(Brennan) #21



I am perplexed. In-laws in for weekend and they eat “healthy” but not nearly low carb so it is really difficult for me.

My problem is the Grilled shrimp I’ve eaten twice over the past two nights I feasted on last night has me retaining a lot of fluid and my heart is working hard trying to flush it out but is having a problem making things move. Until that happens I will be feeling a bit pekid. Lousy really.

I plan to eat really light today, a little protein only. But I’ve already had two cups of coffee with HWC and Splenda to try to get things moving. I also had a big glass of carbonated water with ACV, lemon, half tsp of pink salt and a small squirt of Mio in it. Still no movement.

I don’t normally use sweeteners and Ive had my fill for the day already.

My water-only fast will have to start the minute I say goodbye to the relatives. Will just have to keep hydrating until something moves.

Have not retained water like this in months. Has to be the shellfish and good old constipation.

(Susan) #23

i am at 68.5 hours. I plan on breaking it tonight at my work Christmas party. I plan on staying Keto. I will be a designated driver.

(Justin Jordan) #24

My general goal for December is 15 total days of fasting. Not, you know, all in a row. Generally I’m aiming for S,M,W,F - the S being Sunday. For the math minded amongst you, yes, that would add up to 18 days, but social commitments mean I’m going to lose a few of those. I won’t be fasting on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, for instance.

I do have an opportunity to do a five day fast with minimum annoyance next weekend, which I’m going to try and do.

(Susan) #25

Well I didn’t make it to the Christmas party so 76 hours so far. I Fly to the mountains on the mainland to see my daughter on Monday. Not sure when I will eat. Feeling great at the moment.

(Susan) #26

Broke my fast (96 hours) today. Don’t want disaster pants on the plane tomorrow. KCFO

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #27

Decided to try a rift on the fat fast, will just be doing coffee and bone broth. I will be shooting for 100 hrs. I haven’t gone that long straight through for a long time. Hoping I can since I’m at maintenance weight, so I need supplemental fat I have been having to break around 42-48 hrs. and refeeding and then fasting again to get to 90ish hrs.I lose weight well, but then turn around and put it back on within a week. Again, that is fine as I am maintaining, but I really want to break that fasting cycle and hopefully push my set weight down a tad bit.

(Justin Jordan) #28

For whatever reason, fasting is middlingly harder today than usual. Not super hard, but I find myself wanting to eat. This may be because I’m planning on going until Tuesday. Or just one of those things.

(Sky Fasting) #29

HI everyone… I have been on my water fast two days now… 38 days to go :crossed_fingers:t2: Headaches and physiological hunger beating me up but one more day and it starts getting better :muscle:t2:

(Claudia) #30

just had my last meal in what I hope to be a 72h fast or even 100+ this time.
after quite a bit of excess last week I really look forward to the cleansing and healing effects of a really nice fast.

(Alex ) #31

Not going to bother with the Daily IF this week, back to Bulletproof Coffee Breakfasts, and Keto Dinners within deficit target & exercise, and I’m going start doing progressively more extended fasts through the weekend.

Starting with this Thursday evening, to last through to Saturday evening so 48 hours.

Reasoning for this is that I’m finally in a position to get some high grade MCT oil this week, and I want to see what effect this has on my mental state and hunger throughout the day after having BPC in the morning.

Will definitely not be lunching either.

(Laurie) #32

I’ve been fasting (44 hours) for a couple of weeks. I decided to change it to 38 hours so I wouldn’t feel so weak during my exercise time. Today was supposed to be Day 1 of a 38-hour fast, but I felt I just couldn’t face it. So I didn’t fast.

I think winter is catching up to me–as it usually does–and I need to go easy on myself for a while. I’ll probably give up the longer fasts. I can always take on a new fasting challenge when the days get longer and sunnier.

I’ll stick with my current 20/4 daily plan in the meantime.

(Alex ) #33

one thing I would note, I definitely didn’t have the same “high” doing my second round of Thurs-Sat fasting, I actually started to feel pretty crappy in all honesty, although that may have just been a wave of detox / withdrawals or something…

Have some better electrolytes coming this week, and some male focussed multivits so perhaps they will help this coming weekend.

What’s everyone’s take with drinking broth on a fast day? does it screw the fast up - does it need to be naturally made from bones or not?

(Kristin) #34

When fasting I’ve found that drinking just a little broth (1/2 a serving size is only 25 calories) is easier for my body to take than ketoaid.

(Claudia) #35

25h in, a bit of rumbling, i had my usual first short night sleep but feel otherwise energized. Anyone else hanging in there?


Actually didn’t sleep that great last night myself? Woke up a few times during the night and quite warm and even sweating. But I did do quite a bit of work all day yesterday? … Hope you keep the energized feeling. :slight_smile:

I fasted Monday thru Friday of last week for 120 hrs., so was planning on eating all this week. But I spent yesterday doing a load of work around the house, including cutting down a tree and cleaning all that up until almost dark. Then fired up the grill and made some stuff. - Which was good, but I’m really thinking of Fasting for a few days now? Still not sure. - If so, I would have to break sometime Friday anyway since we have plans to go out Saturday night for an Anniversary Dinner.

But I’m currently 13 hrs. in, and don’t usually eat at work. So if I do eat, it will just be an OMAD anyway. :slight_smile:

(Claudia) #37

nearing 34h I feel quite fine, not super euphoric on a fasting high yet, but good.
Starting to get a little cold and made some fresh cinnamon and ginger tea to warm back up.

I also don’t like eating at work. (just more sitting arround, which I do all day) and eating out is expensive and bringing food too much of a hassle.
I think I skipped my lunch hour walk maybe 10 times last year (due to storm or something like that)

Go with the flow. Today my body lets me belive 72h are doable. let’s see how tomorrow goes.
Lots of plans to keep my evenings busy, social stuff that really makes me happy. ^^

(Claudia) #38

Hitting 48h stomach rumbling horribly. Other than that I feel fine.
Have a busy day today and want to power through at least until tomorrow morning…

Hope everyone else is doing well? :slight_smile:


I’m just coming up on 31 hrs. myself. But have an early day, since I have to be at work at 4am to run a snow shift. Mostly to hit cold spots. (Not calling for much) … But only slept a few hours before getting back up before Midnight, and now just sitting around wide awake. :slight_smile: (Should make for a long morning) But feeling fine.

(Alex ) #40

Need some advice on eating windows…

I want to change things around so I’m able to reap the benefits of having Bulleproof Coffee in my life, and having it as a morning meal, and riding the wave of caffeine and MCTs during the day, desperately want to feel those effects.

Does it make logical sense that I could have an 8am BPC (500 cals approx) then fit in a lunch at midday, skip the evening meal - fast through till the next morning Monday - Friday.

Then incorporate the longer fast as before on the weekend?

Slightly conscious that I might struggle with hunger cravings on a night when I’m used to having a decent meal.

Something tells me that going to bed on an emptier stomach as well might make the fasting effects more prominent too, especially if I’ve worked out during the day?

This is makes more sense to me with regards to having some calories in the system to allow for slightly more energetic cardio/weights sessions as well?

Not sure… am I just over complicating this?