Day 10 on my 30 water fast attempt

(Manny ) #1

Hello I’m am new here I was looking for a forum and found you guys. lots of good stuff here.I love it.
I am attempting a 30 day fast today is day 10 we’ll actually ending 9 but close enough. Just wanted to see if there were others on here that have done this or longer or just a place to check for resources.

I have done fasting last year. Multiple 3 day and 5 day water fast. This time I just decide to do this to test my mind and my body and see what it was capable of. On top of all the good benefits for your body. So far I feel great. Today something strange happened I have been having to take off my glasses to see certain small print things not sure if this an effect or not. Looking forward to chatting with you guys.

(I am a Dog (Dog's eat until they burst!)) #2

Hello @Askmanny_411! There are quite a few people on the forums who have done extended fasts: you can see my posts here " A really extended fast: going for 46-days!

Take care, be safe, include ample salt (sea salt as it has other micro-nutrients you need), and as my doctor told me: “If you don’t feel good, just eat!”

I will follow this thread.

(Andi loves space, bacon and fasting. ) #3

Hi and welcome! There’s lots of good stuff in the Fasting category. Are you fasting with just water? Or other liquids?

(Manny ) #4

Just water. I had a total of 3 cups of tea so far and I did have some diet soda on Sunday. Which I am gonna try to no do again but we were at the movies so I had to curb my craving somehow :scream:

(Herb Martin) #5

Way to go manny!!!

If you want to virtual company I would like to ride along with you since I am about 1-2 days behind you on the “Fast Clock” just finished day 7, headed to 14 and will consider further, but one day at a time…

7-day Data:

  • Glucose 86, Ketones 5.7 (highest I’ve measured)
  • GKI 0.84 (deep autophagy range), DrBozRatio 15.1
  • Lost 20 lbs in 7 days, 70 overall.
  • Body fat 28.3%
  • Just 3 lbs from “not obese” by BMI (30.5 now).
    BMI doesn’t really work for me since I am both truly big boned and athletically muscled, but it makes a nice milestone.
  • 66 years old.
  • 212 1/2 with a goal weight of about 172.5 (40 more)