Dave's Progress Thread - Year II

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Awe, thank you Susan. You are so kind. I hope you are doing well and don’t have to deal with all this crazy weather. Hope you husband is doing better. Take care.


Well, I haven’t checked in or updated this thread in a while. But in my defense, I have actually been extremely busy. Both at work, and home. (Mostly at home though, being the most physical of the two) Also, I have been trying to still weigh in each Sunday morning, but the last 3 or 4 weeks or so might not be the most accurate? With me doing so much in the basement lately, I’ve had to move it around quite a bit and anyone who’s ever done this, knows you can get 10 different weights from 10 different locations. I did this while trying to find a place I could move it to, while working, and it would show differences of up to 3 or 4 pounds, depending on where I place it. Not sure what causes this really, but knew about this before all this. Once I’m done though, I will find a permanent place for it once again.

Along with setting up and planting the Garden recently, I’ve actually been going down in my basement each night and weekends, trying to get it finished up. I recently got back into doing some Artwork, which I was really missing. And along with purchasing a new drawing table, I decided to work on getting the basement finished too. (at least the one half I plan on using mostly, for chilling out, doing art, etc.) The other side will still be used for my projects, archery stuff, etc., but the one side will be fully setup. … I had already ran new electrical wiring and cable throughout the basement some years ago, and also put up most of the drywall back then too. But I didn’t get it all finished since I also wanted to change out the backdoor, and would need to hang that last couple pieces once that was done. So a couple weeks ago, I went ahead and ripped out and replace the door and door jam, and then hung the remaining pieces to start working on the trim, painting, etc. (Even though I dropped cable a few years ago, it’s available.)

After installing the new door and door jam, hung the remaining drywall to finish that part up…



Then weekend before last, finally finished up the sanding, installed the door and floor trim, added primer and painted. This would complete the first 1/4 of the basement, and get the side I will using most done. (As far as the walls that is. I will be adding carpet once the walls are done, and then a drop ceiling, once the walls and floor are completed.) Will also be boxing in the stupid boiler, since they placed it next to the fireplace to vent the pipe out the chimney. I can understand the concept, but not the greatest design for aesthetic appeal. But plan on putting up light-weight paneling for easy removal for any maintenance.




For the past week or two, I started moving some stuff back over to this side, so I can start prepping the other side, where the Fireplace is located. It means I can actually stop and enjoy some Artwork or just watch something, but I haven’t really done much of either. I really just want to complete this side of the basement. There was only one wall, and a partially enclosed (small) room when we moved in, but I took that out since it wasn’t done all that well, and I wanted the entire basement open. It measures 48’ x 28’ and I really enjoy the open area. Hell, I was riding my bike around in it when we first moved in. :slight_smile:




So as soon as I got home tonight, I again went straight down there and cleared the other side to start the work. I had mentioned possibly re-facing the Fireplace couple weeks ago, and the Wife has asked if I will. I’m looking into it, but still not sure how I want to do it? We’re looking into the options. … But I’m hoping to maybe get this side done by the weekend, or very soon afterward. But I’m about out of room, moving all the stuff to the other side while I work. Along with my stuff… Table Saw, Work bench, tools, etc. Archery equipment, Fish Tanks, etc., etc. We still have some stuff we got from my Grandmother passing, as well as V’s Mom. We have gone through and given a lot away, but there’s still stuff to go through. And my Son also has some stuff stored down there too. But the one side will be good for now, but we do have plans to pick up another pool table in the near future too. We’ve never used the Fireplace, since we use the wood burning stove that is located upstairs, plus I actually like my basement cold. :slight_smile:





Oh, and I forgot to post an image of the drawing table I purchased. I actually purchase one I thought I might like, but after doing a little drawing to try it out, decided it wasn’t what I really wanted, or just didn’t have the feel I was hoping for. … So I just gave it to the Wife to use with her crafts, and I then ordered another one that I had looked at. And this one seems to feel a lot better, and I’m really enjoying it. :+1: Now if I can just get all this stuff done, maybe I can spend some more time with it. :slight_smile:

Here was first one…

Here’s the second one…

It has the old vintage design style and able to stand it up straight, so it is in some of the images I posted above, but it’s up against the wall, out of the way. Another thing I like about it. Easy to adjust and move it around if desired, where the first one just stays as a table when not inclined for drawing or painting.

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #1405

I can see why you got the first one. Having a flat surface available and places for tools so they don’t roll away is handy. But that second one… gorgeous! And a caddy takes care of the other problems anyway. Good choice.


Yes Ma’am, I was thinking the very same when I purchased it. Having the caddy on the right is nice, and just to hold my sketching pencils, gum erasers, etc. alone was one of the things I liked. And when the table is tilted, it all still stays in place. Plus the available storage I thought would be nice. Though the additional surface that also pulls out wasn’t something I would use much, I think it will serve the Wife better with her crafts. … But in the end, the new one has a larger surface area, is all wood and just works quite well as is. I just keep my stuff nearby on one of my tables, so it works well this way too.

I have thought about customizing it to at least hold all my pencils, but not sure I really want to drill any holes it in. :smile: Though I know I could do it where it wouldn’t look bad and there is plenty of space to do so, I still don’t mind using the side table, and lately been keeping my sketching pencils in a pouch.

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A side table works fine. Maybe a padded hook over the top edge to hang a small pencil case.


Yeah, I think the round table I have works well for this too. But have to say, it is convenient to have stuff in hands reach for quick switching and not breaking work flow. - I do keep a couple on the pencil stop at the bottom for this, so it’s not a real big deal. … They also sell a piece that looks a lot like the one on the first table, that mounts along the one side. But when I read one review, the lady has the very same table I have and mentioned that her husband had to plane off an additional 1/4 of an inch to get to fit properly. Even though it stated it would fit a certain thickness, they measured, but it was smaller than advertised. This I would never do regardless! Plus, it didn’t look as good with a black piece on one side in the end.

I also have another small table that I got when my Grandmother passed, and that usually sits on the other side of me, so there’s plenty of room for stuff.

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Dave, gotta love that sanding dry wall, eh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cheers, man - you’re putting in serious work.


No Sir, absolutely not! :smile: I actually despise sanding drywall. I actually don’t mind hanging or even mudding, but that damn sanding is such a freakin’ mess! Wouldn’t be as bad if I didn’t have a bunch of stuff in the basement. That damn dust finds every little nook and cranny and it’s such a pain to clean up afterwards. If the basement was entirely empty I would just do all of it at once and then do one major cleanup, but I have to keep moving crap here and there to work on sections as it is. … But I’ve hung 40 to 50 sheets since I bought this place. Gutted and rehung the entire living room, one bathroom (one to go) and the basement was 30+ in itself. But after the second bathroom, I think I’m done. :pleading_face:

Actually took the day off today… which basically means I plan to be working my ass off at the house! :slight_smile: - I really want to get this section done, so I can set at least one side of the basement up. And then work on clearing the other half. - Can alway mask off the one side when I get to work on the other. Plus, we do have quite a bit of stuff to still go through and do something with. And planning on walling in around some piping, Washer/Dryer, add not sure yet, but may add a restroom as well? Not sure on a half bath, or adding a shower? But drywall requirements will be limited being mostly doors.


Well today marks 3 yrs. Keto for me. Presently fasting & just passing 60 hrs. and will probably break tonight? If so will be sometime after 70 hrs. - (But I’m still not sure?) But did drop a 2-1/2" Top Sirloin in the Sous Vide last night, in case I decide to. If not, will just let it ride for a while, or sear and fridge it.

Can’t really give any real update, since I’m still working in the basement, and I haven’t really been able to keep good records of weigh-ins, since I’ve had to move the scale and it seems to give me all sorts of results depending on where it’s put. (I hate moving it, but had to) Once the basement is done, will find a permanent place for it and keep it there. But don’t think its changed much in the past weeks though.

Worked in the Garden for a couple hours after work yesterday, and though I’ve had a few plants die off since planting, overall it isn’t many. Think maybe 4 or 5? - But V has some seedlings in and hopefully they will be sprouting soon, so I can replace those and plant the rest. Might have her do a second batch in a few weeks, to keep things going. Mainly Zucchini, since we have enough tomatoes, Cucumbers and Squash already, and eat more Zucchini than anything else.

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:balloon::tada:Happy 3rd Ketoversary!!! :tada::balloon: Honey, I am so proud of you and the great job you have done over the pass three years and know you will continue to do great. Love you.


Thanks, Hun. Love ya too…

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You’re welcome. :kissing_heart: Have another good Keto year.

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Happy Ketoversary Dave!


Thanks, Susan.


Well, the Garden is starting to really kick off. … The plants are still quite young, but already producing some nice product. Found a very large Yellow Squash hiding in the back the other day, and the plant wasn’t big at all. Tonight, the Wife told me she saw some little Furry Bastards running around inside the fence, so I went out to look and sure enough, some little bunnies were in there having a blast. :angry: (I had actually forgot to put chicken wire on the side where I put the gates on) But that will be addressed tomorrow though. Those little critters like to snip lines, killing all the fruit on them.

Though while out there, took some pics and then picked a couple more Squash (just the larger ones) but there’s a bunch more showing up, as well as Zucchini. And one nice Zucchini was also hiding. But the plants are looking very good, and the bare area in the front was left purposely to plant the seedlings we have on the porch. Should be in the next week or two. Trying to let them get some size to them first.





It’s funny how a few of the Yellow Squash plants actually didn’t start growing as fast as some the rest, maybe being somewhat shocked when planted? But it works, so I’m not overrun just yet. Sort of like I’m doing with the Zucchini plants. Which I actually prefer out of the two. Zucchini Boats will be sailing soon.


Mentioned this in the ‘What did you Keto today thread’, but just adding it in here for a quick update, the Garden has been producing quite a bit in the past couple weeks. Been trying to get out there and pick every couple/few days, and providing a nice amount of stuff. Mostly the Zucchini, which I only have 1-1/2 dozen plants presently planted, but all is starting to come quite quickly. But that can also cause a quick burn-out as well. But I have some more plants I’m about to drop in, maybe some today…

The Wife has spent the last week or so, running :running_man: stuff to the neighbors, and I was finally able to take some to my office this morning, since I was off for a long weekend.

Went to cut grass, but saw there was a good amount of stuff needing pulling…

Couple days later, more. And though I’ve been trying to catch them from getting too big, they seem to be growing overnight. And some just hide in all the large leafy vegetation. The Zucchini plants are huge…

Few days later, more. And I do lay it all out each time and give a good washing off…

First batch I brought into the office. Filled 3 bags, but can’t carry in but so much at a time.

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Nice! Saw this last night on Good Eats:


Looks good.


Thanks, I’ll have to check it out. We do have a device for doing ribbons and such, but don’t think we’ve used it but a couple times now? But as fast as it’s coming in, I’m also not trying to over-eat it, since it is a bit carby, or 1 carb per ounce, so it’s easy to over-do-it and go over the 20g a day I try to stay at. :+1:


Was able to get some more goodies out of the Garden yesterday & washed up before the heavy storm hit. (Just as it started actually)… But with all the torrent of rain we received, it will make access off-limits for a couple days. Plus, damn Squash Bugs took out 4-5 plants so will be going after them here shortly.