweat_smile::roll_eyes:


I’m in at just over 37.5 hrs. and feeling great. And boy my stomach is REALLY talking this morning! :smiley: (which I actually like!) It’s this empty feeling I wait for. - I happened to be standing next to the wife who was sitting in a chair, so she heard it acting up a storm from real close. :grinning: She said wow, are you hungry? Said nope, that’s just the emptiness showing itself. :slight_smile:

(Claudia) #74

33.5. Was quite hungry, had some salt and ginger tea. hunger is gone, but somehow I miss food.

Let’s hope today’s workout will cause some endorphin rush and keep me going, if it doesn’t I’ll probably call it quits at 40h…

(Brennan) #75

34 hours in, slept amazing last night! Feel amazing this morning! I think my body really loves fasting, honestly I’m a little surprised but each fast seems to be easier than the last.

(Claudia) #76

mind sharing a little bit of that feeling? :laughing::wink:

Hope my body will let me get there sometime today… I love the feeling when I get it…

(Susan) #77

Just got back from vacationing with the grandkids, managed to keep it keto and only gained one pound in a week. Cooked 2 meals last night and then realized I wanted to fast on my remaining days of vacation, so I put the 2nd meal in the freezer. So I am starting a ±96 hour fast as of 11 pm last night. It is officially 7.5 hours lol. Water and black coffee and electrolytes

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #78

Sparkling water can usual calm the storm. IDM always tells folks to use it.


Yes ma’am, I’ve heard that as well, but just never tried it. :slight_smile: I actually don’t mind it really, it just reminds me I’m Fasting! :smile: … But there are times I wouldn’t mind shushing it some, such as meetings at work.

Thanks again


24 hours in, no particular goal this time around, just feel like fasting.