(Claudia) #41

Hmmm… complicated question with an easy answer, you’d have to try out for yourself.

From an insulin production standpoint it would absolutely make sense, since you produce more insulin for the same foods in the evenings than you do in the mornings or at noon. ( according to a study dr. fung shared on the blog somewhere)

However you’d have to see if it fits your lifestyle. If it only causes stress the cortisol might trow the benefits right out of the window.
I like to keep my evenings busy, so I don’t miss my dinner time as much.

I actually love to work out about 8h-16h or 32h into my EF (around 8h it burns of extra glucagon and i can literally feel my body switching to fat for fuel)
You’d need to be well fat adapted and used to fasting for that though :thinking:

Not every day will be the same. listen to your body and adjust as you go.

(says keto isn't complicated. Sorry, but it just isn't.) #42

Jason Fung says the best time to eat two meals is breakfast/lunch, but it might be whole food for breakfast rather than just liquid calories, not sure about that.

(Alex ) #43

that’s interesting @juice , I wonder if that’s something to do with circadian cycles and light/dark related natural metabolism? I’ve read contradicting information to the old school advice of “not eating late at night” and that it really makes not much difference WHEN you have your calories - ie the body doesnt care whether it’s sleeping or awake.

As @Hardrock_keto_chick says, I think I need to try breakfast/lunch calories in and see what happens.

the other thing on my mind is that I’m starting a new job next week, so may well be stuck out and about (driving buses!) for the best part of the day, this time of the year I’m not sure I want to freezing cold all afternoon & evening.

Will experiment!

(Claudia) #44

I recommend you listen to the first few podcast episodes of “Fasting Talk”
The episodes with meghan ramos and dr. jason fung are great full of awesome information.

In the end it is more important that you find something that is sustainable in the long run. and if that would be having dinner in the evenings with your family so be it (what also dr. fung does most of the time, apparently). it is still a lot better than 5 meals a day and the difference will be marginal…

“don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good”

(Alex ) #45

will do…

(Claudia) #46

what might be a good N=1 experiment if you decide to go with lunch/dinner, would be to switch the ratios for fat/protein maybe :thinking:

I would do more protein/less fat at lunch time and then reverse that at dinner time (since fat increases insulin less that protein)

Don’t know if that would make a huge impact though, but that might me worth a shot…
I’ll try that whenever I get the chance… for the time being i will keep calm and fast on :rofl:


Can’t speak on BPC, or anything else while fasting. I only do water fast myself. But whatever you decide on or to try out, just make sure to keep it mixed up. Your body will adjust to any schedule. Keep it guessing. :slight_smile:

(Claudia) #48

56h. starting to miss food :expressionless::roll_eyes:. My hunger pangs from 2 h ago are gone though…

soldering through at least until tomorrow morning because I really do not have any convenient time to eat today…

(Susan) #49

After weeks of avoiding fasting, accidentally dropped in a 24 hr fast! My goodness I’d missed that empty feeling. You guys are inspiring me. No commitment yet, except to my steady 18:6 thing, yet will definitely jump in for a longer fast in the next week. Timing is everything.

@Digital_Dave Happy Anniversary!

(Heather) #50

Had a successful 93 hour fast back at the end of November. I have been doing refeeding for a week or so, but can’t seem to get things stabilized (bingeing on keto/non keto foods :frowning_face:).

Starting a fast today. Hopefully going 72-96 hours.

I’ve been having trouble with getting my sodium in. My skin, lips, mouth is so sore and dry. Anyone else have this problem? I live in Wisconsin, so the cold and dry weather is here to stay for quite a few months.

When I suck on the rock salt, it makes my mouth worse. Will my body still absorb it if I swallow it whole with water?

(Brennan) #51

If it’s a big chunk you probably want to break it up. (Mental picture of someone breaking their teeth trying to eat a rock lol.)
I think most people are adding their salt to water or coffee (mmmm salted coffee). I know some people just put a little under their tongue to. Your body should absorb it any which way.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #52

Broke my ex at hr. 49. Refeeding today and will start a 36 hr. black coffee fast tomorrow.

KCFO everyone.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #53

This should work, a couple of my friends have a 10am to 4 PM eating window, so late breakfast and lunch. They do have some food with the coffee, they don’t use MTC or anything like that in their coffee.

Most of the videos and podcasts about eating windows seem to say people have more success eating earlier than later anyway.

Giving up evening eating esp. snacks like nuts is the major thing keeping me from reseting my window. I just can cope better with no breakfast and eating til later. We are all different that way.

So go for it and report back if you notice a difference.


Thanks, Susan. :slight_smile: … I actually had to break my fast tonight, due to some scheduling conflicts, but I still got 46 hrs. in. … Did 120 hrs. last week, so not complaining and I can always fast again next week if the desire arises! :slight_smile:

(Claudia) #55

I broke my fast at 68h.
Woke up at 3 am again restless…
Let’s have two really big fat meals and try to get an extra 36h in there before feasting weekend…

(Brennan) #56

Just doing a quick little 24 hour fast today. Strict water only to see how that works for me. 10 hours in so far


31 hours in. It’s good to be back.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #58

Had a refeed day yesterday, started a 36hr. fast after dinner. If I feel good I’ll ride that 36 hr. onwards. Lots of bone broth in the house, so hopefully this will be longer than the 36 hrs.

I have really been struggling to get past 48 hrs. while in maintenance. Might be my body letting me know I am at my Phinney weight and to just enjoy this? I would like to do some longer fasting for autophagy as well as driving my set point weight down a few more lbs. But if it doesn’t happen at least I know I never have to be over weight again. So it is all good.

(Heather) #59

I’m at 36 hours now and feeling great (aside from being cold - I’m always cold when fasting). Really hoping to make to at least 72. Halfway there!


Just got back from Texas Road House a little while ago, where the wife and I went out for our Anniversary. Had a nice meal and was a good time, now it’s time to get back to it. - Officially Fasting again! :smile: Just coming up on 4 hrs., but plan to run this one for a bit. :slight_smile: